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inb4 wrongwarp to fredrik from pompy

Seriously, though it may be hard to replicate, somebody needs to test this on other bosses. It may wield more interesting results.
Also, i just found something out. Dropping Cranky Player 2 before 1-1 automatically starts you with Cranky on your back. This is faster than joining with Cranky at the beginning of 1-1 and dropping him later before 1-2. Just to point that out.
We've kind of figured that that's getting into the realm of manipulating the file before the timer. Timing would normally start before the intro cutscene, but it's skipped so we don't have to wait for that and the cloud loading screen. Literally no buttons are pressed when you start a file to when you begin the level. Therefore, any manipulation on the map screen must be done with the timer going. And its REALLY awkward to start the timer and then drop Cranky before 1-1 Tongue
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@PotatoGrenades Dropping Cranky before 1-1 is faster but that would be very non-legit since we start the timer on level select, so you'd save an extra 5 seconds just because. The reason we drop him at 1-2 is because we're starting the file in multiplayer so we go into the first level multiplayer. Spike's brought this up before with being able to start with Cranky on your race file, but that's all abusing where we chose to start the timer which isn't legit.

What we could do is as soon as we start the timer we drop Cranky then go into 1-1, but that's really ugly and screws with where we start the timer. So that's why we don't drop him right away. In fact the only reason we're allowed to add Cranky before starting the timer is because you can load a file in multiplayer, so abusing it even further just seems wrong Tongue Sorry for the rant, this controversial "legit" stuff can be really dumb

One last thing, add/drop can be used during practice to get certain kongs without buying barrels, you can also keep player 2 while practicing in order to keep the kong when you die (good for levels without barrels or with certain barrels like diddy of shames)
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Spike is talking about the whole start-with-Cranky thing again on stream.  I can't get into the chat while I'm at work, so I'll elaborate on my opinion here.

Again, I'll state right from the get-go that I DO NOT CARE that this gets used.  The time save is too small to make a big deal over it.  Get ready for a heavy dose of opinion.

One of the things I like most about this game is that everything in the run (at the moment) is done "as-intended."  And yes, that's a terrible argument for not using a faster strat.  Let me explain.  DKCTF any% is a matter of pure execution, not dumb positioning to clip through a wall or memory manipulation to skip half the game.  When I first started watching speedruns, this is the thing that bothered me most: once you start doing that stuff you're no longer playing the game whose title is written on the cartridge.  You're playing something else.  Not to discredit the difficulty of some of the tricks done in glitchy games, but to someone on the outside looking in, it looks like cheating, cheapens the experience as a viewer, and denigrates speedrunning in general.  People want to watch Ocarina of Time, not Ocarina of Glitch.  I really wish any% glitchless was the face of speedrunning and any% glitched took the back seat instead of the other way around.

Anyway, back to the point.  Starting with Cranky seems to me like a technicality of the game.  Yes, it allows you to do it.  But for the unitiated it looks janky.  It looks like you're cheating.  It looks unlegit.  That's why I don't do it.  You guys go ahead and do it if you want.  4 seconds is not worth having to answer the question "Why are you starting in multiplayer?" after every reset.
Okay, i get it now. Don't drop Cranky before 1-1. Got it. No need to get extremely angry about it, i was just making a suggestion...
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All right listen up, y'all.

I've timed the loads for both mine and Goldfish's PBs using an automatic timer that is very accurate.  Goldfish's total loading time was 18:56.21 and mine was 19:01.44.

The loading times were always within 1-2 seconds of each other per world, except for world 1: Goldfish's world 1 loaded 5 seconds faster than mine did in total, creating the discrepancy in total run load time.

I did a little thinking and came to the conclusion that 1-2 must be preloading during the add/drop menuing and sure enough, my load in for 1-2 is 14.86 seconds while Goldfish's is 10.80 seconds.  The other second comes from the load on 1-1.  He got an 11, I got a 12.

What this means is that the 4 seconds that using Cranky saves in RTA is negated by removing loads.  If it ever comes to removing load times (which - granted - it may not now), it will make absolutely no difference whether you start with Cranky or do it vanilla.  Yes, I understand that using Cranky is more fun and you know I'm all about the Cranky.  But it saves no time in gameplay and obfuscates the legit-ness of the run.
I'm sure somebody has figured this out by now, but I've just made an account to say that it is possible to complete Deep Keep in one go on 100%. You need at least 2-3 Banana Potions though. Use Diddy until the last DK barrel, where you switch to Dixie. Once you get G, just backtrack and abuse the potions.

The only problem is that it does seem to take a long time. Somebody would have to test it out to see whether or not it's worth using this strategy.
This game's run in AGDQ was awesome! It made me glad to see my 2-2 strat used :3
Hi Donkey Kong speedrunners!

I found that video on Youtube -

This glitch can give some crazy glitches and skips in a 2P coop speedrun.
I would love to test it but I don't know how to do it , I did some testing buuut didn't got it.
Thanks Mils! I have also been playing around and cannot seem to get the glitch. I really wish someone who found it would say even a LITTLE bit about how it happened.
Good to see people are trying to find it!

For now I have no idea how to trigger it , all of my attempts ended with nothing.
I will try later again , if only the people who did that video was more precise! Because "Jumping in the water on the first level of the game with Dixie Kong" doesn't glitch at all! Tongue
Was there ever any explicit research as to how (dis)advantaged a digital copy runner (especially if on SSD probably) is compared to one using the disk?
Hey guys, I've decided to run this game! Currently I am practicing by doing IL runs for the levels that are part of the any % route (current goal is to make top 100 in each level before proceeding).
that being said I have one question for you all that has been bugging me since I started. In all of the runs I have seen, when grabbing a barrel, everyone manages to break the barrel almost instantly rather than throwing them. I have managed to pull this off only a couple times so far, do any of you have  a preferred method for breaking the barrels instantly? I'm having a really hard time doing this consistently.
Hey Phant! There are a couple of methods to breaking a barrel without losing speed.

The easiest way for most people to do it is grabbing the barrel from the air. If you have a barrel in your hands and you start rolling, it immediately breaks with you doing an infinite roll.

Another method is to roll jump and grab a barrel on your way up into the air. From there you can throw it and break it before you land back on the ground. (Also the method for 4-5 Swag Bomb Nab from the Tuck)

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NotSoNewby (in association with the Dong Closet) Presents:

The Document:

"Speed Run Notes and Detailed Route Guide" so basically a bunch of tutorials and notes on how to speedrun this game Tongue It'll keep getting updated until the whole route is done.

Again Newby's the one who made the file not me, just posting it so people can find it here. Smiley
I found how to airswim guys!

I explained everything in the video's description Grin
But the problem is , like I explained I can't do the "second method" of the glitch constantly , this would give the possibility to airswim on every levels with water ...
If you wanna try this glitch , it can be easily done on 4-1 !
Nice airswimming.  Can you do it on 4-B?  That's the only place where I could see it saving time.  Maybe 4-6 as well.
I can already tell it's working on 4-6 , since there is a similar place than 4-1 on it.
About 4-B , if I can constantly get the airswim glitch without ground it should work , but the camera is not helping on that level!
One other one: 3-5.  Can you skip the barrel section by doing this right away?  Can you enter the portal without being in the rocket barrel?
On 3-5 the platform is a bit too high , I can't get it to work for now.

If I can get the same airswim method than on this video , it's possible to airswim everywhere , but I can't get it constantly Lips Sealed
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Just knowing that it's possible makes 4-B look good.  If you can skip to the final room you would save like a minute and a half in any%.  Exciting.

I'm not sure how 4-B is laid out though. I doubt each of the rooms are laid out the way you might think they are.  They're broken up by banana screens, so the physical rooms could be just about anywhere in space.
Yes it's definitely possible , I already got the airswim on 1-1 but didn't recorded it , just posted a Miiverse picture.

The camera doesn't follow you , it will be tricky to get the skip on 4-B to work.

I wanted to explain how to do the glitch in the comments , but the message got deleted haha!
I got airswimming in 4-B, but I accidentally went too high with Dixie and she warped back to Donkey.  I haven't been able to get it again, but it's confirmed possible.
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It wasn't easy but I finally got the airswim on 3-5.

Doesn't seems faster to me , but I might be wrong ... Still cool anyways!
About the portal , I forgot about it when I got the glitch , but it should work.
I will stop to post my airswim videos from now , I will let you having fun with it Smiley *Unless I found something really useful*

About 4-B , you have to wait Donkey Kong to die , since there is no enemy even if we get the skip to work it will not save much time Undecided