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I also found this user uploading TAs as well. As much as I like the replay feature, it can be pretty annoying to deal with these type of things.
DK + Mario Kart 8 = <3
hey guys i finished the game last weekend and grinding now gold medals and hard mode

the game is amazing to speedrun with the new controls

i am trying to do full runs soon

and has anyone finished a full run and is there a leaderboard already?
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Ecko is here, now it's a party Cheesy
Last I saw Spike completed his 1:49 but I'm not sure on him beating that since then? (missed past few streams so correct me if I'm wrong)

On the news of that dude, he responded quite promptly agreeing to my proposition. He will attach at least my, spikes and miles' channel links to any run he uploads with us running it. As for others, well the reason I didn't go full rage mode and tell this dude to take them down is well, we really can't do a damn thing about people doing this. Unfortunate but true. At best, dislike any you see and move on. I'm just glad this one person in particular understood it's out of respect that you'd youtube the runner names and find links :3

Also runs \o/

6-7 Frozen Frenzy - 1:14.89 - Dixie
regarding video uploads, I was always going to be making recordings for my own personal use (because I've done TTs of racing games with replay features and it's so much easier to just have a video than to flip back and forth between the game and the replay). I figured that other people might want a similar opportunity, and it'd be easier for me to upload what I have and link it to them than it would be for them to make the videos themselves as well. this is why I'm uploading all my videos unlisted and only linking them to people in the dkctf speedrun community. I know you weren't referring to me there, Cryptic, but I haven't really explained myself much outside of the skype chat and I do agree that the practice is a bit shady. right now, I'm linking to the channels of anyone whom I have found youtube/twitch/twitter info for; I think I've got about 10 or so names, and I generally check their channels at upload time to see if they've made videos themselves.

as for people who are uploading these videos publicly, I can't help but feel it's just the way youtube works now; advertisers prefer short videos, and spamming time trials (I have something like 200 videos uploaded on my channel now and that's after not uploading videos that miles, cryptic etc have already made) results in a lot of short videos. I mean, it usually takes me more time to check the leaderboards than it does for me to make recordings of all the new TTs; it's zero-effort content that is being publicised for money, which is a pretty dick move but ultimately we can't do much to stem the flow.
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It's cool five I know you good for that, these guys aren't doing it for the community like you are Smiley

So I did my first completed any% run last night, went pretty damn terribly. Ended up with a 1:57 x_x Upwards of 25 deaths. Next time will be better, just good to get that teething run out of the way.

5-1 Harvest Hazards - 1:09.56 - Cranky
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Great to hear someone else has cut the 2! I look forward to your competition in any% Cryptic.
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CrypticJacknife: 2014-03-13 07:06:59 am
CrypticJacknife: 2014-03-13 07:05:11 am
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Thanks man ^^ I hope to be strong competition at least. Also you were totally right, the reason I actually did the IL for 5-1 was because it's probably the most dangerous level in a full run.

EDIT: Of relevance to you, looks like Dixie is fastest for 3-2 instead of Cranky. I guess it'll be worth it to wait for one of the rotations in 3-1 now? The addition of the end of 3-1 (3 seconds) plus 3-2 (1 second) should keep it about even, but something tells me we can find a way to run Dixie in 3-3 to lower the difference in favour of her
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Yeah, I feel like the route is about to change to using Dixie until the start of 3-5. Should save a few seconds
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So I did the obvious thing someone practicing single-segment would do. ILed a level that isn't in the route.... :v

4-4 Irate Eight - 2:06.92 - Diddy
New user here! My NNID is jnfaunde.

I don't plan on speedrunning the game but I'm having a lot of fun with the time trials. I recently beat Cryptic's record in 4-5, but I don't think it'll last much. I could do better but I can't pull off the shot from the rotating barrel. I also held Busted Bayou's record for a while before Nihashing perfected my strategy with some sick jumps. I hope to be able to provide some strats for the guys that are better than me!

I've been watching spike's attempts at the whole game and they're pretty cool. Good luck with that!
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CrypticJacknife: 2014-03-17 10:43:44 pm
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By recently I'm guessing you mean in the past 2 hours. Jeez I was coming here to post the video but never mind then, probably shouldn'tve even uploaded in that case >_> I'm sure as hell not touching that level for some time so have fun I won't contest.

Still drilling for consistency on later worlds, so yeah there's that. May attempt a few later. Pray for sub 1:50.

EDIT: Interesting timing method ok o.o Was popping back in to say I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty convinced that doing proper DK strokes in the water is actually faster movement than the spamming movement with any of the partner Kongs. So Diddy > DK > Partner Swim I believe. Hard to confirm but I'll look into it more. Something about the constant drill just seem slow compared to the acceleration you get from DK's individual movements.
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Whenever you feel comfortable, we need to start racing.

To note, I started timing from selecting 1-1 now, since the opening load screen can range up to 8 seconds just loading the world map. The other load screens can range here and there, but if we are going to manually remove the load times in the future anyways, It seems silly to include that.

New WR with that timing is 1:40:36 w/ 2 Deaths. Tons of other slop besides the 2 deaths though. Here are the World splits:

World 1: 10:54.3
World 2: 28:03.9
World 3: 43:20.6
World 4: 57:27.5
World 5: 1:16:58.5
World 6: 1:40:36.0
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jnWake: 2014-03-17 10:48:47 pm
I've noticed people spam the roll+jump combination a lot when swimming, but some other people don't. Is there any proof as to how much faster it is? Or, how do you make it be faster than just rolling. I tend to let the "spin" almost finish and then hit A to restart it.

Also, watching the 3-6 run ( ) makes me wonder. Why is Cranky so fast in this level? You're not skipping any part of the level with him. For reference, I used Dixie and I have like 2 seconds more in my best run, but no major mistakes...

EDIT: Also, for 4-5, the big difference between my run and yours is that I don't take damage. I don't even land that crazy frame perfect barrel shot so I think sub-1:00 is possible in that level.
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kirbymastah: 2014-03-18 12:03:46 pm
From what i understand, cranky is just the fastest overall Kong mainly because his pogo-ability maintains your horizontal rolling speed. Dixie's float doesn't, generally. And in the 3-6 IL I watched, there isn't any spot there dixie's float would help; it would probably slow you down.
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jnWake: 2014-03-18 08:59:44 pm
jnWake: 2014-03-18 08:55:52 pm
What I meant is that you never use Dixie's float. You just roll. Do you lose speed when landing or something?

EDIT: I found new strats for 2-2 and 4-5 today. I managed to save like 0.4 in 4-5 with a timing trick for the barrel shot. In 2-2 I got 0.12 more than the WR by using Rambi in the second section to avoid waiting for the enemies to jump. I had some small mistakes so with a bit of polishing that strat could beat the current WR. I wish I could upload my records to show what I mean u.u
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CrypticJacknife: 2014-03-19 10:39:26 pm
CrypticJacknife: 2014-03-19 10:27:04 pm
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Couple more ^^

4-3 Amiss Abyss - 1:37.70 - Diddy

5-3 Fruity Factory - 1:36.74 - Dixie

Through world practice I think I may have found a new dink in the route. So currently we are grabbing the potions in W3 for Fugu. What I suggest is buy one less, use that for a Dixie barrel, and use it on 4-1. The amount of time you lose needing to grab Dixie from barrel rotation vs. flying through to the exit is pretty staggering. 2 potions should honestly be enough for Fugu, will at least allow 2 cycles of guaranteed damage, maybe pray a little to stay at full health in the last cycle. Of course, this will all rely on keeping Cranky through the start of 4-1 from the W3 boss.
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Where are the Secret Exits used in a speedrun?
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Says in the first post Jello. As it stands we take 3-5 secret exit to 3-B, 4-1 to 4-A, 4-A to 4-B and 5-4 to 5-B.

Spike let's talk about item purchases.
So at this point is it safe to say we can get 90 coins reliably before Bright Savannah Funky? In the few attempts that have made it that far, I only got 90 on one of them, but maybe I just need to look closer.

Presuming we do have 90 to spare, our list is the three potions (as I said, one could reliably be skipped at this point), and enough for 3 barrels (if 3 potions) afterward. Now what exactly are we using these barrels for? Are they of necessity or backup?

As I see it, we have 4-1 with a stored Dixie. From there I would presume we use a Diddy in 4-6 to expedite the opening section with Cranky. So presuming we don't need any in W3 (as shown carrying Dixie from 3-1 through 3-5 to Cranky), the most likely suspect required drop would be Dixie in 5-4. Am I following right here? All going off presumption because nothing about the visit is actually marked in the first post -.- Get on that. What it comes down to is can we drop a potion to facilitate a speed-up in the later game? Nothing off the top of my head but then again I'm yet to run W6 properly.

Let me know, not good to have a sketchy purchase plan if we could super optimise it Cheesy
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Currently I buy:

3 Potions (3 For Fugu)

1 Dixie Barrel(5-4)

2 Diddy Barrels (4-1, 4-6)

Right now I'm using all 3 potions on Fugu, and if the 3rd one isn't used in the fight, then it's a safety on 6-2, since you lose a decent chunk of time by taking an early hit, and that level is really easy to take an early hit on.

Using the Dixie barrel on 5-4 allows us to switch to Diddy at the start, swim through the underwater section faster, then lose him before the warp to obtain Dixie. Alternatively, if someone wants to time the difference, you can just keep Diddy and take the regular exit going through 5-5, which is about 19 seconds slower then 5-B it seems. Not sure how close it is when you factor in buying the Dixie Barrel, equipping it, and actually swimming down and using the secret exit, since it's not until the end of 5-4.

The 2 Diddy Barrels in World 4 definitely save decent time and almost make up for the 29 second shop trip by themselves.

I haven't put too much thought into other Buddy Barrels saving time on other levels. You CAN save like 2 seconds I think on 4-B by getting an extra Diddy Barrel and losing Cranky to the penguins on the first screen. Other potential time savers off the top of my head:

4-Boss, Cranky Barrel. Would save waiting for the barrel cycle, you'd have to give up the 3rd potion, and lose Diddy at the end spikes on 4-6
5-Boss, Cranky Barrel. Again, would save waiting for the barrel cycle, you'd have to make sure you lost Dixie at the end of 5-6, which I always do anyways due to damage boosts/ice physics.
6-5, Dixie Barrel. Might allow you to damage boost you through certain sections. To note, unless you aren't using the opening damage boost, a Banana Juice wouldn't really be effective here.
6-7, Maybe a Banana Juice here, although the best I see is breaking even if you damage boost through the 4 laser section.
6-8, Cranky Barrel. Would save waiting for the barrel cycle.

So yeah, I'm getting the 3rd Banana Juice for safety on 4-Boss/6-2 more then anything else right now, since there isn't really a good candidate for a better time saver. Unless I'm missing something, then the best time saver is still 4-B, which again, saves about 2 seconds.
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Quote from CrypticJacknife:
Says in the first post Jello. As it stands we take 3-5 secret exit to 3-B, 4-1 to 4-A, 4-A to 4-B and 5-4 to 5-B.

I meant what parts of the level where they are
Ho boy I just got all 63 shiny golds with a RECORD-SMASHING TIME OF...

653 hours, starting at 4pm AEDT 22nd Feb and ending at 9pm AEDT 21st March.

World 1

World 2

World 3

World 4

World 5

World 6

World 7

As far as I know there's nothing that happens when you get all of them, so that's a whooooooooole bunch of time wasted just so I can get carpal tunnel quicker.

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Hybran: Woop nice work man ^^ Ain't wasted time if you come out better at the game in the end.

Jello: Youtube.

Spike: Hard to say really, interesting thoughts. I will investigate a little closer as I close out world practice. As you can tell, I've been going ham on W5 recently.

Speaking of which

5-4 Panicky Paddles - 1:32.61 - Diddy
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Hybran: 2014-03-22 02:53:52 am
I'm still bad; I just used up all of my luck getting good runs.

Impressive 5-4, by the way. One of my most hated levels to play normally, absolute nightmare to do well.
Managed to get sub 1:28 in 2-2! I hope nobody tries to copy my strategy and beat my time too soon because it was so painful to get a good run there haha.
Quote from jnWake:
Managed to get sub 1:28 in 2-2! I hope nobody tries to copy my strategy and beat my time too soon because it was so painful to get a good run there haha.

Really? I'd consider having a strategy you found used by other runners to be quite an honor (it's not like it makes you lose your shiny gold or something). I think the setup for bounces in the second part of the current Canopy Chaos runs is mine, and I'm happy to have contributed that much. Every second counts!