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Yeah I feel the 2nd half of the game is way harder than the first. I think there's a pretty big difficulty spike after Bunker. I'm looking forward to practicing Jungle. It's a level that I've always been terrible at, so it'll be nice to finally be decent at it.
Jungle (007 Classic) in 8:36

I got this at the end of my stream. I'll consider this a decent baseline run. It lays out the route I'm using but It's improvable pretty much everywhere. I plan to get a low 8:20 next time I stream.
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FitterSpace: 2018-06-05 01:58:13 pm
FitterSpace: 2018-06-05 12:09:09 pm
Jungle (007 Classic) in 7:56

Insane. I didn't think I could get a time this low. I found a really consistent way for me to get the rock hover in the waterfall area. It's hard to explain in text, but I use my left index finger to push the left analog stick forward, while using my left thumb to control the C-stick. I use my right index finger and my right ring finger to mash A and B one after another. I turn slightly to the left while I'm mashing A and B and I can get up there pretty much every time. You really don't have to mash that fast, either.

Edit: I rewatched the run and compared it to your agent run since the objectives are so similar. There are some small things you do to save time that I didn't know about, so I'll probably implement those on 007 Classic when I get around to it. I think my time is beatable by a few seconds at least, but I'm gonna settle with 7:56 for now.
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Wow.  Thats quite impressive man. Im looking forward to see you work on solar Wink
Solar (007 Classic) in 7:01.

The first section was so slow. But everything else was good. I'm going for 6:45 or less.
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Its so nice too see some good competition for this game.. youve only been back into it for like 2 weeks now? And youve already put up some incredibly impressive times. Im happy your back man!!  ^_^
Metal + Speed = Life
I looked through my old phone for the screenshot and i had completed archives TT on agent in 9:43, i knew the 10:16 i got yesterday was no good but damn..33 seconds... i dont remember what i did to save so much time. My only guess is that i ran through the library section without dying somehow...
I do the server room very similar to you, and i pretty much just run through everything up until the library section.. so i guess i'll have to kamikaze my way through it lol.. at least to get a sub 10. Ill give it some tried this afternoon, see you latef if your streaming
Solar (007 Classic) in 6:46

One death at the very end, but it was a good run otherwise. I can save a little time at the beginning and about 10 seconds at the end if I don't die. This level is pretty frustrating because it requires more luck than any other level I've run so far. It doesn't matter how good my beginning is because there's about a 95% chance that the run is gonna die at the very end. To make it through the fight at the end without stopping, you need to have full health and armor and get good luck with the enemies after the last checkpoint. There are several enemies with automatic shotguns that just wipe you out unless you get incredibly lucky. I have only completed one deathless run and that was with a failed objective. I could see myself getting a 6:35 with a perfect run.
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JamesBong: 2018-06-08 06:14:57 am
Metal + Speed = Life
Such a quick time for this one on Classic.. once again im impressed.. i was thinking of maybe just doing a full game classic run today, mostly casual but at least ill have some splits to run against in the future
Metal + Speed = Life
I know your not done working on all the levels.. but if you would like to do a run with me ill probably be starting my run at around 12:30-1:00 eastern time.. ill drop by your stream anyways to see what your doings
Today I'm going to do more Solar runs because I'm not happy with the death at the end. I'm going to keep going until I can get a deathless Solar run under 6:40. I feel like it's a 1/1000 chance, but it'll happen eventually. After that, I still have to practice Cradle and the first half of the game. I plan to start doing full runs within the next 2 weeks depending on how long solar takes.
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Amazing recovery on Trev fight and I don't even know how it works or how it happened.. dumb luck I guess..

Cradle (007 Classic) - 11m29s

Man, what a save. That Trev fight was so insane. Congrats on the sub 11:30! I think it's pretty funny that 007 Classic has the fastest time of any difficulty on Cradle. Do you think you could lower the other difficulties below 11:30?

Here's the best Solar time I got today: 6:18 on 007 Classic

Somehow I didn't know that the in-game timer keeps going during the loading screen when you die, but not when you restart from the last checkpoint. It literally says that in one of the loading screen tips, but I guess it never really registered with me. Anyway, I know a few more seconds could be saved from my run, but I'm done with it for now. I'm pretty sure a 6:10 or lower is possible, but I'm not gonna be the one to go for it right now. I'm going to move on to Nigeria RTA attempts, then St. Petersburg + Nigeria RTA after that, hopefully.
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I just did an 11:35 TT for cradle, better than the 11:38 i had, its just that it can take so many attempts before getting a run at that kind of pace, its a little annoying because of the long intro cutscene, so I think I'm leaving them there for now, at least until they get challenged lol
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Btw online play is still running.. i just played a game, weird huh
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FitterSpace: 2018-06-08 08:09:08 pm
Wow, I didn't know this game was still online. I thought they shut it down back in March? I remember there being a few articles I saw about it. Unfortunately I can't find enough players for a game right now but I connected to a lobby with one other guy. I'll have to try again later.
edit: I was able to get into a few team conflict games later on, but the wifi connection for my wii really sucks. I'm about as far away from my router as possible, so my connection to the servers kept dropping all the time. But it's cool that the servers are still up.

I did two offline St. Petersburg + Nigeria RTA attempts and it was so much fun. I can't wait to start doing full-game runs. I lost 2 minutes in Solar because I kept messing up the intro, and I died once at the very end. There was one other death in Jungle, but the rest of the run was good besides that. I got my best time on Cradle 007 Classic, 11:37, but I wasn't recording, unfortunately. The first wave of guards was really solid, but I missed a guard in the 2nd section that caused me to lose a few seconds. The rest of the level was the same as always. I'm going to start practicing the first half of the game in my next stream on Monday.
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Damn nice.. 11:37 is pretty repectable too for cradle.. gaining any seconds past 11:40 gets pretty precise..
Ill be watching your stream today, i think this week i will give operative rta runs a try again.. its been a while and it will give me a break from Ils for a bit
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Either that or i might just do a classic run for splits.. id like to at least have splits for when i race with you, i just dont feel much like practicing the other levels.. i think probably bunker, archives, tank, and jungle would give me the most trouble since i havent played them on classic in a while but i figure i can just do them slow and casual, it will probably lose less time that way compared to rushing through and dying a few times
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JamesBong: 2018-06-12 03:14:52 am
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Might as well post it here since its interesting

I tried a bit yesterday.. wasnt able to reproduce this glitch.. dont think purple was able to either
Metal + Speed = Life
My run yesterday died mostly to archives.. died in the library section.. but i kept going and then i died at the end of solar as well.. so that was it. Still had a good pace going into solar, was unfortunate
Playing airfield operative today was really fun. The only bad thing about it was that it confused me a little when I did an Arkhangelsk 007 Classic attempt and almost forgot one of the objectives lol. When I'm done with 007 Classic, I'll go for Airfield 2:56. No way i'm getting 2:55 haha.
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FitterSpace: 2018-06-14 08:57:50 pm

I came across the weapon stats in the Prima guide so I put them in an Excel spreadsheet for our convenience. I'm not sure exactly what each column means, but I copied them anyway. Just keep in mind that the "Damage" stat doesn't necessarily show how much damage enemies take. It only counts the damage output of the weapon as far as I know. I assume the actual damage the enemy takes is based on some kind of multiplier depending on where you shoot them. This explains why a P99 headshot will kill even though it only outputs 26.4 damage. But I'm also assuming that enemies have 100 health, which may not be true.

Unfortunately, I feel like the numbers for distance are pretty arbitrary since I don't know the scale. In other words, The AK-47 having a minimum distance of 25 means nothing to me since I don't know what 25 means. But I assume the minimum distance is where the damage starts to drop off, while the maximum distance is how far you can deal damage.

With these stats in mind, the Ivana Spec-R seems like the best Assault Rifle in the game. It has the highest damage output, Good damage range, 2nd best accuracy, and is tied for the fastest fire rate for Assault Rifles. I think it has 30 rounds per clip, which would be the same as the rest of the assault rifles. The Terralite III seems like a close second with similar stats except lower damage. Interestingly enough, the Stauger UA-1 does almost as much damage as an assault rifle while having 40 rounds per clip, although it has a slower fire rate. I didn't realize how bad the AK-47 actually is. I think I'm gonna start picking up a different weapon when I do Archives runs. Also, the Strata SV-400 seems like the best SMG based on these numbers.
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Nice spreadsheet.. i have the same  somewhere on my phone.. i used a guide back before i knew the game so well. I think we just like the AK for its availibility.. its everywhere.
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I got a day off from work so I'm looking forward to get in a bunch of 255 attends today on Airfield