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Use \ before commas in usernames
Anyways, I've been working on the following games for SDA's KB:

-Kirby's Return to Dreamland
-Metroid Fusion
-Metroid: Zero Mission
-Metroid Prime 2

Anyone who knows about speedrunning the above games, it would be great if you could look over some of what I wrote and make sure it's A-OK Smiley
I've started to change "&" in article names to "and", since "&" shows up as "&amp;" in article names and that looks pretty dumb.

Remember that for future page creation.
Quote from KennyMan666:
I've started to change "&" in article names to "and", since "&" shows up as "&amp;" in article names and that looks pretty dumb.

Remember that for future page creation.

Weird, wikis I deal with don't have this problem. Maybe a later version of MediaWiki fixes it, or there is a specific extension for it, or something. Something on that end.
just( •_•)>⌐■-■ ..... (⌐■_■)wing it
I been working / plan on working on the following pages

- Star Fox Assault
- Mega Man X / X3 / X5

From what I understand the format I have set up for star fox assault is what is preferred by Mr. K (can someone verify that I'm doing that page correctly?)
Seems fine for the the most part. That's what my pages look like
I feel there should be a direct link on the ambient "navigation" box on the left to the list of games.

I'm slowly creating a Typing of the Dead page, but I started it before this post was made so it doesn't conform to any standards currently. But maybe along with feedback the (suggested?) format might evolve a bit. Is it important that it's made to look like that or is it okay if it doesn't initially?
Basically what LotBlind said. It'd be very convenient to just have a link to the list of games on the left side. controls the navigation bar, but you have to have admin rights to edit it.
Hey friends!  Sorry I've been away for a little while.  We got some permissions straightened out and I've edited the sidebar per everyone's suggestions.  I've also changed "Help" to go to the new editing page that MarioGalaxy2433g5 has been working on.  Please let me know if any of you have any other suggestions.
mr k  would you have any objection to me either

a)  replacing the smw link on the game list page directly with  and getting rid of the current kb  page or

b)  replace  current kb page with a link to & keep links to sda game  pages.

the current page is a copy and paste of the tas videos resource page which has some good info but not much relevant to real time speedruns

the issue with porting the wiki over is that it's hosted by minion and that gives us control to add mediawiki  extensions  which we've added a bunch of.  that might make importing the wiki kind of messy and things lost in translation.
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Dram, Mr. K and I talked about this and we said it's cool if you rewrite the smw page with a link to the smw wiki. We don't want to steal or overwrite your work.

I'd prefer option B, and if you could give our wiki a reference in the smw wiki that would be cool.
I think it might be a good idea to create preloads for game pages, where if you are creating the page, it will give you the option to automatically have some things placed on a page. Like, automatically have the sections created, etc. This could help make starting pages easier and feel more accessible. MediaWiki manual:
For someone like me, something like that by category would be a great thing to do, to guide people to go ahead and follow more closely the preferred formats.

I know Mr. K offered to do reformatting in his lust for power, er, excitement in getting stuff on the site, but if he has to do less, then we're less likely to burn the man out. Smiley
DS Dictator
Started working on Shadow Complex:
So I made a Speedrun that isn't on SDA and the game isn't very popular for speedrunning, so I'm a bit hesitant creating a Game Page for it since the wiki seems pretty SDA-centered and nobody might read the information about the game anyway. But since there is no information about speedrunning the game on the internet (afaik), except my run on YouTube, I was still thinking about documenting some of the stuff for some time, in case someone is interested in it after all. Some tricks aren't even in my run yet. As I understand it, the KB might be the right spot for this?
tduva we'd love to have your game in the KB.  It's true that the processing and recording and rules section are specific to SDA, but the strategy wiki is meant to be used by the entire speedrunning community (SDA, SRL, TAS Videos).  We'd like to make that the resource for everyone and no game is too obscure or under appreciated for it.
Edit history:
tduva: 2013-07-11 10:48:52 am
I added some initial information. Is it ok to add links to my speedrun on YouTube if I haven't done any dedicated tutorial videos? Most of the stuff isn't too hard, but explaining it all in text can be pretty lenghtly.
Edit history:
TheMG2: 2013-07-11 07:28:47 pm
TheMG2: 2013-07-11 04:10:20 pm
Yeah, youtube links are allowed. You should probably use time stamps to link to specific parts if you want to show specific tricks.

Also I created a preload file to make creating game pages easier for new people. Currently the best way to do this would be adding a link or something to the new article message. The preload file is

The contents of should replace

EDIT: If you decide to use my preload file, it should probably be protected.

EDIT 2: Or you can do it in a way that isn't a total hack, as judging from the extensions installed.

EmbedVideo hype.
Yes, a cucco riding the ground.
When video embedding is implemented, can you make it so it requires an explicit embedding code instead of just replacing YouTube links with embedded videos? The latter would make a lot of existing pages blow up to ridiculous sizes, not to mention ruining paragraphs with links in them.
Considering how the extension that was just installed works, that is the case.
Edit history:
Mr. K: 2013-07-12 12:46:48 am
Yes, it's official!  We now have added support for embedding videos!  I've updated the editing help page with instructions on how to do it.
Take a gander.  Resizing the video thumbnails is also supported.

We've also added support for embedding google docs.  The steps for that are a bit more complicated and I'll add instructions to the editing help page tomorrow.
lol I cheated and looked at Special:Version.
Edit history:
Mr. K: 2013-07-12 09:10:27 am
I've added instructions for how to embed google docs to pages in the editing help section.  The embedding code is not too bad, you just have to set viewer access privilege to your doc and publish it to the web before you can embed it.  Like the video embedding, you can determine the size of the embedded document or spreadsheet on the page.
Just make sure to spell spreadsheet right. Tongue
We've updated the editing toolbar that you see when making new pages or editing existing pages.  The new toolbar is much more user friendly and makes it so you don't have to memorize as much of the page formatting.  I'll be documenting its features tomorrow.