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d_arnold07: 2017-06-12 11:47:02 pm
d_arnold07: 2010-10-24 05:29:31 am
d_arnold07: 2010-10-24 05:09:28 am
ok, (finally) Segment 12. I had problems uploading the video to youtube again... Ended up having to cut out the a milisecond from the start and end of the video so youtube wouldn't play back the video in 1/2x speed. I suspect the mp4 was broken - i should really work out the problem.... /offtopic
Notes about Segment:
- getting busted after finishing the firecracker toilet errand makes the go-kart dissapear (stupid game)
- ive decided to use first person camera mode during photography 2 after the completion of the segment
- there's this rubber band, around the corner from the guy i took photos for, which i forgot to pick up (cause i forgot it was there) - i think there is a bike race which goes through that part as well maybe

Next segment I've got a full day to do stuff since its christmas and there are no classes. It's been annoying recording it since its a long segment, it requires some luck (errands like to dissappear on me so I have restart) and im doing nutcrackin and ConSumo in the same segment (lame). I might attempt it again tomorrow...
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Planning looking good so far. Can't find anything that would actually save any time in the long run (read: you'd lose the saved time about a minute later waiting for a class to start)

I had no idea the GoKart counted as a bike, laughed hard at that, nice find!
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d_arnold07: 2010-10-28 05:16:11 am
d_arnold07: 2010-10-27 07:00:53 am
Quote from Warepire:
I had no idea the GoKart counted as a bike, laughed hard at that, nice find!

Sorry which segment are you referring to? If you're talking about lola's race race the vale I had to steal Peter's bike to activate it. Edit: if i drive the go-kart into the marker I would activate the race but lose the go-kart....
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Warepire: 2010-10-27 01:57:16 pm
Heavy Metal Powered
That's not Lola's Race but I know which one you talk about.... Any vehicle you enter a race with in the PC version is lost... Even other bikes. I was not questioning that, I just found it funny that the game tells you to get back on your bike, then you enter the GoKart and the game is OK with you using the GoKart as a bike... that was pure genius Tongue

EDIT: That would be segment 10.
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d_arnold07: 2017-06-12 11:47:55 pm
d_arnold07: 2010-10-29 06:39:51 pm
d_arnold07: 2010-10-28 06:19:53 am
d_arnold07: 2010-10-28 05:18:47 am
I get what you mean, thanks! I did mean race the vale not lola's race - i seem to get those 2 mixed up.

Segment 13 Part 1, Part 2. Notes:
- luck manipulating all the errands was very painful
- i wasn't too sure if there were/where the eggs were available at the nerd's savehouse so i collected some anyway {need the eggs to throw at the jocks during the bait (segment 15)}
- it may be possible to capture all 6 of the jocks at the hotel area - getting is good for now
- taking the pictures of the little kids during rudy the red nosed santa actually gets added to the yearbook
- even though saving at the nerds clubhouse (and reloading) makes the go-kart dissapear; I do so because the go-kart will disappear anyway when I do jealous johnny.

Segment 14 Notes:
- the nerd clubhouse is the best spot to take photos of the nerds so I used a save to capture thad and a few others. Should've also captured donald but I thought I didn't have enough time but i did

Segment 15 Notes - I'll add the video once youtube plays it properly
- ill capture cornelius later - he's always hanging around the boy's dorm
- i loled at the glitched cutscene
- wasn't too sure what greasers photos I should luck manipulate here so capturing lola and lefty is good for now
- got back to the dorm with plenty of time to spare....
Quote from d_arnold07:
Segment 13  Notes:
- luck manipulating all the errands was very painful

Having to do Nutcraker every time can't help with that.  Any way to put that mission at the end of a segment rather than the start of one?
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d_arnold07: 2017-06-12 11:48:12 pm
Not possible without wasting time to go to a save point and back. But I think I'll save right after nutcrackin' next time anyway, so I can optimize the segment more.

Couldnt get segment 14 uploaded on youtube without it playing in 1/2x speed. Oh well - i'll leave it as a reference....
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d_arnold07: 2017-06-12 11:48:57 pm
d_arnold07: 2010-11-03 09:13:54 pm
Segment 16 Note:
- capturing 11 photos for the yearbook in ~40s I think is pretty good but i didn't capture any of the rare yearbook photos like casey, yuri, lance, parker, bryce, bo etc

Segment 17 Notes:
- I recorded a 1 in a million glitch during the recording of this segment - don't think Id' be able to replicate it again and I doubt that it could be useful
- anyone have any ideas what else I should do while following Mr. Hattrick's car - I couldn't think of any other collectables to get (since I've already got them) - so what about entertainment ideas?
  - hitting his car slowed him down --> I wasn't suppose to do that
- i was trying to make the eggs errand to appear at the end but I guess it doesn't like me
Could you move the collectables available in #17 to it and save time in earlier segments, or are they also in fixed-time missions?
I was thinking the exact same thing bmn. I might smash the gnome that is next to the wall near the park (instead of getting it during that go-kart race) and destroy the gnome next to the house which I smashed after fast food deliveries (errand). Can't collect any other collectibles because I fail the mission if I drive too far away from the car and I really would like the go-kart near the house for a quick get-away. Also, taking yearbook photos around the school is too risky as well. FYI: driving in the backside of the car does nothing:( Thanks for your input!
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d_arnold07: 2010-11-09 05:48:37 am
I've been meaning to type up some of up written notes that I did ages ago. So here are most of them:

I have attached what missions/errands/collectables give what % and also attached classes cheat sheets.

The following bike races can be done with the go-kart: race the vale, Lola's race, Coventry 2, Town 1 and 2, Vale 2,3,5, and the final school race.
The following can not: Vale 1, Coventry 1, Town 3, Town 4? (may be probable), Vale 4, Vale 6 (may be probable) and vale 7.

Note: most of the following figures were calculated by me (except errand total) so they may be incorrect (im prone to making mistakes)
Total Clothing Prices for the 4 Stores is $2973.20 or School: $164.50, The Final Cut (New Coventry): $820.70, Worn In (Bullworth Town): $752.00, and Acquaberry: $1236.00.
Money Earned from Missions: $1135, Money Earned from Errands: $980, Money Earned from Side-Tasks: $629.
Other Misc Expenses Add up to Roughly $189.50.
If you're good at maths you'll notice that the money earned overall is less than the money you spend - by at least $400!!

When I get around to it, I'll write up what missions unlocks what errands - I need to check a few things. I couldnt find that guide which had that information (if it existed in the first place....) but this guide shows what errands are activated at the start of each chapter.
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d_arnold07: 2017-06-12 11:49:18 pm
Segment 18 Notes:
- more yearbook photos - capturing photos really sucks and this suck is amplified by the fact that pinky only appears quite rarely. It also ended up that I didn't capture Angie /rant
- when I redo the run; hopefully at this stage I would have captured all the bullies at that hotel before in segment 13 (because I'm quite sure it's possible) and I would have hopefully captured donald and cornelius at the nerd's hideout. So this segment would be quite easier than this was. Plus I might have time to capture Trevor as well

So these are the last yearbook photos still left (that I have to take): Tom, Ethan and Troy (Bullies); Casey, Bo, Dan, Juri, Luis + Mandy (Jocks); Ricky (Greaser <-- how did I miss him, hmmm); Trevor, Angie and Zoe.
Yearbook photos unlocked automatically:  Ted, Earnest, Gary, and Johnny.
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d_arnold07: 2010-11-09 09:50:12 pm
d_arnold07: 2010-11-09 05:11:47 pm
d_arnold07: 2010-11-09 06:29:32 am
I updated my post 2 posts up. I found a site that lists what errands are activated at the start of each chapter - I found out that Detective Jimmy is active in chapter 4 etc....

I have done some number crunching and realized that I need to make an additional $400+ (after obtaining all the money from missions/errands/side tasks etc and taking out some expenses) to afford all the clothing. I'll have to run some tests to determine what method of earning extra currency will earn the most per time duration. But I was thinking of doing the school bike race an extra 8-9 times(you earn $50 per win) since it's fun and I can use the go-kart in it.
Other alternatives include:        (Note: * means assuming you can repeat the mission)
- dodge-ball: $15
- lawn mowing 2 (at house): $20 min, $40 max*
- lawn mowing stage 3 (at park): $15 min, $25 max*
- level 7 of vale races: $50 (if you can repeat that as well?)* that's probably out due to not been able to use go-kart in it
- and/or during mowing side-task I could cut the grass to 100% to earn the extra $10-$15 each time (....ahh probably not).
- keep ups/penalty shots max bet: $20
- go-kart races - probably the second one near the carnival because it's the fastest: $25.     
    - For reference the Old Bullworth Vale street race is: $20 and the Blue Skies Industrial Park street race is: $30.
- bet on the two midgets: $100
- do the extra paper route levels (Note: only paper route intro and paper route lvl 1 affects the percentage): lvl 2 = $20, lvl 3 = $28, lvl 4 = $48.

Does anyone have a suggestion on this issue? Also, Ive been busy with exams this week so haven't had time to speedrun:(
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During the photography class where you have to take pictures at the carnival you have time to place a bet (maybe more than one?) on the midgets... at least in the normal edition of the game for PS2... is it an acceptable luck manipulation in the segment that contains that class? If so you can get some of the cash needs taken care of while you're passing by, the max bet is $100 (on the normal edition anyway) so here you will get x*$100 [where x is the number of times you have time to bet]

If you get to the carnival by gokart not stopping for anything I think you shall have time for 3 bets with the midgets... so you get $300 there, then maybe you can spread out the rest of the needed money between suitable bike/gokart races and penalty shots which I believe will be the best way to earn the remaining $ that you will need... if your route looks like what I imagine it to those things will be on the way once or twice so they won't need much of a detour.

Doing lawn mowing so that it becomes profitable will take too long, same for the paper route.
i'll be sure to give that a try, thanks!
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Rethinking a bit I think you will have time for 4 bets, maybe even 5... technically you will only get passed the midgets every 16th attempt (50% * 4) if you have time for 4 bets so you should really end the segment after this class (at least in the real run) or you will face a million restarts before the segment is done... I haven't tested this because I don't have a save on my game where I have the gokart but not completed Photograpy 5 and I don't have time to start a new game right now (sorry Sad ) ... when I calculated this I counted that it takes a 5th of the time frame to get to the Freakshow tent and a 5th to get back to class... taking all the photos should only need a 10th of the frame... this leaves half the assigned time frame to bet on midgets.

I am basing this on my memory, walkthroughs and this video:
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d_arnold07: 2010-11-09 09:46:51 pm
I just found out that if you walk away from the ring after betting you instantly win!!! I read it and I was like 'no way'. Then I tested it and I was like 'OMG.... eassyyyyy money!' So yeh during photography class 5 I'll definitely make 5 $100 bets.
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Wait.... what!? That's amazing! Excellent find Smiley Looking forward to the next set of segments.
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PowerSlave: 2010-11-11 01:30:12 pm
First I have to say that this is an awesome idea, and you actually realizing it is even more awesome.
Although I haven't read thorugh the thread, you could simplify the english lessons and type with keyboard in them, to save some time, since you're playing it on the PC.
Quote from PowerSlave:
you could simplify the english lessons and type with keyboard in them, to save some time, since you're playing it on the PC.

This does not work unless im missing something? You can't just hit the letter 's' to input the s letter since a) its bound to the back button and b) even if it wasn't bound it still wouldn't work.
It may be bound, but back when I played this it worked as far as I remember.
well testing on my end says that it doesnt work....but thanks for the suggestion anyway
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On the regular PS2 you can just leave an English class once you have enough words correct to pass it, no need to get 100%... if it's the same on PC perhaps this can speed the English classes up a bit unless you need to get 100% for some bonus item or something?
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d_arnold07: 2010-11-12 04:38:39 pm
haha yes that does work - seems like i havent done my testing properly. I'll test the other classes when I get around to doing them. Thanks for the tip.
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d_arnold07: 2017-06-12 11:49:50 pm
Segment 19 Part 1, Part 2 Notes:
- I find it 'unfair' that the time doesn't stop during wrong part of time - so I do it during the midday period and get to class late.
- i was half asleep while recording, hence the crashing/mistakes (excuses, excuses...)
- during dodgeball once the opposition got the ball I just gave up - it wastes time while they throw back and forth between themselves....
- i need to practice greasers challenge a bit more to see if i can dodge the grapples etc
- i guess ill be doing monkey fling later...
- self reminder: in biology 2 with the first incision cut from bottom to top. Also you can't leave the class early and pass it

I haven't mentioned this before but after finishing a bike race with the go-kart the game glitches and flips the go-kart away - this is not my doing.