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I'm addicted to games
A bunch of new demos have been posted.

I spent the last 6-7 hours watching these and doing the update, so it's quite possible I have made mistakes. Just let me know if you see anything funny.
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Go fast
Quote from Radix:
I spent the last 6-7 hours watching these

wow good job.
I also send a Episode 3 2-Player Easy Run Marathon in 2:26 a while ago.
I can re-send that if you can't find it.
some nice demos in there thumbsup
just missing my hip2m3 IL
Quote from Radix:
A bunch of new demos have been posted.

Thanks for the update, excellent demos! It is great that this over 18 year old game is still being played actively. And some of the new demos are among the best ever done. Perhaps an old record holder or two will feel compelled to protect their records now?
Hey Ho Let's Go
Great stuff man! I have yet to watch through all the marathons, but I'm amazed someone new actually comes along and continues to beat iD records by old farts like myself :-)

So, who's gonna do the Nightmare 100% of all of Quake....?
I'm addicted to games
Hey Ho Let's Go
Hi Nolan :-)

You really should post a little something Quake-ish on the main SDA page. Just a little note saying there's a shitload of demos.
I'm addicted to games
Another 9 demos have been posted
People still play Quake? hurr hurr hurr

Seriously, it's awesome that not only are there new demos coming in but fucking iD records. Fuck I miss this game. Sad
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kukkye: 2015-05-04 02:04:01 am
spotted a couple of funny things going on with the demo dates.
the 2 player ER marathon of ep2's date is 13.38.15.
the easy run of all of quake is dated for 2005.

also, i was credited for the 2 player ER marathon of ep3 when it should be elgu and wakecold. (in the player page)
I'm addicted to games
That'll teach me to do an update right before I go to sleep...
Great to see there's still awesome demos coming out.

A couple of things I noticed on the updates tough:
- There were no links to the id maps pages (like I think there used to be), this is useful when you want to see the history of a particular record, specially when the name of the previous record holder wasn't mentioned on the update.
- There was no mention to who were the second players on those coop runs, it looks like it was actually a greater number of players that debuted on these last demos.
I'm addicted to games
Some more demos have been posted.
I'm addicted to games
Some more demos have been posted.
Go fast
"Tony improved his own time for the easy 100% run of episode 2 down to 10:03"
That was by me. thumbsup
Other than that looks good!
I'm addicted to games
Hey Ho Let's Go
"I lost a whole month..."

You're going to lose your right kneecap if you don't start posting more Quake demos! ;-)

To the current crop of Quake runners. We're some old farts who occasionally still visit the Quake portion of SDA hoping for new demos. I just finished watching all those from the new update and I'm blown away. Please keep them coming. I'm still waiting for one of you guys to tackle All of Quake Nightmare 100%....
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Elgu: 2015-11-10 10:34:52 am
Elgu: 2015-11-10 10:34:37 am
Go fast
Quote from Stubgaard:
I'm still waiting for one of you guys to tackle All of Quake Nightmare 100%....

How about YOU come back to running and do that? Wink

Also I know a person who used to run Nightmare hundo but he quit. I also know a guy who's learning it. Just need to wait I guess!
I'm addicted to games
More demos have been posted. This should be everything in the queue! Sorry it took me so long to get these all up.
Go fast
Good looking demos by Maša Obed!
Really nice use of the grenade launcher in dmc2m3. Also nice to see more people running Easy 100%!
The "Youtube channel" link on the left of the Quake section is broken?

Quote from Radix:
It's an easy 100% marathon through all of Quake in a time of 40:00.

Thanks Elgu! Smiley
I'm addicted to games
More demos, and new maps have been added, enjoy!
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OpenGL: 2016-08-07 01:11:17 am
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
i am shocked at seeing markus' e1m3 nr got surpassed!
by the way, i finished a marathon last year, but not without breaking my knee.embarassed