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Quote from Yagamoth:
Additional suggestion for a Tales of Phantasia incentive: Let Chester defeat the final boss. Here's an example where the original Japanese TAS ends inputs super early, because Chester being AI controlled would eventually win the battle:

Please note, that the TAS does not pick up the bow, that lets Chester do a little over 1000 damage (Which is in my route by default), so it takes a total of about 6 minutes to defeat the final boss this way. Without testing, I'd estimate, that Chester by his lonesome self would be able to beat the final boss in about 2.5 - 3 minutes

I'm not sure what a good name would be for the incentive, but I'm sure we could come up with something clever

Sounds good - I called it 'Solo Chester vs. Final Boss' for now, and we can always upgrade it to a more clever name later.
Sweet, thank you Smiley

The tricky thing about calling it "solo chester" is, that I'll need to use an hourglass at first in order to lead him back there, which is why I'm hesitant to call it "solo" ^^;.. Although by all means, he does all the damage and I'm just standing around
My timeslot and incentives are good to go. Cant wait!
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Quote from Yagamoth:
There is an English fantranslation that could be used, but it would result in about 15-35 minutes longer of a run, purely due to the text and lag being a stronger component... Actually, I'd need to confirm that it would even run on a flashcart. Tales of Phantasia is a super-late and very technically-advanced SNES game, there is no guarantee it would work on console. I think (?) there is repro carts, but I don't have one to test

The variance of "15 - 35 minutes longer" comes from me simply not really knowing exactly. Emulator lags significantly more than console, and I only did my early runs on emulator with English patch, then switched over to Japanese. But it's worth noting, that my very first run in Japanese on console - barely knowing the characters and menu, wasting a lot of time on that overall - out of nowhere was around 25 minutes ahead of my english emulator runs

I would need to test how much longer an English run would be on console via flashcart for English to know more details (I'll likely only get to it sometime next month though) - but I'm reasonably certain, that English has an extraordinary amount more text and slower cutscenes regardless of emulator-lag

Have you had a chance to test the translation patch?  I just tested the DeJap 1.2 patch on my SD2SNES cart and it looked to play fine - I was able to start a new game, mash text, and walk around.
I tested it, and it seems to work perfectly fine with an SD2SNES throughout the entire game. I think however, that the text being slower will result in about a 15-20 minutes slower run overall. I don't know the exact number, but it's around that ballpart. Basically, they don't just have more characters, but they also took some liberties in how the text speed is being displayed. There are some forced slow text speeds for dramatic effects.

However, as I've noticed, just simply opening the menu alone is noticeably slower. And seemingly more laggy. I don't know the source of this, but it probably adds several minutes by itself, because you frequently use Holy Bottles to avoid random encounters
Professional Second Banana
We just had some drops from the schedule free up some time, so if you're ok with running on the English patch on SD2SNES, I'm fine with increasing the estimate to 4:35.  Since the cutscene text draws out slowly enough to be read if someone wants to follow along, the games committee and I think it'd be a worthy time investment.
We can arrange that Smiley

One thing I may want to point out is a piece of a dialogue where they did take a fair bit of liberty with the translation. The direction of what the dialogue is about is accurate, just a bit.. Crude:
1h 22 seconds in if the timestamped link doesn't work