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RGB-cables for the PAL SNES are different from the NTSC SNES / SFC.

But GameCube RGB-cables are identical to the NTSC SNES / SFC.

Using a GamecCube RGB on a PAL SNES your picture will fade to black within seconds.
Remember that the japanese 21-pin RGB connector is different than the european RGB enabled SCART even though they look identical.
You might still want to get a original cable for the quality and just use a "in between" passive pin swapper cable to turn it into scart compatible.

It's really weird that the NTSC color decoding doesn't work.. Only some old CRTs had issues with NTSC.
Are you absolutely sure that it isn't trying to initialize s-video output and the TV simply ignoring the chroma signal or something ?

50/60Hz doesn't necessarily mean that the encoding will be changed. You can do PAL in 60Hz (PAL60) where the encoding remains PAL but the Hz will be different. It sounds like you have a japanese SFC with a changed encoder or something to make it work with PAL sets (as most TVs worked fine with 60Hz but couldn't handle the NTSC encoding).
Cool, I'll grab a GC RGB. If that doesn't work I'll go out and buy a CRT again!
How about a wii RGB cable on a SF?
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Edenal: 2013-04-23 03:13:59 am
Hockey enthusiast
Quote from enjaypee:
How about a wii RGB cable on a SF?

Wii does not use the same AV-port as SNES/N64/GC. So it simply would not fit.
I thought a GC rgb would be cheap! Do you have any experience with "unofficial" GC RGB cables?
Hockey enthusiast
Yes I do.

I own a couple myself. Form third party ones made for the Gamecube with breakout-boxes to a couple I've bought from
They all work fine! Smiley
That's great thanks for all of your help!
I decided to disassemble my SFC, firstly to remove the yellowing and secondly because I like to take things apart. I found this mess of wires attached to a PCB. I've looked up others SFC disassembling and it wasn't present. I'm assuming this is a PAL conversion if not, any one got any ideas?? A tracking device from the Japanese government perhaps Wink

Hockey enthusiast
That's some cool stuff! Never seen anything like it before.

What if you would connect the RF only? (Should have asked that a long time ago)
Because my TV is a freeview, it won't pick up a signal from the RF even with analogue tuning. I managed to get a picture thru the RF on another, smaller, crappier LCD tv but the picture was pretty crappy.

It's weird right? Notice the RF socket on the PCB.
I'm guessing this is a mod done in Japan by someone pretty clued up for the purposes of exporting. I don't think it was done by an importer. The wires disappear all over the place! It wouldn't surprise me if someone was doing this off their own back from the factory and selling them privately.
Looks like they attached a PAL encoder on top of the original encoder underneath(?)
Might be possible that you can revert it back to true NTSC with a little bit of modding.

I think in this case the TV thinks that the signal is NTSC due to the 60Hz but the color encoding is done in PAL or something similar, hard to tell..

Anyway it might cause issues with modern sets that try to "auto-detect" the configuration.
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Edenal: 2013-04-25 06:29:58 am
Hockey enthusiast
If the SFC have the same RF configuration as the Famicom. It would not work on european or american television sets by default. The frequency is from what I've read somewhere between two frequencies and therefore will not be detected. I guess that's what they've done with your console, trying to "correct" the RF-output for the european market.

The question is if the multi-out port is effected at all?
That's what I'm wondering. I have an RGB on order so - fingers x-ed the mutli-out works fine!
I am thinking of buying a PS2 soon. Being in the UK, I have to go with a PAL PS2 I think. New and sealed they are reasonably cheap instead of going for a second hand NTSC PS2. My only gripe is, if I want to play NTSC games on this with a boot loader or something I am pretty much stuck with composite for recording? I doubt the UK PS2 supports S-Video output (why would it need to?)
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MortyreR45: 2013-05-07 05:10:27 pm
When you play PS2 ntsc games on a PAL PS2, than it works good with your capture-tool. I do not know of dvd-recorder, because you must change the signal from pal to ntsc. There is one problem, your TV must handle ntsc or you have black and white. And the other problem you know already, this is PS1 ntsc, we can play it perfect, but the signal for the capture tool is incorrect. You should buy a slim. Hope it help a bit.

edit : I had never use s-video in pal-land for ps1 and ps2
Considering the way an NTSC PS2 can output just about any kind of video with homebrew (PAL/NTSC composite, svideo, component, RGB), I see no reason why a PAL PS2 cant output svideo.

I did a little googleing, and somebody said their PAL PS2 works just fine with svideo.
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wyatt8740: 2014-06-29 10:37:50 am
Hi, sorry to bump this topic, but I wanted to point out that contrary to what someone said earlier, while the NES does indeed take AC input, it contains a bridge rectifier and voltage regulator, so whether you input 60hz 9 volts AC (the USA/japan frequency) or 50hz 9 volts AC (European) your NES  contains circuitry that immediately converts it to direct current. As running Direct Current through a bridge rectifier just passes the existing DC through, the NES can accept ANY 9 volt AC or DC signal, regardless of frequency. In fact, it can take anywhere from 7 to 11 or 12 volts! (be aware that I do not advise giving your NES 12 volts, simply because of the massive amount of heat this generates coming from the voltage regulator, but that I have done it for short periods with no side effects.)

I just wanted to clear that up in case someone else finds this thread through google. And by the way, I am an american and have never used a PAL set, but I assume that a NTSC SNES/Super Famicom with a PAL encoder would output 60  hertz PAL (PAL60), right?
I've recently bought an NTSC-U SNES and I'm in the UK, would I need a step-down transformer for my SNES to run off of British power supply?
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
Quote from Nights_dawn:
I've recently bought an NTSC-U SNES and I'm in the UK, would I need a step-down transformer for my SNES to run off of British power supply?

I just quickly checked one of the NTSC-SNESes here @ ESA. It said input 10V DC. Which would mean the same as for SFCs (Japanese SNESes).

That again means, you have one of the following options:
-> Putting in a step-down transformer between the US-SNES' PSU and the socket (bringing the voltage down from 240V AC -> 110V AC -> 10V DC) (not recommended by me, though, because two step-downs daisy chained is never the optimal strat)
-> Grabbing one of the Genesis modei I-can't-remember converters, that outputs the same voltage as the US-SNES required and using that.
-> Finding a different step-down converter that outputs 10 V, 1 A and centre negative DC, with the appropriate plug
-> Buying yourself a multi-purpose step-down converter with exchangeable plugs.

If you wanna wait until I'm back from ESA, I can give you the plug's exact specifications. Also, if I find someone like Grukk, or Bangerra I might also be able to tell you the exact Sega PSU that will fit.
If you need a quick and easy solution, has NTSC SNES PSUs in stock (UK based). Click Super Nintendo > Consoles and accessories > UK mains adaptor/power supply unit for imported USA SNES consoles.

Like Also said it's just basically a Genesis 1/Atari Jaguar PSU with marker pen applied to hide the Atari logo on the PSU you receive. Source = I bought one and
I really need some help with this, I'm trying to use a "debug PS2", region free, in the UK on a modern UK TV, presumably one that supports an NTSC signal (it does according to the manual). I'm trying to use NTSC PS1 games on this console. It's hooked up using standard red white yellow AV cables, when in the PS2 menu screen (browser, system config) everything is absolutely fine. However, as soon as I load an NTSC game the screen is heavily discoloured and both game and sound are slower than they should be. But the game itself does function, this isn't an issue with the console not being able to play NTSC.

I have tried using a PAL - NTSC converter in the hope it would help but all this did was remove the picture entirely, with the sound still running slowly. The PS2 has a UK power supply connecting to a standard UK plug socket. I can't find enough info on debug PS2's but I am pretty sure it is the same as a normal console but with a few debug features, obviously, and the ability to play both PAL and NTSC games.

I've run out of ideas and getting this all together wasn't cheap so if anybody can help me with this it will be greatly appreciated.
Caution: This user contains Kana ^_^
What I can say immediately: If your TV did not support NTSC and everything else functioned correctly, you would just get a nice black-and-white image with everything else working fine. So there's something not working upstream (i.e. inside the PS2).

Possibly this should be answered in a separate thread, as it's only mildly related to running standard NTSC consoles, and the answer might get cluttered away later?
Ok, when you say black and white image would that literally be the game picture running as it should, at the correct speed, just in black and white?

If so that helps me be sure that the TV is not the issue. I am wondering if the console has a fault somewhere. I find it hard to believe that all region free PS2's such as mine are techinally able to play games from all regions but play NTSC in such a bad state that it is virtually unplayable, there are enough of these selling on eBay and I don't see any warnings relating to playing certain region PS1 games, they are just all stated as being able to play PAL, NTSC and NTSC-J. I just assumed that the console, upon loading an NTSC game, would act in the exact same manner as a normal NTSC PS2, which makes me fearful of shelling out again for a normal PS2 and all the stuff for converting it for use in the UK as the same thing could happen again.

Thank you for replying, I am desperate to get this sorted. Should I just make a new thread and whack all this in there?