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Runner name: Freddeh
Stream/Youtube link:
Availability: Not late Sunday night, need 2 week notice for the rest so I can schedule myself off during my run ;).

Game Name: Tales of Xillia
System: PS3
Category: Milla% (Kappa) (any%)
Estimate: 3:25:00
Description: You know you love Xillia. Jiao drama is fun. FIREBALL.
Video link:

Game Name: I Am Setsuna
System: PC
Category: Any%
Estimate: 4:15:00
Description: Beautiful aesthetical with roots and combat very closely resembling Chrono Trigger, lots of incentives in the form of renaming both abilities and characters, I could use practice for RPGLB, etc.
Video link:
Runner name: GreenDavideku
Stream/Youtube link: GreenDavideku
Availability: Really anytime except 3am-9am (GMT +1) works

Game Name: Zapper: One Wicked Cricket!
System: PC
Category: Any%
Estimate: 21:00
Description: Very niche and short game released in 2001. The game follows the story of Zapper (a cricket) trying to save his brother from the evil Magpie. The game's fast thanks to the very nice movement tech present in this run. Overall it's a good watch imo.
Video link:
Runner name: Legrandgrand
Stream/Youtube link:
Availability: Sunday 5th, Saturday 4th morning (GMT time. Not sure about Saturday's afternoon, likely not available)

Game Name: Golden Sun
System: Game Boy Advance (GC Game Boy Player)
Category: Any% (no intro)
Estimate: 3h15 (3h55 with intro)
Is there a better game to submit than Golden Sun for a marathon to make a Golden Sun (II) runner show off this game and serie at RPGLimitBreak? Golden Sun is one of the best RPG on the GBA and is the first episode of a story in 2 games, Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Ages. We play as Isaac and try to stop Saturos, Menardi, Alex and (! Spoiler alert) Felix to light the Mercury and Venus Lighthouse.

The run abuses RNG manipulation; not only in battle, like in TLA, but also throughout dungeons and in the overworld, as we can manipulate which encounters we get and how we can run away from them. We also abuse glitches to get out of bound and teleport in dungeon, allowing for some crazy sequence breaks. Because of the RNG manipulation, the run is extremely safe and is a very entertaining RPG, even for those who don't know the game too much due to the crazy glitches.

The run is offered either in full game or in No Intro, No Intro being preferrable because it skips 40 minutes of something that is mostly cutscenes to focus more on the content, and also having more runs in the marathon. However for better storytelling, for one more cutscene and to annoy the runner more (it's fine still, but I'll likely play with that), go for it Smiley

Video link:
Runner name: KrusKader
Stream/Youtube link:
Availability: Both days, from noon till midnight CET

Game Name: Virtual Hydlide
System: Sega Saturn
Category: any% random seed
Estimate: 1:30:00
Description: Remake of first Hydlide. Most would think that this game is total and utter garbage(thanks to certain youtube guy), but in reality it's pretty fun action-RPG. Yeah, it has it's problems, but it's not nearly as bad. Features randomly generated world with 7 dungeons and couple bosses.
Video link:

Game Name: Hydlide
System: NES
Category: any%
Estimate: 0:50:00
Description: First game from series. Evil Varalys threatens the land and we have to stop him and rescue the princess.
Video link:

Game Name: Dragon Slayer Gaiden
System: GameBoy(played on GameBoy Player for GameCube)
Category: any% Knight
Estimate: 1:00:00
Description: Japan-only action-RPG that's quite a hidden gem. Knight starts pretty weak(cause sword has short range and dodging is impossible), but after 4th boss he gets sword firing homing fireballs and then sword obliterating everything on screen on use, making him pretty overpowered.
Video link:
Game Name: Illusion of Gaia
System: SNES
Category: Any% or 100%, whatever ye want cap'n
Estimate: 2:08 or 2:22, whatever ye want cap'n

Description: Pretty darn solid Action RPG. Awesome music, variety of mechanics abuses and small exploits of the game. It's pretty cool, If I do say so myself, and I do! any% is harder, 100% collects all red jewels and has an extra boss at the end
Video Link:
NowOwnsAFreaking Plane
Runner: CosmykTheDolfyn

Availability:  Have a run at 8:10 AM EST on the 5th in a different marathon, but any time Saturday Night I should be able to carve out, or early morning Sunday as long as I end before 7:30 AM EST or so.

Game: Puyo Puyo 2 Remix
System: SNES (emulated)
Category: Rally Mode
Estimate: 0:40:00
Description:  Really tough puzzle game.  33 levels straight against hardest AI and no way to manipulate RNG, it's just me, my brain and reflexes against computers that can chain frame perfect inputs while I may only be getting 1-2 frames between drops by the end levels.
Video Link:

Game: Saturday Morning RPG
System: PC
Category: Any% All Episodes
Estimate 1:25
Description: Indie Steam RPG I will be running at RPGLB.  Game is broken due to being able to control stuff with both keyboard and controller at the same time, resulting in faster overworld movement and allowing us to one shot almost every enemy (even some bosses) in combat.  Can do a bid war to Save or Crush Ben (adds 5 minutes to estimate)
Video Link:

Game Name: Cally's Caves 3
System: PC
Category Any%+Saves and Bera Quest
Estimate: 0:33:00 and 0:06:00
Description: Indie Run and Gun platformer where there are multiple sequence breaks with a weapon known as the needle gun to gain height in unintended places, and we kill multiple enemies and even a boss off screen with the power of a giant laser and...HAM SANDWICHES!!!  Bera's Quest is a side mission where we play as the cutest karate chopping bear in gaming history.  I am offering that side quest as a donation incentive.
Video Link: (Any%+Saves) and (Bera's Quest)

Game Name: Shadow Dancer: The Secret Of Shinobi
System: Genesis (Playing Steam Version)
Category: Beat The Game (Mode 1)
Estimate: 0:20:00
Description:  Little unique Genesis platformer where you must rescue every hostage in a stage to continue.  Game is a 1 hit kill system, we kill a boss by tricking the AI into walking off a building and complete a level where enemies still kill me in one hit while in total darkness (can't see myself or the enemies).  Can complete the game in Non-Shuriken mode for a donation incentive.
Video Link:
Runner name: Dragondarch
Stream/Youtube link:
Availability: Any time.

Game Name: Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen
System: SNES
Category: Any% / 100%
Estimate: 1:20:00 / 2:20:00
Description: Ogre Battle is a Strategy RPG with...very little to compare it to (other than Ogre Battle 64). Characters act on their own in combat, based on class and what row they're in. Tarot cards can be used to augment your own characters or deal damage to enemies. 100% is defined as Obtaining the World Ending, clearing all 29 maps, and obtaining all special characters except Galf (since he conflicts with the World Ending).
Video link:

Game Name: Legend of Grimrock
System: PC
Category: 100%
Estimate: 1:45:00
Description: Dungeon crawler in the same vein as the old Dungeon Master games. Everything is done in real time, and the puzzles are varied from start to finish. A 100% run requires finding all 71 secrets, opening all 10 Iron Doors, collecting all 7 Treasures, and collecting all 16 Toorum Notes.
Video link:

Game Name: Metroid: Rogue Dawn
System: NES
Category: 100% All Bosses
Estimate: 1:15:00
Description: This is a romhack of the original Metroid for NES. The world is much larger than before, almost quadrupling in size compared to the original. It also eliminates a lot of the areas which look identical to each other, making each area unique. 2 powerups were also added: Wall Jump and Spring Ball. 100% All Bosses collects all items and defeats all bosses.
Video link: I don't a link for me playing, but here's a gameplay video I found on YouTube:
(I do have the game routed, but they're releasing a patch sometime in the next week that may change a few things, so I need a chance to look into those to determine if anything has changed route-wise. It should hopefully also fix the crash that happens on PowerPak when trying to load the ending Tongue )
Runner name: YoshisBiscuit
Stream/Youtube link:
Availability: Friday After 9PM European Time or Anytime Saturday
Game Name: Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time
System: JP-3DS
Category: Any%
Estimate: 4:40:00
Description: A Mario RPG with clutch boss fights that take skill to beat and has a few precise tricks, overall a fun game to watch
Video link:
Stay chill, be cool.
Runner name: WanderingMind
Stream/Youtube link:
Availability: Pretty much all day at the moment

Game Name: Valkyria Chronicles II
System: PSP digital copy on Playstation TV
Category: Any% Normal
Estimate: 3:40:00
Description: Turn based strategy RPG with third person shooter tactics.  This sequel made the transition from console to handheld, and from the large scale campaigns of the first game to the faster paced skirmishes of this second game.  There is a lot of mission variety as we blaze through 55 missions in less than 10 minutes each.  This is done through techniques such as grenade launching enemies out of camps, manipulating the enemy AI, and running like an idiot through enemy fire.  Donation incentive to name the tank.
Video link:

Game Name: Hyper Princess Pitch
System: PC
Category: War Queen All Stages
Estimate: 0:17:00
Description: Top down arcade shooter in the same style as Smash TV and Operation Carnage.  Princess Pitch didn't get what she wanted for Christmas, so she's on a rampage against Mecha Santa and his elves.  Piledrivers and explosions are heavily involved.  War Queen is the second hardest difficulty in the game, where enemies are more aggressive and come in larger numbers, while bosses have more attack patterns.  I developed a marathon safe route so I can beat the game while still going fast.  Donation incentive to watch all cutscenes.
Video link:

Game Name: Doritos: Dash of Destruction
System: Xbox 360
Category: All T-Rex Levels
Estimate: 0:08:00
Description: Meme game that doesn't overstay its welcome and would be willing to do as a race against Ghost King.
Video link:
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Runner name: theboyks
Stream/Youtube link:
Availability: Any not graveyard. (I'm PST time zone)

Game Name: Pepsiman
System: PS1
Category: Any% / Any% + Cutscenes
Estimate: 22:00 / 27:00
Description: Pepsimaaaaaaaaaan. Very difficult "Temple Run" style Japanese only release advertisement game with entertaining cutscenes. Incentive to play with cutscenes.

Game Name: Crowtel Renovations
System: PC
Category: Croaktel Any%
Estimate: 13:00
Description: Cute pixel platformer. Hard "Zangyou" mode version of the original Crowtel.

Runner name: flying fox
Stream/Youtube link:
Availability: Between 9am - midnight GMT on both days

Game Name: Sonic CD
System: PC
Category: Tails Any%
Estimate: 0:25
Description: Tails's flying mechanics just pretty much break the game with several fun tricks. Plus he's actually faster than Sonic!!!
Video link:
Edit history:
Ghoul02: 2017-02-19 12:45:51 am
Ghoul02: 2017-02-18 09:21:47 pm
Runner name: Ghoul02
Stream/Youtube link:
Availability: Whenever

Game Name: Persona 4 Golden
System: Vita
Category: Hard Mode, Golden Ending
Estimate: 12:00
Description: Probably would need to be split into two parts. Very long but would raise good money
Video link:

Game Name: DKC: Tropical Freeze
System: Wii U
Category: Any%
Estimate: 1:50
Description: Fast paced platformer, one of the best speedgames on Wii U
Video link:

Game Name: Yo-kai Watch
System: 3DS
Category: Any% No QPS
Estimate: 3:00
Description: Run last year at RPGLB. Highly skilled when played in speedrun format while also being a fun, somewhat goofy game.
Video link:

Game Name: Catherine
System: PS3
Category: Babel 1p2c
Estimate: 0:35
Description: Run at SGDQ this year. Among the craziest watches in speedrunning, combining dexterity with crazy puzzle solutions.
Video link:

Game Name: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric
System: Wii U
Category: Any% 1.0
Estimate: 0:50
Description: Bad but entertainingly broken video game. Plus Boost Ring! and other memes. Did commentary at SGDQ for this, but would have to derust to actually complete the run.
Video link:

As an additional thing, Cyd sent these as his possible submissions:
"I can do any of these:
Golden Sun: TLA - Any%
Sonic Heroes - Team Sonic
Sonic Colours - Egg Shuttle"

Normally, I wouldn't let his games through without proper pitches, but I think I can make an exception here. Only a few more hours; I'll put a note when submissions are officially closed.
Runner name: Mr_Shasta
Stream/Youtube link:
Availability: Whenever

Game Name: Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land
System: Gameboy Advance
Category: Any%
Estimate: 0:45:00
Description: Fast platformer on the GBA, with a ton of power variety, few frame tricks, and hard and tight movement to narrowly avoid enemies. Possible donation incentive for 100%, which is about 4 minutes longer.

Game Name: Metroid Fusion
System: Gameboy Advance
Category: Any%
Estimate: 1:25:00
Description: This run is mostly focused on little time saves, from killing bosses faster with well-placed charge shots and putting 2 missiles on the same frame, resetting your neutral by shooting so you can move sooner after jumping on a surface, and every wall jump in between. It's a neat little run

Game Name: Star Fox Assault
System: Gamecube
Category: Bronze Any%
Estimate: 0:50:00
Description: Neat run that's half on rails shooter and half fast paced action. The on rails portions will be score attacks while going as fast as I can, while the on foot sections will include some cool skips and tight timings using a few different movement methods

Game Name: Pinobee: Wings of Adventure
System: Gameboy Advance
Category: Any%
Estimate: 0:25:00
Description: Pretty much a meme game, but it has unique movement mechanics at the very least with having to conserve the amount of boosts you have, which you gain throughout all the levels. It's a very "GBA" game despite being also released on PS1.
Runner name: aglab2
Stream/Youtube link:
Availability: from 15:00-24:00 Saturday, 10:00-24:00 Sunday (UTC+3)

Game Name: Sonic Unleashed (Wii)
System: Wii
Category: All Day Stages
Estimate: 0:25:00
Description: Fast-paced category that shows the finest movement and unique gamebreaking speed glitches. Marathon safe and entertaining run!
Video link:
And with that, it's midnight PST and submissions are closed. Honestly, the support has been awesome and myself and the games committee have a very difficult task ahead of us. We'll do our best to have the games list out within the next few days so that everyone has ample time to prepare. Until then, if there are any questions, feel free to message me or to use the discord.
This turned out to be a lot more submissions than I was expecting :O We can't fit nearly all of this into one weekend, but I'd like to thank everyone for their interest and support! I'm sure Ghoul, Osey and GhostKing will end up making a great list of games with all these awesome offers.
We've finished our games list and these are our list of accepts: - If there are any comments or questions about an accept or rejection, please feel free to reach out to me or Osey to talk things over. We are officially going to be doing the marathon on Cyds channel ( and although I didn't originally specify this, in order to end on a Cyd run, we will be going into Monday morning some. We're looking at having a schedule first draft out tonight. Thank you so much to everyone for submitting; the support so far has really been awesome.
Leader of Starbirdia!
Awesome lists, sounds like it is going to be a fun time.

I do have to make a quick edit on my availability. On March 5, I will be unavailable after noon EST until probably around 7:00 PM EST. Other than that, any time, even late night or early morning. This is a schedule first draft. Please try to let us know if any of these don't work for your schedule and we'll do our best to adjust them. Thank you for your patience everybody.
Hey everyone, I have some news regarding flight costs and whatnot, because apparently I'm the luckiest person in the world, so for the sake of transparency I wanted to post an update:

The old plan was as follows: Flights were looking to cost me just over 1000 Euros (~1100 USD), so the entire 1k was going to my flight and then I'd have to add a bit out of my own pocket. This barely made RPGLB possible and even then I was heavily relying on my girlfriend paying for the hotel all by herself.

Now I've been keeping a close eye on flight prices pretty much daily, when this weekend I spotted United Airlines stunting with their prices to ridiculous amounts. After sleeping on it and discussing it with others I decided to use my savings so far as an advance so I can jump on the tickets before the price went back to normal. Long story short: I got tickets for 470 Euros (~500 USD)!!!

The downside is longer flights at less convenient times and a 3 hour layover in Houston both ways, but I'm more than willing to deal with that for this much money saved.

So here's the new plan: 500 USD will go to the flight and basically secure RPGLB. The other 500 USD will go to paying my fair share of the hotel so the trip isn't as much of a financial burden on my girlfriend. What we do with the money should we pass 1k is the same as posted in the original post: MLSTRM -> Potentially other runners -> Donated to the marathon

That's it, not a huge change in goals, but I want to be as transparent about this as I can Smiley

P.S. I probably used up my good luck for the rest of the year with this, so expect the RPGLB run to be a trainwreck lmao