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I recently started playing this game again, and I made an Any% run on Easy:

Final time is 1:22:42.  A lot of improvement can still be made, but I'm happy with this time for now.  In regards to going through the drills in E7M2 as they are in motion, it seems to only work at certain time intervals.  About 5.5 seconds after a drill has started moving, you can jump through it without it killing you, but you'll have about a 4 second window of getting across.  Also recently found out that you can skip directly to Lab 2 in E8M2.

If anyone views my run and sees any time-saver I'm missing or sees anything I can do differently to save time, feel free to let me know. 

The glopp gun can indeed shoot through some thin walls and this has lead to some smaller and bigger shortcuts.

Thanks for pointing that out.  This trick is certainly useful in E3M1 and E3M2!
Hello. I've found a lot of possible time saves and new tricks.
I will textualize them soon.
Sorry for my english Smiley