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Yep, the pause doesn't count towards your final time.
DOSBox <3
OK now I beat the game and the time was just under 4 hours. I should be able to bring it to somewhere around 2 and 1/2 hours. Must say, the levels in the sewers are really boring to play, the rest is pretty fun. There is an annoying bug in level 8-2 which doesn't let me get through a door if I had died in that level before. Shouldn't bother while speedrunning though. There are also some annoying lasers in the space levels which kill in 1 touch. Well, I think I should be able to do both smooth segments by playing one level at a time and then perhaps even the furious single segment marathon.

I'm quite worried about the fact that I would definately finish some levels with under 100 health but I would always start the next level with 100 health. I wonder if that's ok for THIS game because there's no way to start over with the same health (unless I play many levels in a row in one segment, which I'm planning to do with the levels which would start with me having 250+ health and possibly double damage)?
If you have less than 50hp in Quake, you'll start the next level with 50. It's a game mechanic, and acceptable.
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Okay, I'm ready to record now then.

Stay tuned.
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For everyone who was following this run. I was pretty busy for a couple months and now I have some free time on my hands again. I guess I could try some more running so keep an eye on this thread, folks.
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Now you can find old runs of first 8 levels here:
I lost the lossless files so I would need to re-run from scratch anyway. Actually I might do that, I noted some cool possible shortcuts while rewatching those vids. Any support?
This game kicks ass. Best Duke game to speedrun IMHO. Go for it!
100% runs=great to watch
Yeah...just rip the game apart.  More Duke for SDA can only be a good thing!  8)
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Xarthok: 2007-05-12 09:54:35 pm
DOSBox <3
Yup, I might start re-running the game from scratch tomorrow. Found a neat shortcut in E3M2 that saves a minute. And I wonder if it's possible to get past the moving train without waiting 15 or so secs there?
Go for it Smiley
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DOSBox <3
Once I'm done with Stronghold Crusader I think of revisiting this project Wink

So I wanna check again: if I finish a level with 1 hp and the next one I start with 100 (because the game resets hp to 100 when 'replaying' the level) it's ok?

Another problem would be if I finish a level with 10 nukes and need to replay a previous one, I would have to play with the boosted max hp... Not good, right?

And I think if I manual save the game in the beginning of a level (a few frames after it starts) I can keep replaying it with the hp that I saved with in case I had over 100 when finishing the previous level, would abusing this also be ok?
Related to this I thought of another possible solution which would be segment breaking somewhere in the middle of the level instead of the automatic save at the beginning of the level in some cases. Opinions? Main reason why I wanna do something like this is because in several cases I can finish a level with over 250 hp and therefore begin the next level with double damage which I lose if I fail and need to replay that level.

Besides this I've found another couple of interesting tricks Smiley

Found a sorta 100% playthrough on youtube, if it didn't have tons of pointless detours for health and ammo it would be pretty quick too!
Helps quite a lot for planning ahead to see any useful detours and secret areas and scout possible shortcuts.
From this I realized that double damage comes from 250 health and from 400 health but only once per level! (once at 250, once at 400) so for example in E3M3 I think it's best to skip some 100 hp pickups to manipulate getting double damage from the 100 health under the boss (from either having under 250 or under 400 hp, probably the latter). And then since killing boss gives 200 hp I'd have tons of hp at start of E4M1 and get double damage right away which saves a couple seconds so I would probably do all or part of that level in the same segment.
DOSBox <3
Okay so I got my mind back onto this game. This time I've decided I'm gonna be doing it single segment while streaming because that's way more fun to do and then I don't have to worry about continuity between segments, among other things Smiley Just have to learn all of the routes in the game so I don't get lost Wink

Just have to decide which difficulty to do this on.

Is there still any interest in this?
oh hey i posted here over 6 years ago. time flies.

Sure I'd watch it.
Yeah go for it! Smiley
DOSBox <3
Seems like the only difference between difficulties is how much health enemies have. A pig takes 2, 3 or 4 pistol shots to kill on different difficulties. If I do this on hard then I quite likely run into problems with ammo management.  I think I'll go with Normal.
You may have some competition for this game soonish. I'm thinking of picking this one up again, but no promises. I thought I had posted here when I looked at it a year back or so, but I guess not.
DOSBox <3
Sweet, we could set up some races if you wanted Smiley
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boct1584: 2013-03-22 05:26:33 pm
Just a poor boy
I think, based on what I've read in this thread, that this is a game that most lends itself to single-segment runs. (EDIT: Or at least to running the levels in order, without doing any revisiting.) I've gotten interested in it again recently, after getting a sufficiently large hard drive that I can actually install most of the games I own. I have Manhattan Project from

I'm interested in running it myself, most likely as a 100%, but I would save those aspirations for when I've actually beaten it. It plays great on my Dualshock 2 which I cable to my laptop with a USB converter. Did you use a controller or a keyboard when you did your test run way back in '06? Or do you not remember?
DOSBox <3
I used a keyboard. There are videos on youtube of 100% completion on hard, they are pretty fast too! Would be cool if you go for 100% and I go for any% Smiley
DOSBox <3
With exams almost over, I'm waiting for some new streaming gear to arrive before I go back to practicing this for a SS normal difficulty run Smiley 8 years of talking about this great game with not much to show for it, time to change that! Got myself the GOG version too, now. Anyone still interested?
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Tezur0: 2014-01-08 10:32:00 am
I tried to do run, did half of ILs and then deleted all the videos... I don't remember why.
Have 2 ILs on my channel now, and  failed to do SS twice, got the run ruined quite badly, so didn't go for it. There mainly no bugs in game, so it's just health and bullets managment, or am I wrong?
I love this game and will stay here, probably I will try to run it again.
UPD. Haven't read everything in topic, but in order to do ILs you should complete the game without collecting 10 Nukes on each level, because it will boost you health and max Ammo. so you just do the game without collecting nukes, then you run ILs.
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DOSBox <3
Hey there, great to still see some interest in the game.
If you've read the previous posts you can see how many issues there are with doing ILs, then trying to redo previous ILs, keeping ammo between segments in sync and so on. And in the age of live streaming, SS is really the way to go. I think it's more fun and challenging than just trying over and over for perfect times in short segments.
There are very few useful bugs in the game but I believe there are still some to be discovered.
I've mapped out the routes for all levels on paper so I never get lost, so all that's left now is practice. Many jumps require very tight precision.
Considerable time can be shaved by careful optimization of weapon use - shooting RPG at tough enemies off-screen to minimize any slowdowns. To plan this I need at least one successful run through the game for analyzing - to see how much ammo I gotta use exactly, then see where pipe bombs/RPG can make things faster and then see if any small detours for bomb ammo could be useful. If management turns out to be tight, it may even be useful to get 10 nukes in some of the levels that it can be done in without wasting much time (E1M3 comes to mind).
For now I thought about running on Normal but maybe it could be worth it trying Hard? Ammo and health management would be tougher for sure, as well as enemies slowing you down much more often.

Also a 100% run would definitely be fun to do down the road. Would it only require all nukes or also all kills and secrets? Only the nukes give any sort of the reward. Perhaps all kills and secrets would be 101% or something?

We should definitely do a race or two sometime and figure out the best strats for everything. (Find me on SRL or SDA IRC for chat)
DOSBox <3
Okay, so we had a semi-blind race yesterday, Tezur0 finished in slightly over 2 hours.
We figure that Normal is the most sensible difficulty to play on for a SS and Sub-1:30 seems like a sensible goal.

In other news, had some fun glitch hunting today. The glopp gun can indeed shoot through some thin walls and this has lead to some smaller and bigger shortcuts. E3M1 can now be done in under 2:30 (a minute faster than the run on youtube) and a couple seconds are shaved in E3M2 too. Still looking for more applications.
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I was looking up Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project speedruns and I came across this thread.  I'm glad to see that there's still a couple people that are working on this game!  I certainly look forward to seeing more speedruns of this game.

I did a few speedruns of this game when it first came out for the Xbox 360 (June 2010), but I didn't spend a lot of time on it as there was hardly anybody to compete against.  However, I started to play this game again recently and I made this video:

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project - E1M1 Max Speedrun (Note that this was played on the Xbox 360)

This run certainly isn't perfect, but I don't think it's too shabby.  I completed the first map on Hard difficulty while attaining 100% kills and secrets (I completely ignored the nuke collectibles, however).  Perhaps I'll do more of these in the future.

It has been a few years since I played the other episodes, but I do recall a couple time-savers that I used.  In Orbital Oblivion Part I, before you enter the weapon scan machine, throw a few pipe bombs to the other side.  After you lose your arsenal, pick up the pipe bombs that you threw and use those to destroy the spherical force field that's blocking the key card (IIRC, this saved me about 1.5 minutes).  And in Fearsome Factory Part III, after you exit the first area and arrive in the next area via teleportation, head left into the doorway.  You'll notice that there's a huge gap between the platform you're on and the platform containing the relevant button that must be activated to open up the door leading to the babe.  You can clear this gap if you time your jump well.

I also found that you could go through the Drills when they're in motion in Deviant Drilling Part 2 (I don't remember exactly how I did it, however.  I think you have to repeatedly hit the jump button as you go through it, but I'd have to replicate that trick to know for sure).  I'll definitely have to go through the entire game again.

Edit: Forget about destroying the spherical force field in E8M2 with pipebombs.  It's quicker to destroy the force field with Duke's kick attacks with the double damage power up.
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Quote from Andrew_Martinez:

Perhaps I'll do more of these in the future.

Well, if anybody is interested, I decided to make a couple more of these:

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project - E1M2 Max Speedrun in 3:56
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project - E1M3 Max Speedrun in 6:18

These runs aren't optimized (it's possible that I'll go back and improve these later), but I don't think these are bad runs either.  I'm not sure how many more of these max runs that I'll do... I'll continue as long as I'm enjoying myself.

Also, I noticed that when an object (e.g. Duke's body, pipe bomb etc.) passes through an enemy's hitbox, that enemy dies instantly.  This occurs quite often when I throw a pipe bomb at a spawning enemy.  If you look at my E1M2 run at 0:28, I'm frequently able to kill that pig cop with a simple pipe bomb toss (in the video, I threw the pipe bomb a little too late).  In regards to E1M3, if the pig cop at the exit is close enough to the key card machine, you can force Duke's body through the pig cops body after you initiate the key card insertion animation.  In a way, this reminds me of the telefrag trick used in Doom and other FPS games.