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So this is something that I always wanted to do: A list of runs where the goal is not to win, but to lose as fast as possible. This would be: Dieing as fast as possible or failing the first (or all for "ded 100%") mission(s), crashing or softlocking the game as fast as possible. General failage so to speak.

As soon as I get time to do so, I will upload ded% portal and borderlands 2. Also yet to come: Broman is doing Surgeon Sim murder guys%, which would fall into that category too. I would be really glad if as many people as possible posted runs of them getting themselves killed as fast as possible! Any ideas for other games/categories? Are there games where you cant get yourself killed or fail missions, but somehow fail miserably?

Thanks for any support Cheesy

Game List:
Borderlands 2: 01:30 IGT by CBenni
Sniper: Ghost Warrior: 00:00.41 by Judgy
Portal: 00:01.725 by Imanex
Arkham City ded% hard mode:  00:12.5 by RoboSparkle
Arkham City softlock%:  01:01.16 by RoboSparkle
Arkham Origins softlock%: 0:00 by RoboSparkle
Half-Life ded%: 00:07.04 by chinese_soup
Half-Life softlock%: 00:04.6 by chinese_soup
Half-Life 2: Episode One softlock%: 00:12.01 by chinese_soup
Half-Life 2: Episode One ded%: 00:06.63 by chinese_soup
Surgeon Sim IL:
  hospital brain transplant: 00:00.71 by TheLastTofus
  all surgeries ded%: 04:52.38 by ProfessorBroman
GTA: Vice City (PC): 00:18 by Putremortis
GTA: San Andreas (PC): 00:18 by Putremortis
GTA III: 00:01.401 by GuywithALightsaber
GTA: IV (PC): 00:12 by Putremortis
Anodyne softlock%: 00:28 by Judgy
Anodyne ded%: 000:09 by TheBarrel
ZombieU ded%: 00:08 by KN4life
ZombieU softlock%: 02:34.55 by KN4life
Garfield 2 - A Tale of Two Kitties softlock%: 00:30 by bangerra
Garfield 2 - A Tale of Two Kitties softlow%: 00:00 by bangerra
Gothic ded%: 00:07.633 by Blubbler
Gothic softlock%: 00:01.967 by Blubbler
Gothic crash%: ~00:06 (w/o loading times) by Blubbler
Mission Impossible ded% (N64): 00:01.05 by Softman25
Eryi's Action ded%: 00:04 by BlackCatGaming
Syphon Filter (PS1): 00:02.12 by J.Y
Chess Titans ded%: 00:00.867 by Blubbler
God of War - Chains of Olympus crash%: < 00:01 by AKheon
Metal Gear Solid 3 ded%: < 00:01 by AKheon
Silent Hill 3 ded%: 02:43 by AKheon
Forbidden Siren 1 ded% (various ILs): video by AKheon
Forbidden Siren 2 ded% (various ILs): video by AKheon
Winx Club (GBA) softlock% TAS: 00:31 by AKheon
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (DS) crash% TAS: 01:54.98 by AKheon
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light ded%: 00:04.383 by Fatalis
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind ded%: 00:48.967 by Fatalis
The Walking Dead - ded%: 00:06:03 by ThatGuyNobodyNotices
Super Meat Boy crash%: 00:16.84 by ItsMarill_
Dishonored ded%: 00:04.10 by ProPhantom
Donkey Kong County ded%: 01:13 by Alowishus
Donkey Kong County softlock%: 00:52 by Alowishus
Link's Awakening ded%: 00:38 by RyanR
Link's Awakening DX ded%: 00:38 by RyanR
Kid Icarus of Myths and Monsters ded%: 00:11 by RyanR
Vice City - low% bad ending: 00:10.73 by Benrobram
God of War 3 softlock%: 01:04 by AKheon
Young Merlin softlock%: 01:04 by DumDumDugan
Ogre Battle 64 ded%: 07:45 by secv
Sonic 2 (Genesis) ded%: ILs by secv
Starcraft ded%:
Tutorial: 00:34 by Zergreenone
T01: 00:26 by Zergreenone
T02: 00:16 by Zergreenone
Super Karoshi ded%: 00:03 by Zergreenone
Quest for Glory 1 VGA ded%: 00:06 by mrpmiller
Quest for Glory 1 EGA ded%: 00:02 by mrpmiller
Quest for Glory 2 ded%: 00:24 by mrpmiller
Quest for Glory 3 ded%: 00:51 by mrpmiller
Quest for Glory 4 ded%: 00:23 by mrpmiller
Quest for Glory 5 ded%: 00:22 by mrpmiller
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood ded%: 03:01 by Judgy
Broken Sword 5 (PS4) crash%/softlock%: 00:00 by AKheon
Max Payne 3 softlock%: 05:09 by AKheon
Max Payne 3 crash%: 00:00 by AKheon
God of War II crash%: 00:00 by AKheon

NetHack ded% (TAS): 00:01.15 (-∞ SDA time) by ais523

thanks to for these:
Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards" (PC): 00:02.04 by Howard "Nynth" Lovecraft
King's Quest 1: Quest for the Crown: 00:01.15 by Howard "Nynth" Lovecraft
Rogue Warrior (PC): 00:04.25 by Ezekiel "Habermann" Habermann
Aladdin (GEN): 00:44.12 by Ezekiel "Habermann" Habermann
Ice Climber (NES): 00:18.21 by Ezekiel "Habermann" Habermann
DuckTales (NES): 00:24.24 by Ezekiel "Habermann" Habermann
Sonic the Hedgehog (GEN): 00:21.28 by Ezekiel "Habermann" Habermann
Resident Evil (PS1): 00:47.22 by Ezekiel "Habermann" Habermann
Duke Nukem 3D (PC): 00:02.25 by Ezekiel "Habermann" Habermann
Quake II (PC): 00:01.23 by Ezekiel "Habermann" Habermann
Thread title:  
Elbows the keyboard.
Reminds me of those quickest death/crash TASes.
Formerly known as Skullboy
There used to be a Speed Deaths Archive site. Some of the videos are on Youtube.
Edit history:
CBenni: 2013-09-28 10:06:32 am
@Traveler: Then let us revive it! Do you know who kept that up?

And Borderlands 2 is up:
Edit history:
Judgy: 2013-09-28 10:38:51 am
Judgy: 2013-09-28 10:37:44 am
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
Gimme 5 mins Tongue

Edit: Sniper:Ghost warrior Can probably do it quicker if i threw my grenades earlier in the speech I'm invincible up to 0.5 seconds after he says "Go" threw 2 to make sure .. only needed one
That is SO cool Cheesy Wanna see more! I found the youtube page of the original maker:
In the Faxanadu speedrun route you die 24 seconds in from gaining control.
And theres no faster way? Well that could be considered a ded% run then, just end it after those 24 secs Wink
Yeah we're trying to die as fast as possible in that route, so as far as I know that's fastest.  You can see it in the SDA run.
Sonic the Hedgehog (GEN): 00:21.28 by Ezekiel "Habermann" Habermann

Scrub time, I could half that easily.
This page needs to be filled with fail, some of these times are only semi fail scrub times! Let's step it up Tongue
Naegleria, then do so! Cheesy Ill add the other times tomorrow (There are about 55 on that youtube channel). I feel like this is a great thing to do casually, most games take max 2 minutes to get a "run". I want to see more games here than on the official SDA games list! Once I can start doing runs again, this will be glorious Tongue
Edit history:
CBenni: 2013-09-29 10:37:53 am
Ok, Portal 1 ded% is here. 00:04.065
my old run, this one got beaten by imanex.

Someone beat that. It can be done almost half a second faster, but I couldnt do it. Timing starts when the user gains control and ends when he dies.
Would killing all your teammates count as a Death Run? I did that in Star Fox 64 a little under a minute. I can try again if it's applicable.
would failing a level that's not the first one count?
Edit history:
Softman25: 2013-09-29 06:22:59 pm
Softman25: 2013-09-29 06:22:31 pm
Mission Impossible for N64 dieinstantly% done in 1.05 seconds.

(In theory it's a little lower, but I'm not sure EXACTLY when character control in gained, so I'm doing it from the first frame after the cutscene. I do know when control ends though, so that's hunky dory)

doicm: If thats basically the way to fail as hard as possible, then yes, that is ded% in that game.
@Tofus: Sure, you can do IL ded% runs Wink Failing all missions (for example in surgeon simulator) is to be considered as ded 100%
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RoboSparkle: 2013-09-29 09:28:44 am
RoboSparkle: 2013-09-29 09:25:14 am
RoboSparkle: 2013-09-29 09:24:43 am
Magical. Flying. Bathtub
I can get an Arkham City one done pretty quickly although it's a little dull as it basically involves standing there while Catwoman gets the sh*t kicked out of her.  A more interesting one would be speedrunning a softlock - there's a funny way of softlocking the game that basically completely crashes it and you get a quite epic-looking background Smiley

Naegleria:  I think you should do one where you die once on every level.  Without a Game Over Tongue

EDIT: Ded%


Also, given the mascot for the SDA channel, why is there not a run of lemmings on there?  We need an IL table of all lemmings dying without the Nuke button.  Or would that be too cruel?
Added. And lemmings, damn yeah - Ill see if I get it to run on my dosbox, I have the original PC CD somewhere...
Magical. Flying. Bathtub
Also I've only just noticed the epic descriptions on each of the SDA videos, I'll have to rewatch now Smiley

I've edited mine to try and keep in the same line of thinking.
Edit history:
Imanex: 2013-09-29 10:50:51 am
Portal | Ded% - 1.725. Beats old record by over 2seconds Smiley

The ded% run is definitely improvable, but I just hate the wooden plank. Sad
If I am correct, there's not really any other (fast) way to kill yourself except for the fire, before a certain trigger is hit by an NPC and that takes time.

In softlock% you get stuck on the world, but saving and loading won't help you out, so I count it as a softlock.
Borderlands 2 Glitch Hunter/ router.
hold on someone give me Ninja Gaiden 2 (Xbox360) on "way of the mentor" or higher think my quickest death was around 4 seconds lol damn exploding shurikens.
@Chinese_soup: added. The softlock is you getting stuck in the level there?
Yeah, you get stuck on the map model and from what I've tested saving and loading will not get you unstuck it just moves you around but never gets you back inbounds.