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I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Wow, e1m3_023? Who is the guy who uploads this to youtube? I'd love to see that!
Run here
I'm addicted to games
New demos posted Smiley
Someone render the add-on marathon run or I quit.
Thunderbolt Forever :)
Quote from Radix:
New demos posted Smiley
The link to ER marathon of DOE is wrong Smiley

is to be changed to

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Fixed, thanks
I'm addicted to games
More demos posted! Even at 21 years old, Quake records are still being broken in the original levels...
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ruja: 2017-12-05 03:21:24 am
it can always be done faster
incredible stuff. I remember some-one saying: "it can always be done quicker"..
guess it's true. Amazing new runs.
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Wow, what incredible news. Runs on ID maps still being beaten so many years later! I wish I had Quake installed right just so I could watch them. Hopefully someone will upload some of them to Youtube, would love to watch some of those ER marathons... and e3m1 ER in  :22 (!!), nice. I got nostalgic about two weeks ago and watched a full production (Qd100%Quickest I think) which surprisingly had a few of my own demos in episode 1. Quake is such a kickass game... still new stuff being discovered and runs on original maps being improved. I was quite shocked also by e4m5_010... how on earth was that possible? What has changed so much from the times I was still playing to this being done? Unbelievable really.

Hope these newcomers keep the game alive!!!
Hey, we need to update the tables with new e3m1 and e4m3 Smiley
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Another round of 45 demos have posted. Features include e1m1_020 and many "mad coops"!
I'm addicted to games
More demos posted
nolan is the hero quake deserves
Oldie in quake
i watched the recent demos and I'm blown away by the quality. When I read text files new players (those who have come in last 4 years) still complain their efforts weren't flawless. Just how fast can you get. Smiley
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20 new demos!
I can't get this thread to leave the unread threads. Let's try posting here again...
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39 more demos posted
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
Wow, these demos are quite incredible. I have to wonder, though... this speed these guys are getting, it is purely because, even after all these years, there were still ways to perfect bunnyhopping Huh? I don't have Quake installed and have not had it for many many years, but watching some of these new runs on Youtube (the ones I could find, like e1m1 0:19), I just cannot believe the speed achieved AND maintained throughout the bunny sequences. I guess my question is, would modern hardware be helping this even in the slightest bit? I am not a gamer and have not played videogames in over a decade so it's an honest question.

I had a great time watching some of these new runs on Youtube. Great to see the game still alive !!
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LotBlind: 2019-09-11 08:54:22 am
The higher the frame count, the higher the speed cap. This is true for Q3 engine and I'm assuming for Q1 and Q2 as well.

This video is about jump heights, but the logic is similar for strafe jumping/bunnyhopping: in fact I saw an article where it was stated that for those the higher the FPS, the uniformly better it gets, with very noticeably dips in the effective speed cap (as a function of time) below 30 FPS. You just can't be as precise with frame-by-frame inputs if the calculations themselves are done more roughly.

What kind of frame rates do you remember getting? I wonder if the game is allowed to be run at much higher max FPS now in some port?

"watching some of these new runs on Youtube (the ones I could find...)" This is why it would be great to have a dedicated uploader.
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Radix: 2019-09-11 09:32:49 pm
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Quake 1 FPS is capped at 72. We pretty much already met that with hardware 10 years ago.
Then you just sucked.
I'm addicted to games
I never could bunny, fps doesn't matter Wink
bunnyhopping has come a long way since its inception, especially since powerbunnies were developed and eventually became commonplace. modern hardware doesn't play any role since we all run at 72 fps - it's down to the individual to really optimize each and every input.
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Arturo: 2019-09-17 09:32:46 am
I love YaBB 1G - SP1!
First of all, just to be perfectly clear: I am very open to the idea that perhaps I just sucked and bunnyhopping has come a long way. Smiley I am happy to see old records being broken even if I'm left out with zero records! Like I said, I don't even have Quake installed, and I do wish more demos were on Youtube so I could enjoy them from time to time. It does bring back memories Smiley

I was never good at the technical aspect of Quake so I have no idea about framerates and the like. I do remember I had to play with quite horrible-looking graphics because I felt I was a bit faster that way. I think I achieved this with some variables like d_mipcap 3 and d_mipscale 3 (from memory, I could be wrong). I guess I will never really have an answer, but like I said, I am perfectly happy accepting players now have perfected technique so much that they're going so much faster on equal conditions to which I was playing back then.

Even after all these years I do recognize some of the better strategies they're using for preserving speed, jumping off of slopes whenever possible and turning at certain points as to land in a "better" place. So if a run is improved by doing these kind of things, I'm loving it (I used to do that myself). But then there are other areas of the maps where I see the players just going sooooo fast without really doing anything different from what I/we were doing back then, and they preserve speed even while shooting in mid-air (something I could never do well, I always seemed to slow down if I fired during a bunny sequence).

Sure bunnyhopping has come a long way since it's inception, but when I quit running there were already a lot of talks about "forward tapping" on contact with the ground, and people were getting pretty fast on most maps. Of course this was a long time ago and standards have improved so much... what I considered decent back then is very slow nowdays I suppose.

EDIT (I forgot about my desktop back then): I think I built a desktop with these specs: "AMD Athlon (I think) 2.08 Ghz, with a crappy GeForce4 mx400 or mx440 vid card"; I really don't remember any other specs, but I believe that is the same desktop I was using when I produced all my 'best' demos, which I think were around 2005-2006 but I could be wrong. Maybe that hardware did enable me to preserve speed in the way I am seeing in current records, and I was just not able to do it because of bad technique. I am perfectly OK with that and not losing sleep over it, but it did make me a little curious, that's all. Smiley

Anyways I am loving these new demos and hope to see more in the future (in Youtube!).
Stubgaard is on the job of rendering and uploading more demos now! I'm hopeful this won't take too long to happen.