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Xarthok: 2007-05-11 01:29:02 pm
DOSBox <3
Would there be any interest in a run of this?
I think I could do it.

Now you can find old runs of first 8 levels here:
I lost the lossless files so I would need to re-run from scratch anyway. Actually I might do that, I noted some cool possible shortcuts while rewatching those vids. Any support?
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Semi-retired FPS expert
Oh yes, definitely! Grin
This game has an aweful auto quicksave feature, meaning that effectivly you can only properly segment a run between the levels or you have to restart a segment before the next quicksave point or there's no return to your old one.
I have no solution, but i admire the problem.
Two words: I'm in.

you can only properly segment a run between the levels

That's not that bad, is it? The levels in this game are not that long, as i remember, so saving between the levels is no problem.

And maybe Sanitars is going for an SS run, anyways. If i remember that correctly, the game has several difficulties. That's why i vote for
a) SS easy/normal
b) seg. hardest difficulty

while the hardest difficulty should be more interesting.
sda loyalist
Didn't someone already start this? I remember watching videos of the first few levels or so.
I did, but my current graphics card can't handle capturing the game, so I suppose I'm out. That testrun should still be online somewhere, though.
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Xarthok: 2006-08-12 03:51:49 pm
DOSBox <3
Can you point me to your videos?
By the way, I'm running it at one segment per level, hardest difficulty.
But if I manage to learn the game well enough I may as well attempt SS...
By the way, if I collect all Nukes in every level, would that count as 100% run? Or do I have to kill every mob too?
I'd love to see a run of this underappreciated game.  IIRC hard mode is really hard, so I'd go for normal or maybe even easy if you want to make it real fast
Obey the Daleks or be Exterminated! Riiiiiiight...
All Kills, Secrets, and Nukes count for 100%.  The run is essentially 100% if you manage to get the best unlockable in the game: The X-3000.

Not sure if the secret GLOPP boss, Wozma, counts towards the 100% though.  All it does is add a green circle inside your game profile.
DOSBox <3
Btw. Should I run this on raw hard or after I have beaten the game on other 2 difficulties for the bonuses (double kick damage and recieving only half damage)?
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Xarthok: 2006-08-13 03:33:26 am
DOSBox <3;5392896;;/fileinfo.html
34,08 MB, 12:24 Minutes
Episode 1 Single Segment on Hard (from raw game install).

I only expected to do the first part, but I didn't completely mess up the others so why not Tongue Maybe I'll do the segments at one per episode instead of level instead. They're not that long anyway. At least the first ones.

The times are:
Part 1 - 2:07 (optimal 2:00)
Part 2 - 2:30 (optimal 2:00)
Part 3 & Boss - 7:36 (optimal - 7:00)
Total Episode 1 - 12:14

More or less obvious improvements I can think of right now:

Part 1:
- 0:48 - Taking less damage, prolly by throwing a pipe bomb
- 0:54 - Grabbing the ladder, therefore not getting slow down after the fall
- 1:00 - Jumping on the rooftop directly
- 1:09 - Jumping on the platform directly
- 1:47 - Not messing around
- 2:03 - Throwing a pipe bomb before the 2 pigs appear and blowing them on my way there and not taking any damage

Part 2:
- 2:20 - Not getting delayed by pig
- 2:30 - Jumping on the railing and from there directly to the rooftop
- 2:38-2:45 - Killing pigs with jump kick or pipe bombs
- 2:53 - No need to stop here to kill pig
- 3:03 - Not getting delayed by pig
- 3:16 - Going to secret area directly
- 3:21-3:40 - Finding a better line for jetpack therefore not bumping into things or taking any damage
- 3:42 - Jumping on the head of pig directly
- 3:58-4:00 - Not taking damage
- 4:11 - Jumping on Nuke directly
- 4:33 - Not messing around

Part 3:
- 4:51 - Jumping at double-damage powerup from the railing
- 4:57 - Getting through the pigs with no delays
- 5:09 - Not landing on a camera
- 5:13 - Killing things faster with my double-damage
- 5:18 - No messing around
- 5:45 - Not flying too far and landing by the door instead
- 6:01 - Going over
- 6:54 - Landing before the railing
- 6:59 - Landing by the door and not taking damage from pig

- 7:44-7:56 - No failed attempts plz
- 11:41-12:06 - Failing none of pipe-bomb throws

One thing I should give attention to is keeping about 100 ego when I beat the boss, because that's how much health I'm gonna have at the start of episode 2... Just like I'm going to take time collecting extra ammo after beating episode 2 boss.

Anything I missed?

So what about this previous DNMP run someone had a thread about? Any info? I couldn't find it.
I found an interesting bug, where if you jump into an air-exhaust-vent thingy, you can do a doublejump out of it and get a HUGE boost. I've not found anywhere to exploit this, but I'm sure it'd be helpful to you.
About that "trailer" video from LLCoolDave, it's here:;action=display;num=1123733149;start=34#34

But I wasn't able to download it...
DOSBox <3
If someone has that video, could they reupload it again?

By the way, I just improved Episode 1 and completed a decent run of Episode 2, videos will be up soon.
I had 2:37 for Level 1, 1:58 for Level 2 and about 2 Minutes for Level 3 up to the Boss (didn't include it in the capture due to size issues, after all, it was nothing but a trailer of a potential run). I'll watch yours before I decide if it's worth reuploading my trailer.

Oh, just checked the game, still got my savefile, it's at 11:00 after Episode 1.

Is there any way we could do individual Level runs? Like, starting with nothing but your basic equipment?
DOSBox <3
What mode you played on? Hard? Raw game install? No blue shirt? No double kick power? No X-3000? Damn those times are insane.

Anyway your level 1 time is about what I expected to be a flawless attempt, but your level 2 time looks quite mad. And for level 3 optimal run I would spend less than 2 mins until boss.

My episode 2 times seem quite nice. Uploading now.

Got a messenger? PM me.
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Xarthok: 2006-08-13 10:36:39 am
DOSBox <3
OK so here is my Episode 2 run:

Total Time: 8:31
Part 1: 3:01
Part 2: 2:50
Part 3 & Boss: 2:40;5394371;;/fileinfo.html
DOSBox <3
Hmm about continuity between segments...
If one ends with 100 bullets and the other starts with 120, does that matter?
Or if one ends with 120 and the next one starts with 100?

Because the game save allows to replay any levels after they have been beaten/started and so if I make a good video of E2L3 and then replay E2L2 and improve the previous time, I shouldn't have to replay all levels following?

I think it should matter ONLY if the difference in number of ammo/health would make a difference in the video of next level. Like I wouldn't die or run out of ammo if I replayed the next level only with fewer bullets/health.

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jetsetlemming: 2006-08-15 11:23:54 am
Looks pretty cool.... I would think that anything extra you do outside the individual runs wouldn't matter, since it's a multi segment run anyway.
DOSBox <3
No, no, I decided I won't do it single-segment. I'll record it level per segment instead episode per segment or even the whole game single segmented as I first thought simply because it will look a lot better with runs and routes polished to (near) perfection. The levels get a lot longer with time and it's hard enough to concetrate for one level let alone an episode.

Read my continuity question again please.
Sorry, typo. >_> I meant multi segment. It was late at night. Tongue
Hmm about continuity between segments...
If one ends with 100 bullets and the other starts with 120, does that matter?
Or if one ends with 120 and the next one starts with 100?

That's not continuity, is it? Wink
Suppose you completed E1L1 (With 95 bullets left) and E1L2.
If you then want to improve E1L1, you should end it again with 95 bullets because of continuity (Or redo E1L2).
If I'm not mistaken you should do it like this.

My suggestion would be, start the game and Run E1L1, keep attempting it until you're really satisfied with that Run.
When you're satisfied, move on to E1L2.
Semi-retired FPS expert
My understanding of the rules is that you are NOT allowed to start a segment with better stats than the end of the previous one. You can however have worse ones. Genreally it is preferred that they are the same.

Runs looking very good this far!
Well, I'm following Void's advice at the moment.
Time's looking very very good now Smiley
I'm know first 3 episodes quite well now (I can run the optimal route with as few slowdowns as possible (jumping over enemies at chance). A smooth trick I found that saves a lot of ammo and health when against tough enemies like in ep 3 is firing a load of Assault Rifle while running at them and then slide kicking, which knocks out most of them without no slow down at all, AND it saves ammo and gives more health (ego) for the kill. This way I don't have to take any deroutes for extra ammo or ego until episode 4. And I'm not picking up the Blopp ray gun anywhere. Ah no more spoilers. Wanna give advice, add me on MSN
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Xarthok: 2006-08-22 03:47:10 am
DOSBox <3
Practiced a bit more today.

One thing to note about playing segments by one level at a time is that if I try to Replay the level I will start with 100 health no matter how much health I had when I actually got to the level Sad So it doesn't matter if I had 1 or 350 health when I started that level for the first time, I will have 100 health when I replay it (the ammo I had stays the same though, luckily).

Maybe it wouldn't be a big problem if I finished previous level with 150 health and started the next one with 100 but if I finish with 99 health and start the next segment with 100, I guess it would be against the rules Sad

Also, there are times when I finish previous level with LOTS of health, like 250-400 (when I get over 250 health in game, I also get Double Damage power-up) and I can practically rush through everything in the next level with the DD and heaps of health. I couldn't do that with 100 health, so this "bug" would really hurt the running.

I'm not sure how I would be going to segment the runs now since it would also be quite often that I finish a level with health lower than 100 and then I can't "Replay" the next level because then I would start with 100 health...

Maybe I could run multiple levels per segment if necessary, but it gets a lot harder in later levels, like there's a place in 5th episode that practically destroys the possibility of a single segment run cause it takes like 20 tries to make one jump and if I die there the last save-point is 30 seconds before.

By the way, is it OK to press ESC during a single-segment run to take a piss-break or a look at some practice videos and then resuming the gameplay and recording?