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I love YaBB 1G - SP1!

I saw the TAS of Goof Troop and thought: "Hey, you can do that without an emulator, but with a friend!"

So i just searched the game again (i played it all the time with my brother, god damn i love it!) and took a good friend to play with.

So, we are first going to make a Segmented run, with all 5 levels. Meaning: 5 Segements.
If we are really good at it, we are trying to make a good SS run, but only if we can get it under an Hour...

i dont know the time we need now. The TAS (where we learn from cuz of the puzzles) has a time of 18 minutes (RADIX, there is a TIMER after the credits Wink )

i think with a segmented run it is possible to get under 40 minutes.

And: it would be the first multiplayer run on SDA!

Hope you will like ... will get back to you if i have more infos.

btw: Is someone else trying to do this run?
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Nope. Its all you. If you can do it, make it so.
Eternal Understudy
It wouldn't be the first multiplayer run here. Chip and Dale
That was a good one too. Wink
And Quake Co-Ops preceeded Chip 'n Dale.
Goof Troop isn't actually that hard a game. I reckon you could get under half an hour without much trouble, possible 25 mins. Good luck btw, this would be a cool game to see run.
Battle Is My Forte
the only parts which i hated in the game were the Haunted Castle, and the ice floor while pushing switches to open the door, but if you dont reach the door in time, it will close again.
The BaldurManiac
do a single segment... if its only 25 minutes Tongue
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
every level is like a starting a new game, so a SS would not be any different from a segemnted run except its just one file Wink
I've just aquired a (rather shit) video recorder, so I'm tempted to do a single player single segment run of this. I considered doing it 2 player over summer, but the other guy lost interest before we started! Speaking of which, he still has my cart...
I feel special knowing my run will always be remembered. Tongue

Platform games coop and Quake coop can't really be compared, in platform games you have to stay on the same screen all the time, in Quake (or other FPS games) all players can run around as they wish.

The reason me & Cloud did the RR run in the first place was because I got the idea after reading a thread about a Goof Troop co-op run. ^__^

Half a year, and out run is still the only (nicht-Quake) coop run on the site. I need to get a Rescue Rangers 2 cart for a new coop run!

And I have thought about a segmented co-op BG: Dark Alliance run... but I don't know if me or Cloud has the patience for that, and we've only played the game through once. Well, I did it twice, once with my brother.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
you never thought about doing a goof troop co-orp run?

(btw: you said "nicht quake" are you german? , maybe we can talk over icq/msn about co-orp runs Wink )
I don't have a SNES, and don't know anyone who has a SNES. Only person I did know that had a SNES and Goof Troop (I'm not sure if he actually owned Goof Troop, all I know is that we played it together) I haven't had contact with for years.

And nah, I'm Swedish. I know some german, though. And I don't even have Quake installed.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
damn i got some problems at the moment.

the friend i was playing with just didnt want to go on (he doenst like the game anymore) so i just had to replace him ..

The good part: I know the game very good now, and the "new" friend played it often.

we will start the real training next week....

god damn
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cyghfer: 2011-06-19 02:11:46 pm
2p run is going to happen. stay tuned ....

(o i bumped the wrong thread oopss w/e)
Looking forward to it. I wanted to do a 2p run but didn't have the time / necessary interest to go through with it.
blechy and i have learned all 5 levels and will be streaming probably all future practice and attempts

i'm going on a nearly month-long trip in july though so this probably won't get done until after then
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Cool, so there is in fact something happening in this game ^___^
Sometime last year’s summer I started training for SSing this but then I left home to go abroad for five months, and haven’t restarted since xD
Be sure to keep me posted on anything interesting that’s happening here ^^
(Yes, I only remembered a few days ago that I was actually registered here for a couple of years O:-))

Btw question/opinion poll: In a one-person speedrun, would playing Goofy vs playing Max constitute different categories? Since I can remember, I’ve almost always played Goofy, so my three tries or so on Max were like hell xD
they would be different categories yes, they differ in several important ways

blechy has been improving the routes lately, and we're still practicing. we managed to beat the stage 1 time posted in the other thread (1:57) with a 1:55. so we're still working at this, yep.
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Throwing my hat into the ring for a one-person speedrun of this using Goofy. I'm down to 32'02" at my best try, so 30'–31' is probable and sub 30' might be possible. One of these days I'll find out how to correctly connect the SNES to the DVD recorder and I'll be able to start recording.

It's the PAL version btw, in case the times seem incredibly high.
so despite not having a recording available i couldn't resist posting about this

blechy and i improved our 2p record today to 16:25 in-game time! this is just a little over 2 minutes slower than the TAS, which is pretty nice given how much luck there is in this game. sadly due to some computer troubles we weren't recording/streaming today, but we'll be streaming all our attempts from here on out.

additionally, we (almost entirely blechy, with a little help from dram & minion) have found numerous strat improvements over the TAS & other available speedruns of this game around the internet. most of the improvements involve deaths in order to "give" goofy's current item to max, but we've found some flatout faster room solutions than what the TAS does as well. hopefully an improvement to the TAS will happen eventually
I'm just a friendly TASer visiting
Awesome! It seems I'll have to redo the TAS eventually. Good luck on your upcoming speedrunning endevours.
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Hey, seeing you're speaking of deaths … including deaths into my one-player runs would make at least one room a lot faster, but I avoided suicide so far for the sake of not liking deaths …
Would a deathless run in this game constitute another category? I'ld probably be guessing 'no' since dying does nothing except put you back to the door you entered by …

That asked, congrats on that time; I'm very impressed!
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cyghfer: 2012-01-30 01:12:24 pm
randil: i can discuss with you all the improvements/ideas we've had that might be relevant to a new TAS. i personally think a new version should take damage/include deaths, as there are many humorous ways to die and death strats actually save significant time during the run (goofy loses all his lives 6 times in our current route!) PM me whenever you want to discuss anything.

alko: i guarantee that deaths would make a number of rooms faster. i don't want to do 1p runs myself but if i did i would use deaths in them. you should ask flip if deaths vs. deathless warrants a category split, i'm not sure what SDA's general policy is right now. also, be wary, SDA uses in-game time for this game so you'll want to optimize your strats for the in-game timer. the timer pauses during room transitions - we use some alternate strategies involving exiting and reentering rooms to optimize for in-game time.
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Quote from cyghfer:
also, be wary, SDA uses in-game time for this game so you'll want to optimize your strats for the in-game timer. the timer pauses during room transitions - we use some alternate strategies involving exiting and reentering rooms to optimize for in-game time.

Not absolutetly sure at the moment sitting a safe yard away from the console and not planning on turning it on for requiring sleep until tomorrow at which point in the run I might actually use multiple room transitions to save time, but I'll keep that in mind. And I'll be off to ask Flip ^^