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captain lust: 2012-01-04 01:13:37 pm
Hi all, I set up a Trine speedrunning leaderboard thread on another forum but I guess there'd be more interest here.

How to enter:
Since there's no built in timer in the game, you'll need to use some kind of recording software. Best practice is to record and edit at 29.97 fps.
  • Play with any settings, use any perk unlocks and any glitches you like. No "official" cheats though (I think there are some in the first game...).
  • Record the whole level, ideally from before you start until after you finish, at 29.97 fps.
  • The time set is normally the time from when you first move your character (it helps to wait a few seconds before moving, so that this moment is distinct) to when the character icons fade to nothing (there are exceptions, listed below).
  • The easiest way to measure this is to import your clip into Sony Vegas and split it at each point (where your character starts moving and where the icons fade), then go to Video FX and add "Time & Frames" to the run clip (now separate from the ends). Then navigate to the last frame (be precise by zooming in) of the clip and you'll see the time in the format "hours:minutes:seconds.frames". Multiply the "frames" value by 3.33 then round to get your 100ths of a second value.
    • You can also do this in Windows/Live Movie Maker. Just zoom in the clip as much as possible, then split it at the same points. The time format is "minutes:seconds.centiseconds" so it's just a simple subtraction to get your final time. It has a "publish to youtube" feature too... haven't tested it though.
  • Render and upload the video, along with the time you've calculated then post here with the level name, a link to the video and the time you've set. The top 3 will be displayed here (1 per person).

Alternate Speedrun endpoints:
  • Searock Castle - The endpoint is when the boss goblin's icon disappears.


    1captain lust02:25.23

    2captain lust02:47.87

    2captain lust02:07.47

    2captain lust02:56.73

    2captain lust03:18.01

    1captain lust03:29.17

    1captain lust02:54.60

    1captain lust01:54.97

    1captain lust01:11.23

    2captain lust06:04.33
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    A Crab
    29.97? Why? Computer monitors usually have refresh rates of 60.0. I think 30.0 or 60.0 would make more sense.
    Quote from RandomEngy:
    29.97? Why? Computer monitors usually have refresh rates of 60.0. I think 30.0 or 60.0 would make more sense.

    It's just what video suites seem most comfortable with. Having it synced with the refresh rate isn't really important anyway, it's more crucial for the capture/editing software to be in harmony for an accurate time.
    Welcome to the Future !
    Hi there !

    Nice effort I must say. I'm currently working on the run too (see the original Trine 2 thread :
    There are much i can say about your runs :
    - Use charge everytime/everywhere, as soon as the skill is up.
    - Use grapplin' hook as much as possible (depending of the situation, it can even go faster than charge) One more tip : you can catch off-screen platforms.
    - Explosive arrows are way faster than hammer throwing (and by the way it's handier too).
    - Self levitation can save a LOT of time.
    - Aim for a non coventionnal way to resolve enigmas Wink

    I didn't record any of my runs for now, however i think my single-segment run beats your IL run.

    The only runs i recorded with few tries are :
    Hushing grove : 2 min 23 sec
    Folorn wilderness : 2 min 35 sec
    Searock castle : 4 min 51 sec

    Ask me and i'll upload it.

    I'm glad to see i'm not alone running trine 2, and it would be a cool thing to search routes and tricks together.
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    captain lust: 2012-01-16 03:59:05 pm
    Nice times...

    I was planning to eventually do a single-segment but wanted to get the individual levels sorted first. Exploding arrows I definitely need... I know there's time to be saved there. I wonder about self levitation though... I haven't found many places where I think it would be useful. I'd like to see any recordings you've made :).

    Definitely up for talking some searching some routes etc. just add me on steam "captain_of_lust"

    I'm quite active in the Mount&Blade community so that takes up a lot of time but Trine is an awesome game and I'm having heaps of fun with it. Plus I'm 100% new to speedrunning so I know I've got a ways to go...
    Welcome to the Future !
    I added you on steam. However i'm french and if you are american we will have to find the timing to play together. (I do not mean a 2 player run, but just trying to fing routes and experiment...)

    As regard self levitation :
    - you can use it in searock castle (saves 15 sec) and icewarden keep (saves easily 20-25 secs)
    I'll show you online if possible... uploadings are boring Wink
    Gets the cake.
    I'm not sure how time zones would work out, but I've been playing this game as well (absolutely love it) and would be interested in a 3 player coop run. If not that, then some coop route finding would be swell. I'll add you guys when the steam community is back online.
    Hey guys, I tried to speedrun this game about one month ago and I did the first 5-6 chapters, only to find out that I didn't have time to finish it. I've found glitches and strategies which will certainly help you out. I've found a way to glitch under the map and to pass through most of the doors. If you are still working on it, answer me back on this thread and I'll upload everything  I have, I'll check back in a few days.
    I want to watch a good run Wink
    Welcome to the Future !
    it's been a long time...
    However i'm still working on the run. I just found an interresting glitch in eldricht passage, check this out :  (there is also a shortcut that saves around 30 seconds)

    I'm just asking you : can someone help me to find how it really works ?
    The tentacle must have a special animation if you want the glitch to work, and i dont find how to make this animation happen every time.
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    Aphox: 2012-03-15 03:27:43 pm
    Aphox: 2012-03-15 03:25:41 pm
    Also know as L0rdy
    Hiho, I just recently started playing this game, can only play the first 6 levels so far and I only slowly move forward since I dont have much time at hand right now : P

    This is the way I found to use your method, I conjured a box there so I could get easier back on the platform with the tentacle.
    What seems to work for me is make him push me down twice then predict that he will make the bugged move because I was too fast dash and jump at a certain time:

    Dunno worked a few times in a row for me so might be consistent if you really have it down.

    P.S. What times do you get nowadays Serial_gamer? Would like to know how I am doing compared to you : D
    Welcome to the Future !
    Hum i was not the only one to notice that bug ? Wink

    I don't really have times to give to you, since every test run i do is a single segment (and not recorded, since my computer is too crappy) When i check my watch, a run is around 40 minutes long : this time includes loading times and cutscenes. The actual time might be around 35 minutes...

    By the way, i didnt share the shorcuts i found since i was thinking i was the only one running trine 2. lets share everything, nevermind who makes the run at the end. In fact, i can't record it for now because of my computer. I can record, but the game is so laggy that i just can't perform accurate moves.
    Also know as L0rdy
    Dunno, did you try low resolution etc?
    I mostly started to run that game for fun maybe racing later etc. Found a few things that are cool, dunno if everything is the fastest way and I am far away from playing perfect. However I recorded a few individual levels just to compare my times to the one shown in the thread.
    Btw did you find the glitch which would glitch you through the floor that Xevro mentioned? And if yes where would it be useful, I guess glitching through doors would be kinda helpful.
    Welcome to the Future !
    Hi again,

    Wow i didn't even read Xevro's post !! This is kinda interresting ! Need !! Neeeed !! Xevro come back !!
    As regards the run itself, i'm testing routes, since this is not always easy to see which is the fastest between grapplin hook and dash (since i didnt find anything to cancel the dash's cooldown)

    In fact low resolution makes the game run... smoother. But i dont want to try thounsands of times because the hardest moves are at the end of the game (searock castle, edrich passage, and icewarden keep) : I can record the beginning of the run, but the end is so tricky that i can't do it without a better PC.
    Also know as L0rdy
    I see, well it would atleast be interesting to see with what kind of routes you came up.

    I can give you one of mine, it can still be several seconds faster, found a few small improvements since I recorded this. Sorry for the gray layer at the start of the video, somehow thats how xsplit recorded videos look like after uploaded to ytb : P.

    Also know as L0rdy
    Here are a few more of my level routes, there are mistakes in execution and I should be able to do them a few seconds faster ^^ but well this is not a submission : P.

    Would be cool if you'd let me know how your routes are and where mine can be improved.

    Folorn Wilderness in 2:24.41

    Mosslight March in 1:45.63

    Petrified Tree in 2:21.04
    Welcome to the Future !
    Nice run, there are some wooden platform you didnt use (they are often off screen) but nothing serious. I dont have time to record my routes today, i'll send it a bit later.

    Here are the main routes and tricks i found on searock castle, most of them are not performed well, it's just to show :

    - The 1st one saves a couple of seconds, since it's long to lower the lever and to wait for the door to open.
    - I didnt think the 2nd one would be so easy until i tried... A lot of time saved !
    - the 3rd one doesnt really save time here 'cause I dont really know the perfect shoot angle for now. It just destroys the box who blocks the gear, saving aroung 5-10 seconds.
    - the last one is just a simple use of accelerated-self-levitation.

    And by the way, i think that the combo plank + dash (and the boost it gives on all the lenght of the jump), can be more interresting than the "double plank" jump with the wizard only.
    Edit history:
    Aphox: 2012-03-16 09:24:07 am
    Aphox: 2012-03-16 09:23:17 am
    Also know as L0rdy
    Hmm I doubt actually that the first thing is faster the leaver is really not that slow tbh :X and the door neither ^^.

    -Doing the leaver + entering the door is around 5 seconds, check first part of my vid.
    -Your second one swiming through the water stream, I dunno how you do it :x can you do it consistant, because I had like 200 tries and couldnt do it once : / maybe I am doing someting wrong? tried different angles etc : (.
    -Its kinda sad that you dont post whole runs because I cant tell if you do certain tricks or not... I didnt route this level at all yet but I played through it with your tacs just now just to see how it would work out. However I didnt saw this one, dont know if you miss it or have faster method or you think its only a minor trick (my second part). There might be more dunno would like to see you run the whole level.
    -3rd part of the vid you might like. you have to position yourself directly under that corner of the cogwheel and if you shoot when you are as high as possible you shoot through it : P. easier way to kill that box fast!

    I love the combo plank+dash as well but usually in these levels I posted it worked out better for me to do dash before the pit then use planks to get over it and then dash afterwards again. However there are spots where it could be improved, its hard tho to cast a plank midair in that way that you can get the full dash jump from it, but I guess I will get better at it at some point.
    Also know as L0rdy
    I tested a bit with how you could go oob in this game, because I as curious how Xevro did it. Found a method to glitch through doors and was able to go oob too at one spot (didnt test to much with it yet). This seems to be really unrelyable tho, dunno if Xevro found a different method.

    Welcome to the Future !
    nice find !

    We might use a wooden box to perform it everywhere. However in most of the cases, there is 5 seconds solution to every enigma of the game... Let's search, let's search.
    Also know as L0rdy
    Yeah I cant find a really good situation where it would be useful : P. But I only really know the first 6 levels and as you said the puzzles are so fast to solve. And there are also these where the camera moves and you wouldnt possible execute it before the camera gets into the normal position again, but I easily solve the puzzle in that time xD.

    But still fun to see. Btw I tested a bit around with searock. I dunno captain lust stopped timing after killing the ork dude at the end I dont really agree on that because the level isnt over at that point but w/e. I think it might be possible to kill him in under 4 min not sure, fastest time I had on that so far was 4:12.
    Welcome to the Future !
    4:12 for searock castle ? yeah that looks good.

    Here are some things. Not huge ones but good to know.

    - A little piece of wood : Hard to see, this is why i show it to you...
    - A good way to ignore the huge gobelin in Hushing grove
    - a trick that was already in the first trine 2 thread : lets repost.
    - One more interesting use of the accelerated-self-levitation.
    - plank + dash is fun
    - A minor trick here : if you aim right next to the explosive barrel, the shockwave will destroy the rock faster (1 arrow instead of 2)
    - I'm trying to find another faster method here, but this is the only way i found to resolve it "fast". This is a lucky shot : sometimes the ice needs 2 lava drops to melt.
    - A hidden wooden platform. It is pretty easy to catch, however landing on the giant leaf needs a technique : just hold down key while you are above it.
    - A little move that allows 2 grapplin hook (instead of zero). You might think the plank jump just before it is useless : it does not ! If the grapplin hook is too long, zoya passes under the plaform and blocks.

    Here it is

    Also know as L0rdy
    Thanks dude, will look into that once I am at this point with my training ^^. Have still an exam just before me, but I hope after that I can focus a little bit more on trine 2 so that I can finish learning the whole game. Hope I can get good times : D.
    Also know as L0rdy
    Manged to record a decent attempt of Searock Castle. Hope you enjoy : )

    Welcome to the Future !
    Nice run, few improvements are possible :

    - 0:19 plank dash is available here.
    - 0:48 you can hook the wooden platform, this one gives a nice boost.
    - 1:12 you can hook the coconut here.
    - 1:26 the trick aslo works without spawning a box... and with a bit of luck Wink
    - 1:47 just go ahead with your shield.
    - goblin king : pontius dash interrups the goblin king's moves, saving time and dealing great damages. You can also use fire arrows to give 1 ot 2 hits before arriving to contact.
    Also know as L0rdy
    - 0:19 plank dash is available here.

    Hmm dont you loose the dash to the door switch this way? Not sure didnt really tested that out tbh.

    0:48 you can hook the wooden platform, this one gives a nice boost.

    I always have the problem that the camera doesnt move with my swing at this platform : / and then I cant possibly grap the next one.

    1:12 you can hook the coconut here.

    I should try how it would work out without dashing, if you dash before it didnt work out well for me to use the coconut.

    1:26 the trick aslo works without spawning a box... and with a bit of luck Wink

    Yeah I saw u do it in your vid, cant copy it tho. I tried over 200 times and it just doesnt work for me :x

    1:47 just go ahead with your shield

    That sounds like a good idea :D.

    goblin king : pontius dash interrups the goblin king's moves, saving time and dealing great damages. You can also use fire arrows to give 1 ot 2 hits before arriving to contact.

    Didnt test too much around with the big goblins yet, but sounds good : ).