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PSN: MassDamageLT
I'm not speedruner but i like quake and speedruns.
here are 2 videos of couple of demos that i made from demos selected arbitrairly from the website.

* Quake 1 ☩ Day Of The Lords ☩ Night-100% ☩ 11:23 by T.Stubgaard
* Quake 1 ☩ Nightmare 100% ☩ 4 Custom Level Speedruns

im inteerested in making more of them, if not for the others then for myself.
which demos or packs would be most recommended that i could use ?

with so big archive on the website, maybe there are some that got obscured, demos from custom maps or different categories.
currently i'm not using high quality settings heavy modded quake port when making the avis.
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Whenever the guys upload new record times I don't think they tend to render them at all. So how about just starting with getting up-to-date videos up somewhere? Or maybe I'm wrong and I just didn't look that hard.

Other than that no idea... There's gonna be a few interesting gimmick runs maybe like Dimension of the Gibbed which ofc is rendered.
I sometimes record some of the coop runs me and Elgu do

I would be interested in maybe recording all the runs that get uploaded here but idk
Sounds like getting the workflow up is the biggest effort. At longest a demo would be an hour long I expect for some crazy challenge runs.
PSN: MassDamageLT
i got 2 more. uploaded to my YT.

* Quake 1 ☩ Single Segment All Episodes ☩ Nightmare 100% ☩ 69:33 by Optic
* Quake 1 ☩ Black Episode ☩ Nightmare 100% Done Quickest

credits givent in video description.
please watch in 60 fos.
Watching both Smiley The 100% made a nice watch at the GDQ it was done at so the record time is probably going to be amazing.
Hmm... I think the SS Nightmare 100% has an A/V desync. I started noticing it at around 40:00.
PSN: MassDamageLT
av desync is because i had to manually fix it. it happened because demos had pause in them and i had to use different command to capture video which in turn caused desync. fixing damaged files like this is relativelly hard. 2 maybe noticable desyncs, they last at most to the end of its level.
new uploads:

Quake 1 ☩ Dissolution of Eternity Nightmare 100% ☩ EP1 and EP2 by Radix
* EP1
* EP2
^That's brilliant, I'd just finished the previous ones!
i wonder when the next update is gonna go up cause ive been waiting for a while Sad
Is the 100% Dissolution run really the WR? It looks a little bit casual at times. I guess it hasn't been run nearly as much as Q1. ALL CREDIT TO RADIX
PSN: MassDamageLT
overall looks not bad i.m.o. maybe some sections were on-timer.., cant tell, didnt played through the game extensivelly myself. theres 3 runs by 3 runners in its category... other SR website i know of, doesnt have any runs of it. its of secondary attention i would say.
sda loyalist
Yeah, DoE was never popular and NH even less so. I tried beating those records a few times myself, but the levels are just so hostile that I gave up.
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PSN: MassDamageLT
Quake 1 ☩ Mexx Series ☩ Nightmare 100% Quickest
* Part 1
* Part 2

Quake 1 ☩ TERRA Episode, 1-6 ☩ Nightmare 100% Quickest
PSN: MassDamageLT
Quake ☩ Custom Level Pack X4 ☩ Nightmare 100% Speedrun

this one has recent speedrun in it, e2m10 in 16:51 by Elgu (date 2015-04-05).
thanks to everybody for demos upload.
Is there some kind of universal convention for when you can call your run "Quickest"? Is it always the 4th revision somehow?
PSN: MassDamageLT
im adding "Quickest" for videos that (1) have entire episode, series or campaign in their in-game order, (2) done as individual levels and (3) by more than one runner. im kind of borrowing this from SDA Quake movies that were made some time before.
its propably not very important if its in title or not, as im trying to give info about demos used in the video description.
also please remember that so far theese are arbitrarily selected by me and i may not post them all here in the future, possibly to avoid forum spamming etc.
also the runs are not done by me, i only captured  them into videos Smiley
Okay but it's also a bit confusing because of the old "quick-quicker-quick with a vengeance-quickest" progression. Why not just call it a segmented run which I suppose it is?

Even if you don't leave a note of every upload I recommend to drop one every now and then.
Ha! You get recognition in like a few weeks. When's my turn dammit?
At what point did the idea to replace some of the sound effects originate? Why is it done? I know Quake running predates SDA but if it's to hear stuff better wouldn't it technically be breaking SDA rules otherwise?
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PSN: MassDamageLT
Quake 100% Speedrun in 43:52 by Elgu
- note that this one has been already beaten by the man himself

Quake ☩ Black episode ☩ Dual Screen Slowmo ☩ Coop Quickest
- has some composing, slow speed is for better viewing, fe. easier two screen viewing
- also admire epic quake ambience.
- demos in their original speed play in the second video section

many questions...
afaik. there is no such thing as rules regarding demos to videos posting. these are just as genuine as you or anyone can tell (speedrun subbission is other thing). simply making them for myself and others best way possible not doing same thing too often,..

mods that im adding are for many purposes, i just cant write them and document all the reasons... it just would be not enough comprehensive either way.

some of mod purposes:
* making video better for encoding and for correct bitrate, fe. youtube things
* new optimal textures that my system can resonably handle and do not break quality at used bitrates
* sounds replacements so that there is no volume spikes for certain guns
* some sounds were ok in the past but arent quite now, fe. modern soundcards run at higher rates.
Oooohh right I didn't realize all of that was only added in rendering, of course. Well that makes sense then.
Hey Ho Let's Go
ikk: I think it's a really good initiative you're taking with uploading Quake videos. I used to do that myself when I ran SDA back in the day. Since I stopped speedrunning and updating SDA I haven't done much about it though, so it's good to see someone else continue that trend.

We have an official SDA Quake Speedrunning Youtube page which you can find here:

It seems I haven't updated it in 4 years...

If I could only find the password for it somewhere on one of my external harddrives, you (or anyone else for that matter) would be welcome to take control of it if you'd want to. I'll have a look later and see if I can locate it.
PSN: MassDamageLT
Quake ☩ The Dimension of the Gibbed ☩ Speedrun and The Movie

DOTG project, 2 parts, speedrun demos then full movie.
this is only my upload, originally created by Richard Skidmore.
i couldnt make quake font more readable, like replacing or enlarging it.
so instead i added voices made with TTS speach software Smiley

i could and would like to help wirh quake videos anytime.
my videos are usually 15+ minutes, made from some 100% categories.
so instead, i could upload other runs, made from website updates for example,
to other place, like the quake YT channel. thats if, YT account you mentioned could be recovered.
otherwise i can olso upload to other places, like SDA files database etc.
i already can allow and have no problem with SDA users taking video rips from my channel for other use.
PSN: MassDamageLT
Quake ☩ Beyond Belief + Dual Speedrun SS 100%

Quake ☩ Zerstörer, Phantasmal G. and Prodigy SE ☩ V.Hard Speedruns