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Elbows the keyboard.
Twitch/Contact Info:
Availability: Weekends and weekdays past 4 PM GMT+1(this might vary though so I'd prefer weekends)

Game: Halo 3
Category: Easy
Estimate: 1:20:00
Description/Other Info: PB Video which I got during a SRC Marathon:
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Twitch/Contact Info:
Availability: Anytime other than 10:00 - 18:00 CEST on the 12th
Game: Timesplitters: Future Perfect
Category: Story hard/100%
Estimate: 1:40:00/7:30:00
Description/Other Info: Story mode of the game on hard. Hard is the hardest difficulty meaning the enemies fire more often, deal more damage, have more health, and hit more often. This run is all killing enemies fast or skipping them completely, with a few fun tricks/glitches as well. In 100% I have to beat the story on hard, and get at least a gold medal in all arcade leagues and challenges. The 100% estimate is a bit generous but you never know.

Game: Timesplitters 2
Category: any% easy
Estimate: 40:00
Description/Other Info: Not so much like Future Perfect in the sense that every level is 1 - 4 minutes long due to the easy difficulty, and there's more running and less killing. When you play on any difficulty besides easy the levels are a lot bigger which is why easy is good for speedrunning. It looks a bit like a good goldeneye would, and no there's no looking at the ground.

Game: Timesplitters
Category: All levels easy
Estimate: 20:00
Description/Other Info: Got a new disc and it works perfectly. Going fast, skipping enemies, and then killing them on the way back.

Twitch info:
Availability: Friday after 7pm, All day Saturday
Game: Tomb Raider 2013 (PC)
Estimate: 1:50:00

Description: This game is BUSTED. Abusing jumps out of cutscene reloads, various door clipping methods,  huge out of bounds, and a pc exclusive trick known as skywalking (being slingshotted by out of bounds), Making Lara fly. The PC version is honestly the definitive run, including a skip that not only saves 20 minutes over any other platform, but skips a large portion of the game by using various skywalks in succession (looks extrememly cool!). I am willing to possibly have a showcase of some of the pc exclusive tricks if you accept the X360 run.
Twitch/Contact Info:
Availability: Thursday and Friday after 5PM, Saturday almost everytime during 1PM-1AM

Game: The Stalin Subway: Red Veil
Category: Any% easy
Estimate: 0:15:00
Description/Other Info: Shit game done quick
Now it's Sui^^
Availability: Monday to Thursday (although if we're lucky, it will be a weekend as well). 10:00am-23:00am ((UTC+1) I don't want to make noise during night)

Game: Deus Ex Invisible War
Category: Any% (Realistic)
Estimate: 0:50 (should be way less, but it's DXIW, so it may just happen, I'll loose like 5 minutes of a progress)
Description: 25% of the run is loading times, it has a tendency to softlock and crash.
Twitch/Contact Info:
Availability: CET Thursday between 6 PM and midnight. Friday after 6 PM and the rest of the weekend whenever.

Game: Dying Light
Category: Any%
Estimate: 2:15:00
Description/Other Info: Zombie Parkour Shooter with some interesting glitches. By duplicating items I get max level very early in the run and get access to the grappling hook. This makes movement faster and more interesting. The run also includes some out of bounds sequences and clipping through walls. There's multiple parts in the run where you shoot zombies and enemies. This is a game that hasn't been featured at many marathons and I think people would enjoy the run.
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TrUShade: 2015-09-16 10:02:06 am
The TrUest of Shades
Twitch/Contact Info: (Twitter is
Availability: Will update later

Game: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Category: USS Casual
Estimate: 1:20:00
Description/Other Info: Resident Evil's best game in the series.

Twitch/Contact Info:
Availability: 10pm and later weeknight central time

Game: Halo 3 ODST
Category: Easy NG+/Legendary NG+
Estimate: 1:20:30/1:36:30
Description/Other Info: Halo 3 ODST involves a lot of firefights, some walking, and use of vehicles. Also a couple tricks are used to skip sections of the levels in the game.

Game: Metal Arms: Glitch in the System (Xbox Version)
Category: Easy
Estimate: 2:55:00
Description/Other Info: A lot of shooting, also some Out of Bounds strats. Very heavy on shooting throughout the game along with unskippable cutscenes through much of the game. Plenty of shortcuts as well.
Twitch/Contact Info: Zeonae in any social media
Availability: If my mid terms start after the marathon, I might forfeit. Otherwise, pretty sure I'm free.

Game: Call of Duty: Black Ops
Category: Any%
Estimate: 4:00:00
Description/Other Info: I'm a scrub. Hi.
Availability: whenever

Game: Halo 4
Category: Easy
Estimate: 1:35:00
Description/Other Info: Easy difficulty focuses on movement and combat optimization. Mad OoB-Tricks included.

i usually dont highlight my PBs, so I'll leave a link to my last marathon run of this
Twitch/Contact Info:
Availability: 4PM-2AM EST, any day

Game: DeadCore
Category: Any% (no megajump, no wallclip) / 100%
Estimate: 25:00 / 30:00
Description/Other Info: It's a platformer with a gun. Any% without megajumps is the most played category, and most closely resembles a normal playthrough of the game. Megajumping is a 1-frame trick that breaks most levels, but any% with megajumps is not marathon safe (you have to succeed several megajumps consecutively, missing one will lose 10-30 seconds and reset the sequence). 100% involves picking up all the collectibles and allows megajumps, and is marathon safe as the route doesn't chain megajumps together.

Game: Lovely Planet
Category: All levels
Estimate: 25:00
Description/Other Info: The run has only changed slightly since SGDQ. Submitting in case you want more loveliness.
Twitch/Contact Info:
Availability: Weekdays after 9pm EST, any time on weekends.

Game: Crackdown
Category: All Bosses NG+
Estimate: 40:00
Description/Other Info: NG+ is significantly faster than NG. This makes the run easier by having all supply points and guns unlocked at the start of the game making the only goal to find each boss and kill them ASAP. (Run shown isn't mine but the route is fairly easy to learn. Estimate is generous)

Game: Crackdown 2
Category: Co-op Any% NG+
Estimate: 1:00:00
Description/Other Info: Co-op cuts the time of this game down by about half when done with 4 players, estimate is one hour to keep it generous if only 2 runners are around to do the run. We have about eight runners though so it shouldn't be an issue.
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Vega4993: 2015-10-01 05:06:31 pm
I play games, wanna fight about it?
Twitch/ Contact Info:
Availability: November 15th is a given, but others are undetermined as of yet; Will find out

Game: Time Crisis 3 (PS2)
Estimate: 00:30:00
Category: Very Hard, 1P Route
Description: Fast Paced shooting with quick kills galore and lots of optimization

Game: Time Crisis 2 (PS2)
Estimate: 00:20:00
Category: Very Hard, 1P Route
Description: Fast paced Precision shooting with optimizations
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Chemich: 2015-10-02 12:31:06 pm
Banned User
Quote from Cyberdemon531:

if someone thats better submits it, they should get the slot, but don't go after some guy that didn't get your blessings to submit a game.


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psychoripper: 2015-10-04 11:06:07 am
fast video games
Twitch/Contact Info:
Availability: Anytime

Game: Star Wars: Dark Forces
Category: Any% / All Secrets
Estimate: 25:00 / 40:00
Description/Other Info: Fast optimized movement and explosive jumps to make a complex game super short. 100% also has a couple of interesting tricks exclusive to its category
can not do this anymore RIP
Twitch/Contact Info:
Availability: Anytime except the 12th of November

Game: Half-Life
Category: any% (hard/no scripts)
Estimate: 55:00
Description/Other Info: Half-Life should be a well known game, but the speedrun completely rips it apart. Glitches, Out of Bounds stuff, fast movement with bunnyhopping and no cutscenes or downtime (except for 2 minutes at the very beginning) at all make this a very interesting run to watch, even (or maybe especially) for people who have not seen the speedrun yet.
Video: Sadly my PB got deleted, when Twitch started to mess around with the Video player for some reason. I will be running this game during the next weeks though, so I hopefully can get another video up, which I can then post here.

Additional Info: I am still kind of in the learning process of this game, so if there happens to be another (and better) runner for this game, feel free to pass on my slot. Otherwise I would be happy to showcase this amazing speedrun.
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Unfortunately unable to run
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Availability: not Friday, 12pm-12am GMT

Game: Death to Spies
Category: Any%
Estimate: 1:20
Description/Other Info: A whole lot of headshots and punching people in the face while staying relatively sneaky. Not that much misery

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Contact me here:
Availability: For the event, November 14th/15th anytime

Game: Halo 2
Category: Easy / Legendary
Estimate: 1:30:00 / 2:00:00
Description/Other Info:

Legendary: The run highlights a variety of tricks including skipping parts of levels, a couple OoBs, and the Halo 2 exclusive tricks of sword flying and cancelling alongside optimized combat in what many consider to be the hardest Halo game in the series.

Easy: Like Legendary, the run consists mostly of using sword tricks and other various exploits to complete the game as fast as possible. This category has a very minimal chance of death in comparison, so as a result it is much faster and more consistent.

Savusukka is making me submit this for some chance of a Halo block since it's the last day of submissions. I'll have exams all week so I'll only be able to do a run on the weekend. Since people are posting videos of PBs/run showcases, I can link them if required. Both of these are record for their respective categories.

Easy: 1:19:42
Legendary: 1:39:16
Just as an FYI I'm dropping my submissions.  Found out I won't be in town during the marathon.
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Blood Thunder: 2015-10-14 11:59:47 pm
Twitch/Contact Info: or skype
Availability: Weekdays after 6pm EST, any time on weekends. (hopefully, may change)

Game: BioShock
Category: Any%
Estimate: 0:55:00
Description/Other Info: Pretty popular FPS game/series, featuring some relatively new tricks that skip the Electro-bolt plasmid and the Andrew Ryan cutscene skip. The route has also been optimized to help cut down on setting up older skips and make areas more efficient.

Game: BioShock 2
Category: Any%
Estimate: 1:30:00
Description/Other Info: Pretty popular FPS game/series. Tons of dialogue skips, fast movement via Drill-Dashing and unique tricks that help to skip over large chunks of the game.

Game: BioShock 2: Minerva's Den
Category: Any%
Estimate: 0:30:00
Description/Other Info: The 2nd DLC for BioShock 2 featuring new weapons and new enemies. A ton of content can be skipped with resourceful thinking and strategic planning.

Game: Wolfenstein: The New Order
Category: Any%
Estimate: 1:55:00
Description/Other Info: Pretty fast-paced modern game that features a few oob skips and buttons that extend their hitboxes through walls. Filled with old fashioned nazi killing fun.

Game: Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
Category: Any%
Estimate: 1:10:00
Description/Other Info: Standalone DLC prequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order that is even more broken. Crouching through walls, wrong warping into space and swimming in void space is just another day in the life of B.J. Blazkowicz.

Game: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger
Category: Any% NG+
Estimate: 1:50:00
Description/Other Info: Fast paced western shoot 'em up. Travelling through the story Silas Greaves, you hunt down and take on the most notorious outlaws in search of revenge. With all skills/perks unlocked, there is no trouble in mowing down enemies and blasting through the areas.

Game: Legendary
Category: Any%
Estimate: 1:45:00
Description: Best game ever made.
Game: Wrack
Category: Any%
Estimate: 22:00
Description/Other Info: Wrack is an arcadey doom-like game with straferunning, comboing, jumping on enemies to skip sections, rocket jumping, and clipping.

Game: The Wheel of Time
Category: Any%
Estimate: 0:20:00
Description/Other Info: Did this at SGDQ. Possible race?
Alright so submissions are closed and we're in the process of picking which games we'd like in the marathon. Cuts should be posted by the 14th and the schedule should be done by the 24th. If you find out that you aren't available at any point, let me know! Thanks for all of the great submissions guys.