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sda loyalist
Haha! You're beating my Trainee times on Hotshot! :-[
stx-Vile, I demand that you stop being kickass at once sir.  Tongue
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Need more .avis ;_;
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stx-Vile: 2005-08-08 11:22:11 pm
The man made of sticks
I was going to stop making avis since the host was going to go down, but oh well, might as well ride it out.  I updated that post with links to avis... the video quality is slightly lower, since I got a note from Radix about the video quality of the SS vids being a little high for Normal quality, so I took it down a bit here.  This is in case they end up getting hosted.  To make up for it, though, I increased the audio quality a little.

EDIT: I can't figure out why the fraps timer is being displayed in the avis, but it's not covering anything important... annoying, still, since it shouldn't happen.

The stuff is a good start, I think, but there's plenty of things to smooth out yet.  I need more experience anticipating the robot dodging, setting up for chording opportunities, and not bumping into the damn walls.  Every scratch on the ship from a wall collision makes me cringe (see lv02 vid).
stx-Vile, you're still kicking ass, I thought I told you to stop =P
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stx-Vile: 2005-08-14 10:47:30 pm
The man made of sticks
03 / Lunar Military Base - 1:17 - AVI

04 / Venus Atmospheric Lab - 1:37 - AVI

05 / Venus Nickel-Iron Mine - 1:37 - AVI
sda loyalist
Nope, this project ain't dead! Vile is just being polite by editing his own post instead of doubling. Smiley All of his DEMs/AVIs are mirrored on my site of course.

I haven't made any Descent stuff lately (except for finishing off my demo gluer) because I've been working on some (lots of) new Quake coop demos with Kimmo. I'll try and do something about my times that Drew has steamrollered; let me say I'm very impressed at in particular his Venus Nickel-Iron Mine time. Bravo!
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Wow, very cool. I didn't realize new .avis are out... hope they keep coming. Cheesy
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stx-Vile: 2005-08-17 08:19:50 am
The man made of sticks
06 / Mercury Solar Lab - 1:30 - AVI

I can tell that I'll be attempting to conserve my health specifically so I can try to quickly push through rooms with those blasted vulcan bots.  Otherwise, more cloaks and invulnerabilities will be getting thrown into the mix.  The red key room in this level contained 6 vulcan bots... heh...
I really enjoyed that demo, stx-Vile. The invisibility part was awesome, keep up the awesome work!
sda loyalist
I'm just in the process of updating my site to have Drew's 6H demo, but... I also improved two of my runs! One finally beats Drew's time, that's Lunar Scilab, I'm all of two seconds faster. The other is Lunar Military Base; I'm still slower than him, but now less so. Smiley

Of course, I haven't made AVIs of mine.
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stx-Vile: 2005-08-18 11:31:40 pm
The man made of sticks
It's irritating to say so, but don't expect many more of my contributions in the near future, as the game is constantly crashing in areas I can't avoid on lv07.  I'm beyond annoyed, as progress was going fairly smoothly up until now, save for a few things we needed to adjust to when it came to recording for this game, but this bullshit is too much.

I thought the few crashes I did have before would be an isolated case, but it seems I'm not that lucky.
Who needs sleep?
And you can't skip level 7? Or does the idea that you have to skip it irritate you enough to drop the run completely?
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stx-Vile: 2005-08-19 12:49:13 am
The man made of sticks
I skipped to the last level and got the same thing before I even got to the boss room.  What I'm tired of is a simple fun project turning into a complete mess because of all of this different shit happening.

It seems that this is happening because of the file size limit, as it happens in the same area everytime... however, the size topped out at 10,000k, which is lower than it used to be before it would crash.  Just stupid.

My only alternative is recording directly to Fraps, unless I can fix it somehow.

EDIT: Okay, I found that capping the framerate (originally used 80) actually reduces the size of the demo file, which will allow me to stay under whatever limit the level decided for itself and let me finish a complete run of the level.  I'll have to experiment to see how many fps the game will allow me to have, but at least for now, I can continue forward.

Anyway, forgive me losing my cool there.  I had problems with the Serious Sam runs where I almost had to avoid taking the fastest routes because of massive, inexplicable FPS loss, and then this stuff came up.  Funtastic and stuff.
sda loyalist
If nothing else, I'll try and fill any gaps in the Hotshot tables myself, my client seems slightly more stable than Drew's. Still thinking about that piecemeal project. Smiley
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stx-Vile: 2005-08-21 12:45:22 am
The man made of sticks
07 / Mercury Core - 2:43 - AVI

There... no more complaining from me... for a while.  I'll constantly be hoping that no levels are too long, now. Smiley

One note about the demo... in the D1X client during demo playback, the effect of the boss slipping in and out of cloaking mode doesn't show up, unfortunately, so you won't see him begin to disappear before he teleports to a new location.  That's why the warps might appear to be more erratic than most people would remember.  This did not happen when the lv07 demos by me and Lag were originally recorded.  A bit strange, but at least the level remains playable.

As you can probably tell from the run, dying at the yellow key would be a big shortcut here.  However, I've decided to do all runs of the game without using deaths as shortcuts.  I thought this would be more fun for myself and more entertaining for the viewers.
Great work! I'm immensely enjoying these. Smiley
However, I've decided to do all runs of the game without using deaths as shortcuts.  I thought this would be more fun for myself and more entertaining for the viewers.

thumbs up to that decision!

if I just knew where I left my descent CD.. every run posted here makes me want to play it again..
Who needs sleep?
if I just knew where I left my descent CD.. every run posted here makes me want to play it again..

If you managed to play it without ever opening the box, I think this dude on ebay is
selling your copy. You'd better buy it back from him, quick!
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Nice work. These are fun to watch.
sda loyalist
Drew also did Levels 8 and 9 recently, but he's so shy he didn't tell anyone. Actually, his host is down right now... but of course, they're on my site now! Uploading at this second, uploaded the next.

He also AVIfied my new Level 2 run, which is slightly faster than his Hotshot run. I'll be hard pressed to beat his next few times however, for he seems to be trichording well, and I'm... not. Smiley Enjoy, fans of Descent!
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stx-Vile: 2005-08-26 12:11:58 pm
The man made of sticks
08 / Mars Processing Station - 2:19 - AVI

09 / Mars Military Dig - 1:34 - AVI

10 / Mars Military Base - 2:09 - AVI

That takes care of the Mars missions... lv10 was incorrectly labeled as 2:07 on the site, just fyi.
Who needs sleep?
W00t! Excellent news, and stx-vile.

On a side note, what control schemes do you both use? Are you keyboard-only, or a joystick-keyboard combo?
sda loyalist

I use a keyboard+mouse config, which is almost identical to my Quake one, except with added keys for rolling and moving up/down. Oh, and my middle mouse button is Flare; gotta open those doors in style.
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stx-Vile: 2005-08-26 09:51:21 pm
The man made of sticks
I use keyboard+mouse as well.  D1X offers some nice gameplay features such as rebinding what keys are the weapons, instead of limiting them to the number keys.  There's no way I'm reaching for the 0 key in the middle of a run.  WASD for the same movement as in Doom or Quake, QR are the bank left and right keys, E and SHIFT are slide up (I liked having the freedom to choose, depending on which way I'm chording) and SPACE is slide down.  The primary weapon keys are left as is, while conc and homing missiles are bound to Z and T respectively.  Yeah, it's a little weird, but I was running out of easily reached keys.  I used to have the rear view bound to the middle mouse button, but changed that to Flare since I never used it (I thought I would have time to care about what was going on behind the ship, at one point... meh).

I jack up the sensitivity in windows as far as it will go just for playing this game (it's set in the middle normally), along with ingame, but I don't touch acceleration... I turn fast enough as is, I think.

Oh yeah, and I don't believe this was a feature in the original game, but D1X lets you set weapon priorities, deciding when to switch to a new weapon when you pick it up.  I turn all of these off and just switch to them manually.

I'm considering redoing some of the weapon keys just thinking about this goofy configuration