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Hey Ho Let's Go
ikk: Good news! After much digging I found the login info for the Quake Speedrunning YouTube channel. I'll send you a private message :-)
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ikk: 2015-07-13 10:20:04 am
PSN: MassDamageLT
Single Segment - Episodes 1-4 - Nightmare Runs

Scourge of Armagon ☩ Dimension of the Doomed ☩ Easy Marathons
Are the episode 1-4 NM SS runs new? There doesn't seem to be any indication...

Did you combine two different runs into one video in the other upload? I hope that doesn't make it harder to find one you're after. Looks like those are new, gotta see them.
PSN: MassDamageLT
both uploads are records aprox one year old. top in their categories on the website at the moment. date of the news item they correspond to is "Tuesday, 2nd December, 2014". maybe i will upload other updates since that time too,
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ikk: 2015-07-13 10:19:39 am
ikk: 2015-06-06 05:12:12 am
PSN: MassDamageLT
From Deviant's Domain to Elemental Fury I ☩ I.L. Speedruns
- has 18 IL speedruns in it, some short some longer.
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You should try using JoeQuake for capturing might fix most of the visual glitches.
PSN: MassDamageLT
unfortunatelly there seems to be no 64-bit linux build of JoeQuake, so i cant run it currently on my system. DarkPlaces-Quake is what i'm using, and problem may be my video card being too old. other thing is that only this client can capture video in realtime (out of 3 clients i have).

^ You people sicken me.
PSN: MassDamageLT
no mistakes even so far in the run, solid record. congrats.
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crazy boi
PSN: MassDamageLT
BTW. sorry for not uploading any videos to the channel currently, i'm on a GoG vacations Smiley
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Decided to render Qd100Qlite2 since most of the ones on youtube were quite low quality.
16:9 version

Also Quake is 19 years old today.
Good luck with upcoming ESA run Elgu! I noticed you were attending. Shame I won't be there this year.
PSN: MassDamageLT
got general question.

little new project i want to make. im taking two marathons by two runners and, as segments, selecting best time per map, and that demos go into final video, merged in speedrun order.
we got names like "Segmented", "Single Segment", "Marathon"....
instead, what name can You suggest for this for me to use?

(dont worry if i post video earlier, i can update title later)
names i came up with myself, some maybe not good: "Floored", "Amalgamation", "Weld".
Why would you do this instead of collecting THE best times as ILs?
PSN: MassDamageLT
new video:
Quake ⛥ Nightmare 100% ⛥ Speed Run Amalgamation

earlier, i rendered this video in 60fps:
Quake done Quickest ⛥ 60Hz version

@LotBlind: my description in first link video may answer your question.
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ikk: 2015-08-06 10:41:51 am
PSN: MassDamageLT
new video:
Quake ☩ Red Slammer and 17 more ☩ Custom Level Speed Run Package
34 minutes video, custom level speed runs from the website, these were map names letters L and M.
some status screens got intermingled, sorry. have fix in mind for it for future uploads.
PSN: MassDamageLT
Quake ☩ Beyond the Black Sun ☩ Custom Level Speed Run Package
Custom level package, 54 speedruns. Letters: H, I, J, K and T. Easy mode, try not to blink Wink
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Elgu: 2015-08-26 06:58:55 pm
Elgu: 2015-08-26 06:58:29 pm
Go fast
Nice video ikk!
Apparently I've forgot to link this here

Some new coop runs:
Go fast

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ikk: 2016-01-13 02:54:30 am
ikk: 2016-01-13 02:52:37 am
ikk: 2016-01-13 02:52:10 am
ikk: 2016-01-12 08:45:25 am
PSN: MassDamageLT
Quake ☩ Orignal Epsiodes 100% ☩ 40:00 by Elgu
this is run posted on the website at 6th Dec 2015.
also uploaded original video file, parts: 1 2 3

great run to watch, things go smooth.
Thanks for upload! I just saw it, it has two jumps, I posted on YT where they are. I can't tell how long the latter one is.

Elgu: you or someone should do a run (any% or 100%) where you just cheat yourselves permanent quad and pentagram. Cheesy Call it "The Elder God Run"

That "End" route makes it so weird now Shocked