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Onin: 2014-06-09 11:29:16 am
For green items, get one Infection and one Overcharger, they both have the same DPS as one Barbed Wire (though Overcharge only works on phase 2 and 3). Any other greens can be spent on survivability; I'd say test out the guardian heart, if it's underperforming, leech seed is pretty decent still. Can definitely see why you'd want two Infusions, too.

For whites, at least get 1 Rusty Knife, it's another DoT that goes through the shield. Barbed wires don't stack very efficiently (like I said, the first deals 50% damage while having three of them only boosts it to 70%), and movement speed is just nice for everywhere else in the game. It kinda depends on what kinds of drops you're getting, if you're not getting a single red drop and aren't sure you'll reach 6 hooves, investing in more barbed wires can definitely pay off.

As for reds, Tesla > Thallium > Plasma Chain > additional Teslas, in my experience. Thallium is definitely worth getting, Plasma Chain I'm really just assuming to be good enough.
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Groki: 2014-06-09 11:53:06 am
Groki: 2014-06-09 11:50:00 am
I know that barbed wires stack bad, but the strength of it is the upgrade of the radius, which is a godsend in Monsoon (3 to 4 direct hits in a row from Provi and you are dead...). With a large radius you can damage him constantly without being hit.

For Rusty Knife yes, I ever wondered if it passes though Provi's Shield, thanks Cheesy !

The problem of the Chargefield Generator is that it's not usefull against provi because you don't have enough ennemies to kill like you said...
I'm thinking about getting a Toxic Worm and then going all on Infusions and Leech Seed in green items : more survivability = more DPS against Providence in Monsoon (because you can take more risks).

For whites, i'll try rusty knife, more goats and few barbed wires.

Guardian heart is usefull for mobs, not for providence really. And most of the time it prevents you from damage boosts :/ ... I'll try ATG missiles too, I think that it passes through providence's shield.

I already used Thallium against Provi, and it deals pretty low damages (200 / sec maybe). I'll try Teslachain which seems better against him.
Missiles don't pass through, but otherwise they're the highest DPS for the slot, so they're pretty good when the shield's down. Also have nice utility in early levels, being able to kill mobs you didn't even see spawning, can save a lot of time if you're lucky.

Thallium's damage ramps up pretty heavily, and its damage is based off the damage your enemy does, rather than you do. That's why it's really powerful on Providence.
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Groki: 2014-06-09 12:05:03 pm
Groki: 2014-06-09 12:03:53 pm
Hum maybe there's a modifier on Monsoon, because the last time I used it against him it didn't do anything if I remember correctly. I will check this out in my records.

And it's a shame for missiles Sad !

P.S. : said nothing about Thalium, it's great. Cheesy
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ShadowDraft: 2014-06-09 03:23:34 pm
ShadowDraft: 2014-06-09 03:02:05 pm
Get over here!
Ok I did some runs on Monsoon both Offline and Online solo to test out your theory. I'll edit my post with my current best runs for both. I honestly couldn't tell a difference though Undecided

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Onin: 2014-06-09 03:35:26 pm
Well, for one, in Online Providence phase 2 has 19000 health while in Offline he has 32000. That's a bit of a difference. Cheesy
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Groki: 2014-06-09 03:57:02 pm
Groki: 2014-06-09 03:55:46 pm
Yeah, there's a huge difference, less mobs, weaker bosses, etc. It's not even on par with Rainstorm Offline.

And nice runs Cheesy !!

I have to beat that now. But at the moment I'm preparing for my final exams and thesis Sad
Get over here!
Attention to detail. I think I wasn't fully paying attention. So that means any% will switch over to online aswell?

Good luck with your stuff Groki! I think you'll beat my run(s) easily enough since my mistakes were awful and spawns screwed me over a lot.
I don't think so ShadowDraft. It would create too many categories. And it's well known that online solo is easier than offline solo, every run SOLO online should not be considered as a "true" speedrun (or a different category at least...). Online should only be used for coop runs. I think that we have to create strict rules.

Rainstorm and Monsoon are different (Offline version), in terms of timers, in terms of Boss Fights, etc.
Online solo is just easier and should not be considered as an other speedrun category I think.

Thanks ShadowDraft Cheesy

By the way, Onin, haven't you submitted your WR to SDA ? Because the current WR is at 17:04 or something in SDA site.
The SDA run is my vanilla% record, without artifacts.

I don't want to submit my new any% record because its strats are outdated and sub-12 is easily possible. But RoR inexplicably started lagging for me so I can't record anymore until I find a way to fix it.
Oh ok.

I got that problem too. If it's a problem when you are recording, try to use Xsplit with the screen recording option (don't record the game directly). The game will stay at 60 FPS, even if there seems to have some frame skipping when you play.

If it's a problem of RoR itself (without recording), check the Steam Community forum, you have to change value or delete some keys in your registry with Regedit.
Wow. I found the thread you're talking about, and it actually works.

Why the fuck would RoR be using layer registries from freaking DEUS EX?! That's just... Well, time to continue the sub-12 grind!
Hahaha I have no idea !

Good luck Onin, I'll try to get a sub 15 run in Monsoon on my side.
Here's a tutorial on how to throw away the god run:

What thread is it to avoid the frame drops please ? The only threads I found told about a steam.exe registry key, but since I switched to a non-steam version of the game, it shouldn't affect the game, I think ? (I don't even have this key where it's supposed to be)

Or maybe a Core2 Duo + GT240M is too weak for this game ?

I'm currently doing 16-17 min runs IGT, but with the framerates dropping as hell in last level, I'm at 20-21 min Real Time, and that's really annoying since it just kill all my runs.
I'm recording in 640*360 with OBS.

Do you have any idea please ?
Yeah, it's the one about the Windows NT Layers stuff. I wouldn't know which key would be related to a non-steam version of the game, but well, considering I deleted a key that shouldn't be related to the game at all in the first place, it might not matter. Doesn't hurt to try deleting the keys related to games you're not playing anymore, I'd say.
I'll try this so, thanks

Sub 12 HYPE
Great job ! You're so lucky you don't have framerate drops xD But very nice run Wink
Ruling the cosmos!
guys, sniper is best class because do lots of damage rite?

But no real talk, does anybody actually run sniper%, I need to know
Get over here!
Sniper does have good damage but it becomes pretty meaningless on Providence since outside the selected items in any% every other damage source will be reduced to 1.

And there's that 1 minute timeloss over the dash glitch. Undecided

That doesn't mean you shouldn't run it I think it might even be a lot safer than merc since you don't have to get close and personal.
I think the Sniper thing is much more of a non-artifact run tactic.  Also, as I've said before there are many more possibilities in co-op for running the non-artifact version of the game.  In my opinion the best N-A team(considering Providence's stats) Would be Sniper/Commando.  All the specialty stuff like missiles would go to Commando because they would activate so often from the number of attacks, and the Sniper would periodically take a chunk out of bosses/enemies in the area.  I would also say that Han-d has immense untapped potential; Their abaility one attacks hits slightly above them and can be used to cheat Privdence's AI- If Providence is on thew bottom row of the arena and stands one step above you they won't hit with their attack but as long as they're horizontally close they'll keep swinging at you anyways.  In the second form Providence seems to gain more hit radius and you need to stay to steps under them to occasionally jump and hit them but the same strategy works throughout the match.

Check around the 34 minute mark to see this strategy in action.
The simple issue with classes like Sniper and HanD is: They're slow. If you're automatically losing minutes on getting slow portal times (or in the case of any% runs, on not doing the door clips), then everything else you bring to the table doesn't matter anymore.
In solo I would totally agree but in co-op whichever one you choose could catch up to the faster character after the teleporter/boss console had been activated.