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Looks interesting, I really like that solution Smiley ... Definitely looking forward to your TAS

No idea though, whether that can be applied for our actual runners - or whether it is reasonable in first place, given that it "only" saves half a second ^^
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I think, I just had some of the best Pete luck possible; him throwing cannon balls all the time … until I had hit him eleven times (and mucked up once, letting the bomb explode in my hands) when he decided, his strategy isn't working and went on strike >___>
If some other parts (especially item drops) had been slightly more cooperative, the time wouldn't have been 31'57", but somewhere closer to 31 or 30 mins. Least it wasn't a personal record, so I don't have to hit myself for still not having connected the DVD recorder to the SNES (Svenne, are you reading this? Wink ).

And before I think of submitting, I definitely have to devise or steal the optimal strategy for the last block-kicking room o.o'
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Blechy: 2012-04-11 10:29:46 pm
Cool - you should stream it, it'd be fun to watch!

Edit: Also is that ingame or real time?
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That is ingame timer. I don't stream because I haven't ever before, don't have an account for streaming anything anywhere, and I'm not sure that my hardware supports it 100% Wink
PAL version might also be interesting to know ^^
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Blechy: 2012-04-12 11:29:29 pm
I did a few runs on PAL version for fun. Boy did it felt dirty changing over to stinky 50fps. I finished one run as Goofy and got a 31:0x or something, and two runs as Max and got 30:xx and a 28:01. Dunno if Max is faster or what, but he sure felt easier to play, and I just wanted to finish a decent run so I went with him.

Here's the 28:01 run, it was ridiculously sloppy and I played conservatively in terms of picking up fruit and an easy continue. I think a great 1p PAL run could probably be sub-25 ingame time. Personally I'm in it for the 2-player action, so I don't intend on taking a 1p run any further.
Main Work!!!
Nice, I'll check this out and about Max and Goofy, Max is faster and IIRC Goofy is stronger but I'm not totally sure about Goofy :/ .
Yeah we know about the benefits between the two, but basically we're not sure if Max's overall movement speed makes up for him being slower in certain areas. I'd say his slowest rooms compared to Goofy are stage 4 just before boss, stage 5 moving platform, and bosses 3 & 5.

Just as a repeat disclaimer, that last video I posted is really just to be used as a benchmark... the juicy stuff are the 2p runs which can be found early in page 2 of this thread. Smiley

As far as 2p goes, cyghfer & I had a 15:50 a couple weekends ago, but looks like I'm the real goof cause I forgot to start recording it. I think the current gameplan is we're taking a brief sabbatical to work on another game, and also in case Randil finds any new timesavers in his tas. In the meantime we'll still stream it every so often cause it's still such a blast to play, and before too long we'll go back into grind-mode.
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I do see the advantage of damage boosting one's way through the toad-and-jester cave rooms … Went for a more conservative strategy in those so far. Maybe I'll change that. But then again your caves time (7:4x) is close enough to my achievements Wink
4:02 is damn good for the second level, 5:xx is pretty good for the castle, too. 7:4x for the caves is somewhere around my goal as well and 7:38 for the ship is cool ^^ 5 minutes (estimated by taking the end time and subtracting the other levels) is damn slow for the first level though … even with Goofy I can get 3:xx. Which confirmes why you looked so slow there Wink

I am happy to see that save the last block-kicking you used more or less the methods I would use (or went for a different order but looked slower in world one.
Thinking this through, it does look like Max' faster walking makes up for Goofy's stronger throwing. Max can probably be brought down to 26 minutes something, and Goofy would be loosing a few, maybe ten or twenty seconds per level clocking him at 28 or 29. Which is more or less where I want to end up. Add some perfect boss fights and nicely behaving random enemies and it's looking good =D

Btway, I noticed all runs posted getting the hookshot from the room left of the disappearing and reappearing holes in the pirate ship early … Is that confirmed to be a timesaver? If so, by how much? You do have to walk out of your way later on to get the bell I would be picking up in that room …
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Blechy: 2012-04-13 10:28:39 pm
Blechy: 2012-04-13 05:45:58 pm
I didn't really think through 1p strategies at all to be honest, basically I did 3 runs and I improvised from 2p strats in each room during the run. So feel free to use anything I did as a starting point, but I definitely didn't think it through or test it to be faster. My stage 1 time couldn't have been 5 min since the youtube video itself ends stage 1 in the mid 3's. Dunno what I got.

I thought I went through alternative hook strats when we got started, but you might be right.
My route:
1) +Hook room 18 (1)
  (Time lost)
2) +Hook 6 (2)
  (Having hook for this room is huge help)
3) -Hook x2 9 (0)
4) +Key 14 (1)
5) +Hook 11 (2)
6) -Hook 12 (1)
  (Time lost)
7) +Bell 11 (2)
  (Time lost)
8) -Bell, +Hook bell room (2)
9) -Key 12 (1)
10) +BKey 17 (2)
11) -BKey 20

What I assume is your route:
1) +Hook, Bell 6 (2)
  (Potential time lost: having hook here is a huge advantage)
2) -Hook 9 (1)
3) +Hook 11 (2)
  (Must hit switches now)
4) -Hook 9(1)
  (Time lost)
5) +Key 14 (2)
6) -Bell, +Hook bellroom (2)
7) -Hook, Key 12 (0)
8) +Bkey 17 (1)
9) +Hook 18 (2)
10) -Bkey 20 (1)

Roughly comparing benefits of the two (red in old strat's favor, blue in new strat's favor):
Am I correct on your route? Thinking it through visually, red's losses in 19 are probably just a bit more than blue's losses in 10. Then, red's losses in rooms 11 & 12 are probably 7-8 sec slower than blue's remaining losses 9 & 11. So that strategy probably is in quite a bit better. The only thing I don't like is that we won't have a hook for room 6, but that may be something we'll have to cope with.
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4:02 Lv 2
5:32 Lv 3
7:42 Lv 4
7:30 Lv 5
24:46 All of those levels minus 28:01 end time is 3:15. You're right ô.o I should have done the maths strait away ^^' Apologies. Which still makes me wonder, why you look so slow there ô.o

You pretty much got it right what my strategy is, but I have to admit, I don't quite get what your talking on time losses ^^' Maybe my brain's in week-end mode.
Cyg & I tried the other stage 5 route today and I do think it's faster, but we spent a lot of time trying mini-cannon room strats and couldn't get anything reliable going. Do you have a reliable strat for it? How many shots do the cannons typically get off?

We also tried stage 3 cannon strats and couldn't get anything reliable there either, mostly because the cannons didn't always focus on the same person.
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My general strats are luring the bad guy closest to the top left into the top left mini cannon, grabbing the bell, standing in front of the spikes, and making the other two come. I cannot tell you how many times the cannons typically shoot, until I find half an hour apiece again to test ^^' Life is badly full atm.
Considering the EU marathon is coming up, here is the streamed vid of our 15:50 run, split into 3 parts cause twitch is cool like that. Hopefully this will be useful to you two for strategies and such.
Ohh... Not recorded.. The run looked really really good though - respect.

Good luck on repeating that ^^;
we're gonna beat that run, mark my words
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Nice run ^___^ Only criticism I have, is that caves room 16 (I think it was) Max can stand in a place so that he can kick both blocks without moving in between.

It will definitely be useful for strats and such ^^ Ta ^^
Hmm, you're referring to room 16 on Randil's map here correct?

If so I'm not sure which two blocks you mean, could you elaborate?
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Yes I am. The two exploding blocks of which you have to kick one to the screen centre from the left, and then both forward to the barrels for them to land on their marks. Max distinctly kicks the left-hand side one, moves over, kicks the right-hand side one. If he were to position himself well, he could kick both without moving in between. Positioning isn't hard Wink (video evidence from 8:07, second link)
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So yeah, I couldn't sleep (it's 2 a.m. in Europe), so I thought I haven't practised Goof Troop in a while, so let's do so. Let's not talk about my time, because it's really bad because Level two decided to troll as much as it could and I had a couple of sub-optimal rooms following up; but the following question struck me: I'm sure that the TASers around reading know something about how the game decides whether you will find a goody under a barrel/flowepot/stone/whatever … are there any hints you can give me, as to why my drop luck was so bad when I would have needed anything to keep me alive, or how I might be able to manipulate it?
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Blechy: 2012-07-14 07:18:03 pm
Blechy: 2012-07-14 07:17:48 pm
Blechy: 2012-07-14 07:17:39 pm
It depends on a variety of factors, but there's an rng value which is pretty much in constant fluctuation when enemies are moving, so in short there's no known way to manipulate it. One thing to know though, is that a pot will never drop an item if it's picked up via hook.

(Course with practice that will end up not being a concern, as you'll only get hit when you need to, and you'll also develop backup strats for when you get unlucky with no fruit pickups)
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Well good thing I at least picked up everything by hand =D
Yeah, I had enough backup strategy to keep the run attempt going, but I had been trying a few risky strat attempts which emptied the life bar faster than it would have on safer stats ^^ Thanks for clarification ^^