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To make things easy I'm simply going to use the layout from this years SGDQ.
For starters I will just post what I know that I will bring, and what I know we have at Ludendi. I will keep updating this post many times as more stuff gets reported. Items marked with (B) is Back-up. Items marked with a number is for multiples of that item, otherwise assume that every item is 1 copy.

Please type in this thread what you can bring and I will add it to this list.

Systems (Cables included)
NES  - Crippe (PAL), Kennyman666 (PAL), Dxtr (top loader), Svenne (PAL), Airrider (NTSC), Frezy_Man (NTSC), Wery (NTSC)
SNES - TimpZ (PAL), Dxtr (NTSC), Svenne (PAL), Frezy_Man (NTSC), Jinny (SFC), Alko (PAL), Wery (PAL)
N64 - Svenne (PAL), Alko (PAL)
Genesis - TimpZ (NTSC)
Megadrive - DRsynj, RoboSparkle (3)
Xbox360 - Ozzy88, Ludendi (3),
Gamecube - Crippe (PAL), Svenne (PAL)
Wii - Crippe (PAL), TimpZ (modded), Kennyman666 (modded), Ludendi (2, both PAL and unmodded), Ozzy88 (unmodded)
Playstation 1 - TimpZ (modded), Crippe (B, unmodded)
Playstation 2 - DRsynj, Crippe, Frezy_Man
Playstation 3 - DRsynj, Jinny (JP)

System Accessoriers
NES Controllers - Crippe (2), Kennyman666 (2), Dxtr (2), Svenne (5), Arctic_Eagle, Pro_JN, Frezy_man (3-4)
SNES Controllers - TimpZ (2), Svenne (2), Frezy_man (3, one of each region), Jinny (2 SFC), Alko
N64 Controllers - TimpZ, Svenne (2), Alko (2)
Gamecube Controllers - Crippe, TimpZ (3), Kennyman666, Svenne (2), Frezy_man (3), Jinny (4)
Wii-mote+nun-chuck - Crippe, TimpZ (3 remotes 2 nunchucks), Kennyman666 (2), Svenne (2, but only 1 nunchuck), Ozzy88, Frezy_man (3)
Classic Controller - TimpZ, Kennyman666, Jinny
Genesis Controllers - TimpZ
Megadrive - DRsynj (2)
Xbox360 Controllers - Crippe, TimpZ, Kennyman666 (3), Ozzy88, Ludendi (4)
PS1/PS2 Controllers - TimpZ (2, ps1 controllers), Kennyman666 (PS2), DRsynj (PS2), Frezy_man (2, ps2)
PS3 Controllers - DRsynj, Jinny
Gameboy Player - Tompa
GC Hori Pad - Frezy_man
Megadrive Multitap - RoboSparkle

Ludendi has atleast 4 old TV's in various sizes and 2 big plasma screens at the location (will update with better info later)
We also have 2 Monitors (more info later)

Misc Items (example: streaming equipment)
Laptop - Crippe (certainly not a gaming laptop, but can be used for other things such as check donation comments, check streamchat etc.), TimpZ (also not a gaming laptop), Kennyman666 (same), Dxtr (same), Alko (same)
Hauppauge USB-Live2 Capture device - TimpZ
Splitters (what kind?) - TimpZ, Dxtr (3)
Composite extension cables - TimpZ
PS2 USB Converter - Kennyman666
Dazzle Pinnacle DVC 100 - Dxtr, Kennyman666, Ozzy88, Ludendi, Cyprys
RCA Cables - Kennyman666, Ozzy88
EasyCap - Pro_JN
RCA Splitter - Frezy_Man
HD Splitter - Ludendi
Scart Splitter - Frezy_Man
PSX to PC/PS3 - Jinny
SCART-distributor (1 in/ 3 out) + additional SCART cables. - Edenal
Component-distributor (1 in / 4 out) + 1 additional component cable. - Edenal
2x S-video/Composite to/from SCART-thingy - Edenal
2x red/white audio cables - Edenal
RGB-cable for PAL-SNES - Edenal
RGB-cable for NTSC-SNES/SFC - Edenal
RGB-cable for Mega Drive / Genesis model 2 - Edenal


Power Blade (PAL) - Crippe
Shadowgate (PAL Swedish Version) - Crippe
Zelda 2 - The Adventure of Link (PAL) - Crippe (B), Pro_JN, Arctic_Eagle
Duck Tales - Dxtr
Duck Tales 2 - Dxtr
Battletoads - Dxtr
Castlevania - Dxtr
Metroid - Dxtr
Ninja Gaiden - Dxtr, Arctic_Eagle
Trojan - Dxtr
Ghosts N' Goblins - Dxtr
Astérix - Svenne
The Simpsons: Bart vs The World - Svenne
Robin Hood: The Prince of Thieves - Svenne
Darkwing Duck - Svenne
Tale Spin - Svenne
Donkey Kong - Svenne
Mr. Gimmick! - Svenne
North & South - Svenne
Super Mario Bros. - Frezy_Man
Super Mario Bros. 2 - Svenne, Frezy_Man (PAL)
Super Mario Bros. 3 - Frezy_Man
Adventure Island - Ktwo
Solomon's Key - Ktwo
Cobra Triangle - Ktwo, Svenne (B)
Rygar - Arctic_Eagle, Wery
Ufouria - Kennyman666
Battle Kid - Airrider
Contra - Frezy_Man
Super C - Frezy_Man
Mega Man 2 - Frezy_Man
Mega Man 3 - Frezy_Man
Mega Man 4 - Frezy_Man
Rescue Rangers - Frezy_man
Metal Storm - Wery
Batman 2: The Return of the Joker - Wery
Street Fighter 2010 - Wery
Roller Games - Wery
The Goonies - Wery (J)
Double Dragon 3 - Wery

A Link to the Past (NTSC - JAP 1.0) - Crippe
Super Mario Allstarts - Svenne
Lucky Luke - Svenne
Mega Man X - Frezy_man, Jinny (JP)
Mega Man X2 - Frezy_man, Jinny (JP)
Mega Man X3 - Frezy_man, Jinny (JP)
The Lion King - Frezy_man
Goof Troop - Alko, Edenal
Realm - Wery

Sonic & Knuckles - DRsynj
James Pond - RoboSparkle
James Pond 2 - DRsynj, RoboSparkle
James Pond 3 - RoboSparkle
Fantastic Dizzy - RoboSparkle
Mega Bomberman - RoboSparkle

Spyro 1 - Neviutz
Spyro 2 - DRsynj, RoboSparkle, Cyprys, Neviutz

Crash Twinsanity - DRsynj

Journey - DRsynj
Final Fantasy XIII-2 - DRsynj, Neviutz
Catherine - Neviutz
Spyro 1, 2, 3 (PSN) - Neviutz

Batman: Arkham City - RoboSparkle
Batman: Arkham Asylum - RoboSparkle
Scott Pilgrim - Kennyman


Pikmin - TimpZ
Sonic Mega Collection - TimpZ
Metroid Prime - TimpZ

Sonic 1 - TimpZ
Sonic 2 - TimpZ
Sonic 3 - TimpZ
Sonic & Knuckles - TimpZ

Hitman - Kotti
Penumbra - Kotti
Total Overdose - Kotti

Non-marathon Games
Metroid Prime Trilogy - Ozzy88
Other M - Ozzy88
Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Ozzy88
Super Street Figher 4 - Ozzy88
Capcom digital collection - Ozzy88
Castlevania: Lord of shadows - Ozzy88
Mafia 2 - Ozzy88
Ninja Gaiden 2 - Ozzy88
Super Smash bros. melee - TimpZ
Hit the ice - TimpZ
Banjo Tooie - TimpZ
Yoshis Story - TimpZ
Majoras Mask - TimpZ
Iggy's Wrecking Ball - TimpZ
Astérix and Obélix - Alko
Super Mariokart - Alko
Super Marioworld - Alko
Yoshi's Island - Alko
Mariokart64 - Alko
MarioTennis - Alko
Zelda OoT - Alko
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I can bring:

PAL Wii (incl. cables), softmodded so that I can play both PAL & NTSC, GC & Wii discs and also any wiiware/VC game from most regions if not all.
3 Wii remotes+2 nunchucks, 3 Gamecube remotes, 1 Classic controller pro.
NOTE: I don't have the infrared LED's for the wiimotes, I use heat candles but it's not very good for precision gaming :p.

1 Working PAL SNES with 2 good controllers refurbished by me, but the D-pads are a bit loose from wear.

(Possibly) 1 NTSC Genesis with 1 3-button controller.

1 laptop that is the shittiest crap ever.

1 wired Xbox 360 controller

1 Hauppauge USB-Live2 capture device. Meh-quality, might be good for something at least and it takes almost no space at all. I can also bring splitters and composite extension cables.

possibly more that I don't think of right now...

However, I will only bring my own stuff and then what is requested from me. I might get the composite extension cables and splitter because they're very useful to have anyways but I will not bring the 6th PAL SNES that isn't going to be used anyways.

EDIT: If a crisis would occur I can install wad-files for wiiware/VC and use an external HDD for wii games. Pirating yea, but only if desperate times would occur.

EDIT2: PAL Playstation with 2 controllers (I think it's hardware modded too or something for burned cd's), N64 controllers (but the console is dead :[...). Games for any of the consoles mentioned except Xbox because I don't own any nor a console.
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Available from Kennyland:

If required, I can bring my X360, though it's an old model without HDMI, and if possible I'd rather not travel with it. No matter what, I'll bring my X360 HDD since my Scott Pilgrim saves are on there (and, now that I think about it, the game too, but yeah). A softmodded PAL Wii with component cables. A normal PAL NES.

Two NES controllers, three X360 controllers (one wired, two wireless). Going to try to bring my X360 USB arcade stick since I'm used to playing Scott Pilgrim with that, but if there's not enough space I'll just have to make do with a normal controller. Two Wiimote+'s with nunchucks and one Classic Controller pro. Two GC pads. One PS2 pad (since my other is being an ass) and one PS2->USB converter (which I want to use to play Duo Princess).

Obviously, I'm bringing Ufouria (NES PAL). And my netbook since I'll have Duo Princess on there, but it's likely not good enough for streaming so the game should be played on a more powerful computer.

I think that's it from me for now.
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DRsynj: 2012-06-02 08:35:00 pm
Reverse Death Valley Bomb
I can bring:

PS3 Slim
Games - Final Fantasy XIII-2, Journey
1 standard controller

PS2 Slim
Games - Crash Twinsanity, Spyro 2 (PS1)
1 standard controller

SEGA MegaDrive
Games - James Pond 2, Sonic & Knuckles (no case)
2 standard controllers

This is all I have that I think is necessary for the streamed games, I might end up bringing a couple of extra things that I'm thinking of fitting into the bonus stream, but for now I'll hold back on those ^^
Does this thread include things like capture cards or cameras/mics? Because I can't bring any of these above SD quality Sad I've been a little anxious about what will happen about these.

edit: All of the above is PAL.
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dxtr: 2012-06-03 11:45:17 am
NES Top Loader - NTSC
2 Controllers

And the games i will be playing.

Dazzle Pinnacle DVC 100 and 3 splitters.

I CAN bring an NTSC SNES if requested.
Oh, I have a Dazzle DVC100 too if needed. And assorted RCA cables, but I assume that is not going to be a problem.
Ofc, I can bring my Laptop also for random usage.

Asus G53JW, so its kinda powerful. But still i wouldnt recommend it for recording.
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I can bring, one copy of every Nintendo Console (PAL)


NES - 5 Controllers (No new onces) + 1 NES Advantage
SNES - 2 Controllers (one really good, one really bad) I have one extention-cords for a SNES controller so you can be like 2-3 meters from the TV if needed!
N64 - 2 bad controllers
GameCube - 1 original controller (Good) and 1 un-licenced (Crap)
Wii - 2 Wii-motes (one original, one Zelda SS Limited Edition) + 1 nunchuck


These are the games I will do and bring on the marathon + bonus stream, but I got more if someone forgets a game (PAL)!

NES (PAL) Astérix, The Simpsons: Bart VS The World, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Darkwing Duck, Tale Spin, Donkey Kong, Mr. Gimmick!, North & South, Super Mario Bros. 2

SNES (PAL) Super Mario All-Stars & Lucky Luke

Arctic_Eagle said he would bring his own games and controllers to the event!

Pro_JN brings his own Zelda 2 and controller. He also has a easy-cap (Not working on PAL 60) if needed!

Ktwo has Adventure Island, Solomon's Key and Cobra Triangle! (I have an extra Cobra Triangle if needed!)
Quote from dxtr:

I CAN bring an NTSC SNES if requested.

Yes please.

Quote from KennyMan666:
Oh, I have a Dazzle DVC100 too if needed. And assorted RCA cables, but I assume that is not going to be a problem.

If you're able to bring it, then please do. I would rather have too much stuff than too little :p  You never know what might happen.
Well, the Dazzle I'll easily bring. It was the cables I thought would not be a problem, but I can bring a bunch of them if needed. You do have a point in that it's always better to have too much cable than too little.
More to add Smiley

I also have an HD Web Cam, Logitech C270. That we can have use for.
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I am bringing:

One Xbox360 + cables (including most of the XBLA titels that is in my
One 360 controller with the rotating D-pad thingy (and perhaps I'll bring my Razor Onza Tournament Edition controller for casual play).

I could also bring:
One Dazzle dvc 100 (I think, it's the same as everyone else uses pretty much)
One Wii + cables (PAL I assume)
One Wiimote + wii motion plus

Games I could bring:
Xbox360: MvC 3, SSF4, Capcom Digital Collection, Cv:LoS, Mafia 2, Ninja Gaiden 2
Wii: Metroid Prime Trilogy (yea, that one you can't speedrun properly) and Metroid Other M


I am the worst at this apparently, I also have splitters and RCA cables for the dazzle that I would bring.
Um, yea that and a cable to charge up the 360 controller.
Oh, yea, forgot the nunchuku...add it to the pile Tongue
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KennyMan666: 2012-06-04 12:15:25 pm
Oh, speaking of Wii cables and capturing equipment, if noone else has them, I'll bring Wii component cables. I don't remember if we have any Wii or GC runs, but if we do, we want to use that for best quality.

Also, this topic should really only list the games and equipment we need for the actual marathon, any additional games people want to bring to just, well, kick back and play while not running something need not be listed, imo. At least, they should be listed separately. An idea is to write a list of all the games we need for the runs, and then mark which ones we have covered.
Alright I fixed the list a bit. Also Kennyman, are you sure that you will only be needing your Xbox HDD? I've had some experiences when games on your HDD won't work because it's on a different Xbox. But I'm not 100% sure how that works, but you probably do. Just being extra careful here I guess Tongue
Edit history:
KennyMan666: 2012-06-05 06:39:01 am
I'm fairly sure that with the HDD with the game and my saves on it and logging into my gamertag that bought the game, it's not going to be a problem. Games are tied to, as I understand it, system and gamertag. I have two gamertags on the console I have now, and both gamertags can play all games I've bought with any of them on this system. Were I to plug my HDD and log into my gamertags on another X360, however, each gamertag would only be able to access the games on the HDD they specifically bought.

I see your point, though. I can try to bring it, but it all comes down to how much packing space I'll have. I guess it's about time to start figuring out how I'll be traveling there. Maybe it's about time for a traveling thread.
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TimpZ: 2012-06-05 08:04:45 am
I have gotten my Genesis with the mail now. We'll see how good it works when I get some games too but I noticed how you typed that I had 3 controllers. That is wrong, I have currently 1 (one) 3-button controller. I can also add that only(?) one of my Wiimotes is a wiimotion+.

For games I will bring:
PAL Pikmin for GC
NTSC Sonic 1,2,3&K Genesis
PAL Sonic Mega Collection GC
NTSC Metroid Prime GC
An HDD with a bunch of wii games
An SD-card filled with VC games
Some NTSC/PAL Honeybee thing that makes you able to play NTSC on PAL or something
NTSC Hit The Ice (Best hockey game I've ever played) SNES
Some other game just for fun? I have a few PAL N64 games like Banjo Tooie, Yoshis story, Majoras Mask or everyones favourite: Iggy's Wreckin' Balls!

And anything that is requested of me.

The splitter is a composite splitter that work both for audio and video.

And like I said, I feel reluctant to bring 3 separate consoles so unless there's someone really wanting me to bring the PS then I won't bring it.
From Jinny aka JingOfSweden (I think)

"Om det finns bil så har jag tre TVs en klarar inte NTSC,"

So that means:

If someone can drive there, I have three TVs, one can't handle NTSC.

Why I'm posting for Jinny is that he has no internet at, yea. I told him to talk to Crippe about this sort of stuff. I guess if you want to know all he's gonna bring you better give him a call Crippe Wink
I sure hope we won't have to bring TVs all the way from here. It sounds like Ludendi has that covered.

I can drive but don't have car access, but I can try. But that's a question for another thread.
TV's won't be a problem. Like it says on the list, Ludendi has a few TV's on location, and I'm pretty sure we have some more in storage somewhere close.
Quote from Crippe:
TV's won't be a problem. Like it says on the list, Ludendi has a few TV's on location, and I'm pretty sure we have some more in storage somewhere close.

If we can get our hands on as many as you had during that fighting tournament...that'd be super awesome!
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Bringing a SNES- and PS1-controller; also bringing an N64-controller but that last number can be doubled if required.
Can take a PAL-N64 and a PAL SNES. Don't think the latter is needed but the first might be.

Tossing in a few games, but I won't decide on that yet Wink Goof Troop and Asterix and Obelix are definites (both SNES PAL), rest is subject to debate.
Maybe we could put reqested items on the list somehow.,.like the stuff I need to do the Maxim any% run?

The cart and the thing to play the game on a gamecube is missing so far.

Also good to mention here is, label your stuff somehow. There might be a lot of equipment that is going to switch places without your permisson if it's laying around and then you won't be able to tell what is yours anymore.
Quote from ozzy88:
Maybe we could put reqested items on the list somehow.,.like the stuff I need to do the Maxim any% run?

The cart and the thing to play the game on a gamecube is missing so far. 

Tompa has one and his friend Jakob got one! I have asked them to bring them along!

I got a bunch of Non-Marathon games that we can use, mostly Nintendo games for Wii, N64 etc. if people are interested in that. Also, I am gonna find out what is needed to do 8 player races on Double Dash, that would be sweet to have around!
Hockey enthusiast
I will bring the following:

Super Nintendo (SFC) - RGB cables
Sega Genesis (Model 2) - RGB cables

World of Illusion

Cables and equipment:
DVD-recorder/Signal converter with input/output: (Analog, RCA, SCART, Component) Anything but HDMI really.
Unpowered SCART-splitter. 3-in. 1-out. (Also RCA-video out). This box supports RGB.
SCART audio breakout box.

It's possible that I can bring a streaming computer with Blackmagic Intensity Pro. But at this point the computer is just bits and pieces after a hardware failure. More on that later.
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Frezy_man: 2012-06-11 02:06:04 am
I am not sure of the exact amount but I think Ludendi have at least 12 TVs.
At least 6 TVs are 20" or bigger. Those are old TVs that can handle NTSC.
We use to be allowede to borrow a couple of TVs from AGES. The computer game lab association at the university. But I am not sure if we can borrow all TVs for the hole week but we will talk to the boardmembers there..

We have two ASUS Flatscreen 22" (Gaming) TV with almost no lag (About 2 Ms.). These are the best Flatscreen at the market as far as I know and are used for tournaments in various game on Dreamhack and EVO. It should be ahlright playing with. Specially good for people who wants to play newer games with HD.

We have a couple of very small TVs 14-15" That can be used for casual individual gaming and practice.

We have two big Plasma TVs 42". But they have some lag and is not good for serious gaming. But they can be ahlright when precision is not the an important factor so they works great for some social gaming.

We will have another gaming event in July 6-8th. We will try to do a more serious inventory for all the TVs during that event.

More TVs and consoles doesn´t hurt. The more the better. It may be crowded and stations can be full so it is not a guarante that it will be Stations for freeplay all the time. (That said, if you not bring your own stuff).