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Just a guy

NEW MANAGEMENT: Everything will now be expressed on a nice colour-coded spreadsheet.
Just post in this thread and I will update the spreadsheet.

NEW DEADLINE: FIGURE THINGS OUT BY THE 30TH. REGISTRATION AT THE CROWNE ENDS THEN. If you haven't by then, it is incredibly unlikely your AGDQ trip will go as well as you want. It's comin up folks, so get pairin!

To reserve a room at the Crown Plaza, click on the link in the hidden section.

This thread is made so that you can fill up your rooms, confirm that you are in a room with people or if you are looking for roommates.
Please be sure to contact eachother by private message before telling me if you are in a room together, I don't want any cat fight on this thread. Peace and love and stuff.

What you will need to tell me in the thread:

Room Size [This can be 2,3 or 4 MAX.]
Your name, or whoever is reserving the room

DATES YOU WILL BE STAYING: [we arrive at the hotel on the 4th of January for the setup, the marathon starts on the 5th, finishes on the 11th, and then there's the bonus stream until the 14th and we leave completely on the 15th, so a write dates between those]

If I write 4th to 12th, it means you leave on the 12th. CHECK OUT IS AT NOON. You're of course welcome to stay after checkout for whatever, but you CANNOT go back to your room.

Your best bet is to communicate with each other before talking with me.

Thank you!

For Example:

4 people room
James Derp [Herp1]
James Herp [Herp2]
DATES YOU WILL BE STAYING: From the 4th to the 12th (the last date means you won't be sleeping on that date. so if you say 12th, your last night will be from the 11th to the 12th. you LEAVE the 12th)


Hi, I'm Bobby Bob [Derpderp87] and I am looking for a room of 4 people from the 7th to 11th.



Once you're rooms complete, please just make sure everything is sorted out amongst yourselves. At this point, it's in your hands to have someone reserve the room, make arrangements, whatever.


Any questions comments anything? Post here, PM me, or email me at doctorjustin88@gmail.com (I'll see PMs and emails almost instantaneously)
Thread title:  
For Fun! For GLORY!!
Anyone got a room for a Lucario such as myself? I need board for the entire marathon AND bonus stream (so 5th through  14th). I don't even need bed space, just give me a corner for my bags and tote and I'll be set. :3
Just a guy
-Definitely looking for a total of 4 people.
-Probably reserving it myself (under Justin if I must provide rl name)
-Roomates? Snow? Otherwise none so far? I might be bringing a friend. That's still up in the air.
-Staying the 5th to the 11th definitely. Can negotiate staying a day later or arriving a day early (depends on classes)

P.S. Don't smell pls.

I'd love to accommodate you Radman, but I won't be staying that long :/
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Radman: 2013-09-27 08:55:11 pm
For Fun! For GLORY!!
Awww. Well someone else has gotta be planning to stay the whole time. :3
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SnowPlays: 2013-09-27 09:35:36 pm
DrCool, we're gonna be 5 actually Tongue It'll cost less and I told two other people we would room together! (So you, me, Windex, and the two others)
And we have to see if we are staying the whole thing or not.

And to be honest, we won't be sleeping on the same times, and I don't mind the floor
Edit history:
DrCoolGuy: 2013-09-27 09:45:45 pm
Just a guy
Thats probably fair. Just gunna let you know I may back out if my friend ends up coming down with me. But that shouldn't be too big of a deal.

Also are you guys staying at all for bonus? Because as of right now I really can't.
For Fun! For GLORY!!
Oh, and for the record, put my real name as Adam Wick. Tongue
Crawlathon WR, get down on my level.
Hi, I've reserved a room already, and I am looking for /one/ roommate. I will be staying the whole time (4-15th). So yes, just me and one other person in this room.
Edit history:
Rudlak84: 2013-11-03 01:48:31 pm
edit: As it says in the first post, i'm in HonorableJays Room, so i'm fine and good to go Cheesy
For the room containning me, we can't make a room of 5. We gotta figure something out.
Just a guy
Quote from SnowPlays:
For the room containning me, we can't make a room of 5. We gotta figure something out.

Why can't we have a room of 5? Either way, you're all welcome to sort that out. As long as I'm always sleeping in a bed, it's up to you guys what you do. Not trying to be a jerk or anything, but above all else, this is going to be a nice vacation for me ha
Read the thread, I've updated it, it's against Fire Marshall Law. Meaning, 4 max in a room, one has to go. Problem is, There is you(Dr), [Snow and Windex] and [Ikkeserv and Manuel]. So one of the groups has to go... Or one of the two...
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Laplacier: 2013-09-28 10:04:06 am
StarSong Hype
-I am looking for a 4 person room

-I will be reserving the room. I can get into the semantics of real names in private.

-So far myself and Controllerhead will be rooming together. We are in need of two other roomates to fill up the room and reduce the cost. Please shower daily and wear deodorant.

-We will be staying from the 4th to the 12th. While I do not mind if you come along and only stay for part of this event please be aware you will need to pay for the entire duration of the reservation regardless if this is the case.

*We are now filled
@Laplacier It has been added to the list. Considering switching to your room, leaving 1 spot open in my own. Going to do that now if you don't mind! Smiley
Edit history:
Laplacier: 2013-09-28 12:14:34 am
StarSong Hype
Quote from SnowPlays:
@Laplacier It has been added to the list. Considering switching to your room, leaving 1 spot open in my own. Going to do that now if you don't mind! Smiley

If you would like to room with us I don't have any qualms with that.

Edit: I don't think Controllerhead will mind either but I'll confirm with him tomorrow.
Good with me. (we are clean by the way :P),  changes have been made to the main post. Laplacier room is now completed, DrCoolGuy's room has now one spot open.(sorry mate :\)

@DrCoolGuy, get in touch with Rudlak84 to get some dates and everything settled. I could forward the message he sent me
Only Offense Will Survive
- Definitely looking for a total of 4 people
- Staying from the 5th to the 11th

Lets go.

just to mention it in here. I will travel with Rudlak and stay from 4th to 12th.

Realname Peter, if room"owner" needs full name. Just PM me.
Crawlathon WR, get down on my level.
My room is now filled with Vulajin.
For Fun! For GLORY!!
I would've taken it Matty, but I want a full a room as possible. More people means cheaper per person. Tongue
Edit history:
DrCoolGuy: 2013-09-28 08:25:37 am
Just a guy
Quote from SnowPlays:
Good with me. (we are clean by the way :P),  changes have been made to the main post. Laplacier room is now completed, DrCoolGuy's room has now one spot open.(sorry mate :\)

@DrCoolGuy, get in touch with Rudlak84 to get some dates and everything settled. I could forward the message he sent me

No worries. And please do forward me that/just PM me whenever Rudlak and Ikkeserv

Also, for now, let's assume my room is full. I'll let you know if/when that changes.
Alright, I added a list of people looking for rooms, what type of room they are looking for and what dates they are staying on. PM these people to fill up your rooms.

As of now, all the rooms made are completed.
Are there enough letters here to tel
I am a dirty, miserable, lying, cheating, stealing, manipulative, unhygenic crack addict whom performs deviant sexual acts for money and/or drugs.

Looking forward to rooming with you Smiley
AWWWW YEAH. I love the way you think controllerhead. I have no slept for 110 days, too busy with sex, drugs and alcohol. We'll get along just great. ^^
For Fun! For GLORY!!
Uh, the 5th, not 4th.