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Everyday is puppies and sunshine...
UA has been notified but I don't know when he will have a fix out.

Cool.  Sorry if it was a known issue I rehashed.  Smiley
Fucking Weeaboo
In the latest news update (May 7th) you attempt to link to Homestar Runner but it added it as a sublink to SDA.
Dragon Power Supreme
Fixed, thanks.
You got a deletion wish?
Tony Hawk's Project 8 run is the XBox 360 version, not Gamecube (XBox Live in the menu Wink )
The TimeShift run on casual difficulty has a wrong date on its page, probably the old date was not updated.
The run was completed on 2015-10-15.
I just saw that this run video is missing.
Fucking Weeaboo
ActRaiser 2 is a difficult platformer developed by Quintet and published by Enix for the SNES in 1993. This sequel to ActRaiser finds The Master (God) continuing his fight against Tanzra (Satan)

ActRaiser 2 is actually a prequel in regards to the story.
Thanks! finally all that stuff should be fixed. Tony Hawk's Project 8 doesn't currently show the platform (i.e. it's only been run on one) so that should be fine...