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PJ: 2013-11-19 10:46:40 am


Bird boss on floor 2 was amazing!  Was that health refill in the cash room a backup strat since you had such low health?  Or is that part of the route now.

That skeleton fight!  Oh my goodness!

Also, it is possible to make the jump from the floor 3 entrance directly to the skeleton boss window.  I don't exactly understand it though.  Sometimes I make the jump and sometimes I don't...while jumping from the same pixel with the same approach.  It's really bizarre.  I'm sure you already knew about that, though.

This run.  This run is amazing.
Thanks.  I had a couple of incredible boss fights in this run that are going to be hard to replicate.  The cash room was indeed a backup strat that I hadn't planned to use at all.  If done correctly, it takes roughly the same amount of time as grinding for hearts in the Left Tower.  This part, however, was a bit slower than it needed to be.  My general rule of thumb I suppose is going to be to skip the cash room if my health is above 4.  If I want to get down to around 9:00, the cash room will have to be skipped entirely.  Also, you're right about the jump from the floor 3 entrance.  I've seen it done and admittedly, it's not something I've put much practice into.  I probably should in the future.

I've had a few of my viewers show interest in at least attempting to run this game in recent weeks.  I'm not sure if these sentiments are out of pity that I actually run THIS game or if the interest is genuine, but I'll post the routes for Any% and 100% later on tonight for all who may be interested.
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HavocProdigy: 2013-11-19 07:21:42 pm
HavocProdigy: 2013-11-19 07:20:16 pm
I've attached charts that detail every stop, item, honeycomb, notebox, dollar, ect. on both the Any% and 100% routes for this run.  These are best viewed in Windows Notepad.  It should be noted that there are some safety measures that can be added to the Any% run.  These will include:

-Picking up the honeycombs in 1-1 and 1-2
-Collecting more money, particularly the $8 in 3-2 at the bottom of the room on the way to the fireplace
-Visiting the cash room to completely restore your health with the $15 that you also receive there.  Visiting this costs roughly the same amount of time as the inevitable farming of hearts in the Left Tower.

The cash room can be visited up to three times with regenerating $15.  However, this is awfully time consuming.  Assuming that you will be visiting it once, the best time to do so is after the Fireplace and Cane Dungeon and before the Left Tower (since you will have permanent double-shot at that point and will not lose it by entering this area). 

I'm not sure how many people are serious about attempting either run, but I'm always more than happy to answer any questions about this again either here or on Twitch.  Good luck.
Quick update:

1.) I've completely scrapped the 100% run.  It was boring beyond belief to watch and it required near-perfect luck on the 7 note boxes.  In order to only visit the cash room only once (to purchase the $60 high-jump boots), I needed 50 notes on 5 of the 7 note boxes.  This is largely out of the player's control and mostly luck.  The result was that most attempts had to be scrapped after the first 1 or 2 note boxes when it was physically impossible to gather 50 notes on either one.  Despite continuing to lower my PB in this stupid category,  it was a bad idea from the start and I should have listened to my gut.  Lesson learned.

2.) The experience of trying to create a 100% route wasn't a complete waste, as I'm using my PB (23:04) to turn into a Milon's Secret Casual tutorial.  This should hopefully see the light of day in January.  The focus of this video/Twitch highlight/whatever is to show where everything in the game is and how to beat the game casually.  I haven't decided whether I should record my voice explaining everything, put text throughout the video, or just let the video speak for itself.

3.) I was testing just how awful the Twitch delay is now and started messing around with some runs.  I mistakenly got a run going and came within 6 seconds of breaking my record by taking 5 cycles to kill Maharito instead of 4.  Even though this run is a tad slower, the route from this run more accurately shows the route that I will be using in future attempts.  I'm still somewhat ashamed that my record run included a detour to the cash room to refill my health.  This is no longer something that I will be doing in attempts.  For anyone silly enough to pick this game up to run at some point, this video should show off the route now used by yours truly.  I've also attached my route as a notepad document.

My Milon Tutorial and further WR attempts will resume in January.  Happy Holidays.  See ya then.
Hello, SDA.  It's been a while.

Earlier tonight, I was delighted to see that the previous World Record for this game was posted on Nico Video by t_fumanu.  His run was achieved back in June of 2012.  I was even happier to discover that his run, as I assumed and hoped from the start, was completely legit and did not use turbo.  Using SDA timing, my run clocks in at 9:31 and his clocks in at 9:47 (I split early on the comparison splits found below).  The main differences between our runs are listed below:

-Fairly significant route differences on the 1st floor.
-He allows himself no money whatsoever for health refills (something I've wanted to do for a while).
-He collects $17, $2 of which is unneeded but unavoidable.  In my last serious attempts back in January, I was collecting $25, $10 of which could potentially be used for health.
-While I collect 2 umbrellas in the Right Tower, t_fumanu collects only one.  Amazingly, our split for this time is identical to the exact 10th of a second.
-T_fumanu has better execution throughout a lot of the rooms but significantly slower/safer boss battles, particularly on the 3rd floor.
-I kill Maharito on the 4th cycle.  T_fumanu has an unfortunately terrible Maharito fight which takes 6 cycles and ends up being a 4th floor that is about 20 seconds slower than mine.

Overall, I think that t_fumanu's run looks cleaner than mine.  I've never been all that satisfied with my 9:31 due to the use of the cash room to restore my health before the Left Tower (around a 25 second time-waster).  That unplanned trip to the cash room is why I never bothered to replace my SDA run.  It is the only part of my run that I look at and cringe.  Maybe someday I'll beat my run and resubmit.

If you're looking to compare the two runs, please note that my SDA run is not even close to the record, has slow boss fights, and an outdated route which I stopped using back in October.  Instead, use my record run from my Twitch channel.  For those who are interested:

t_fumanu's 9:47 SDA:
Havoc's 9:31 SDA:

Lastly, I timed his run against my splits.  I should point out that in my final grind sessions back in January, it was fairly common for me to get to the skeleton boss at the end of the 3rd floor with a 20 to 30 second lead on my best run.  However, I had a god-like Kama fight (lots of luck and a decent amount of skill) that I've never since come close to topping.  My end-game appears to be too good for my own good.  Enjoy!

I watched t_fumano's run. Very nice. None of the devices I have at the moment support twitch archives, so I haven't watched your run. Sorry...

There can be many reasons not to submit to sda period. However, I have a hard time understanding why you prefer the obsolete run to be your representation of the game here for an unknown time still. It sounds like you haven't actively been working on Milon for quite a while and have no definite plans picking it up again. I assume the 25 second time-waster is simply because you played it fast and aggressively, took a few hits too many and had to restore health? So it's a possibility for improvement by increasing the overall risk of the run, not because of a particularly sloppy mistake or an embarrasing planning oversight. I doubt many people will hold it against you when watching your run.

For information, I write because I'm in a similar situation myself. I just finished a run of Solomon's Key that I'm not completely happy with and I know that I can do better. However, due to personal stuff I will have to settle with what I have and accept that an improvement will first be possible to work on later. I believe it can still be of interest here, so I decided to send it in. Ultimately, it's of course up to you where you want your videos to be posted, but it would at least have been easier for me if it was available here. :-)
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HavocProdigy: 2014-04-26 04:00:03 pm
That's fine if you haven't seen my run.  My post wasn't about bringing attention to my PB from 5 months ago.  I've never been particularly good or interested in self-promotion.  I was excited to finally see t_fumanu's run and see how different our approach was.  Besides, I figure anyone that is actually interested in runs of this game has seen my run at this point, regardless of whether or not it was on SDA.  I watched your Adventure Island run on here a little while back and enjoyed it.  I assure you that my decision to do so was not based upon whether or not the run was on SDA or whether or not we were still e-friends on Twitch.  I guess I'm just a fan of speedruns, regardless of where they can be found.

Because I've always been awfully terrible at filtering my thoughts, often at the expense of my own e-popularity, I'd like to offer a differing point of view in the form of random points that came to me.  Take from it what you will:

-Looking back, submitting my 10:43 run was rather premature.  Knowing what I'm now capable of, even just shortly after submitting my run, there was no need to jump the gun and submit it.  It's a nice looking run but I quickly became capable of much more.  I'd rather not make the same mistake and submit a run that I'm not completely satisfied with.  I'd like my next Milon submission (if I choose to do so) to be my last.  In my mind, the 9:31 run is already beaten so it IS going to happen.  It's just a matter of putting it all together.  I will then have a decision as to whether or not to resubmit another Milon run.  However, that topic isn't particularly on my mind at the moment and I will cross that bridge when I arrive there.

-SDA's slogan, which I've heard ad-naseum, is that this isn't a world record site.  Who cares then if the world record is on the site or not?  Despite being significantly slower than my current record/PB/whatever, I think in many ways that it is a better looking run than my 9:31.  Hell, the fact that my 10:43 run is beatable could even encourage someone to pick up the game and try to beat my SDA run.  I'm all for that, as unlikely as it is to happen...not because I'm so great at this game or anything silly like that, but because this game overall is a terrible game to learn to speedrun and most people realized this well before I did.

-If I had submitted my 9:31 run in late November, there's a good chance it still wouldn't be on the site.  Hell, if I were to submit it today, there's a decent chance I will have beaten that run by the time it is posted.  The last run I submitted here took 21 weeks to post.  I'd rather not go through that process again with a "pretty good" run if I'm certain that I will be able to beat that run at some point down the road.  I'm not going to sit here and bash the process and pretend that I could do everything faster.  I'm just stating the facts.  I assure anyone reading that exactly zero offense is intended.

-The attitude of "if it's not on SDA, I'm not interested" is really a shame.  I sincerely mean that.  Besides coming off as extremely SDA  fanboyish, you're missing out on some really incredible runs out there by people that have zero interest in submitting to SDA.  My apologies if that sounds harsh, as that is not my intention.  However...

-That same inner-circle attitude that I've seen from others is what's turning a lot of people off from submitting here (myself included).  Because high school is well behind me at this point, I'd rather not deal with cliques and biases.  If there comes a point in time where I feel that pure objectivity is the driving factor in verfication and not e-friendships, I'll consider resubmitting.

With that said, I think we could all benefit from taking the time periodically to remind ourselves (myself included) that we're all just playing video games kind of fast.  None of this is even remotely important in the grand scheme of things.  It's entertainment, it's a hobby, it's fun.  If you'd like to discuss the matter further, I'd highly recommend that you message me, as I sincerely would rather discuss t_fumanu's run here at this point, or at the very least, comparing the strats of the two runs (if anyone else is even interested Tongue  I promise that I don't take offense to others not finding this game/run the most fascinating thing in the world ).  Best of luck on your future speedruns.

On topic: I like bubbles.

Also on topic: I still need to take the time to translate the comments that appear throughout the runner's video.  I'd like to see his input throughout the run.  Online translators often create some hilariously bad results but I can usually get the gist of what is being said by them.
I thought I was pretty clear when I said that I literally CAN'T watch your run at the moment. I was interested in comparing your strats with the ones from the Japanese run, so it's not that I didn't want to. Aren't you extrapolating just a little bit when you translate that fact into "he must be a member of the fanboy circlejerk club of people who only recognize and watch runs posted on sda"? I'm also curious how you get that theory to fit with me watching and complementing t_fumano's run?

No need to ask me theoretical questions about the point of having "an unpolished faster run posted instead of a better looking slower one since sda is not a world record site anyway" or about "why we forget that video games are about having fun and nothing else matters" and all that. You made it sound in your first post like you were interested in sending runs to sda. In that case I didn't understand why not replacing the current run you have here would also make sense in the meantime (as another improvement wasn't to be expected anytime soon, if ever). Your last post explained some more of your thoughts on the subject. I would maybe have drawn a different conclusion if I were in your shoes, but it's your decision, not mine.

I apologize for not commenting on anything related to the actual purpose of your first post. As I already stated, I can't compare t_fumano's and your run (even though that's exactly what I wanted to do), so there isn't much I could add on-topic.
I think you've made it perfectly clear both in your post and in conversations we've had prior that you had/have no interest in this run (and I assume, other runs) if it's not going to be on SDA.  One of the reasons I was hoping that you'd message me privately about this matter rather than stir unneeded drama, in a topic that is supposed to be about discussing this game no less, is that I had no desire to publicly point out that  this is at least 3rd time that you have flat-out confronted me and demanded answers as to why I was not currently interested in resubmitting to SDA.  The most recent occurrence before this was on MY Twitch channel while I was streaming back in November (yeah I've got a darn good memory).  When I answered honestly that I was not concerned with resubmitting in the near future, you immediately unfollowed me and never came back (#BibleThump, #SeriousBusiness).  I find that attitude to be a real shame and find it rather unfortunate that we can't even discuss the game in a civilized manner anymore, simply because the run has not and will not be submitted to this site.  I think it's safe to say that your attitude would be entirely different if I had gone through the process and submitted a new run.

Rather than drag out this silliness further (since gaming discussion appears to be completely out of the question at this point), I'll leave it at that and urge you to privately message me to tell me what a horrible person I am for not resubmitting to SDA rather than cluttering up this thread any further.  I don't care about getting in the last word.  Call me whatever you want and I'll consider the matter closed, just please stop harping about resubmitting to SDA here when all I was trying to do was have a genuine discussion about a speedrun.  I've given you my reasons.  Whether those reasons satisfy you or not,
For someone who time after time says not wanting to participate in unnecessary drama, you sure have an original way of achieving that goal. There must have been an infinite number of possibilities to quietly kill the discussion after my previous post. Instead you proceeded by both accusing me of repeatedly harping you and unfollowing you on twitch (together with a reason based on pure speculation on your part, which happens to reflect pretty badly on me) in an attempt to... Yeah, I'm not sure exactly what I was supposed to achieve by unfollowing you. Still, you make it sound like it was some sort of declaration of war on my behalf. How do you possibly think I can just leave that stuff for public view without giving my own version? (no need to answer)

Up until sometime in November, I remember having noticed you as quite an active member here (even asking other people to submit to sda, none the less!). Suddenly, you make this long post about how you don't want to submit to sda anymore without any kind of explanation, but the undertone was that something had happened. Hell, there was no reason for you in the first place to say that you wouldn't submit to sda unless you wanted some kind of reaction. If you had omitted that part, I doubt anyone would have bothered you. In a stream of yours some time after, I asked what the reason was. You explained it in what I thought was a rather dramatical way (we'll get back to it). In my ears, it sounded more like a misunderstanding than anything else and I tried to pour some oil on the waves. Now it seems like I poured gasoline on a fire instead!
Fast forward to today. You suddenly post about being interested in sda again. You criticize your pb for reasons I find are natural for a dedicated runner that puts the bar incredibly high in their game. You continue by trashing your current sda-run (old route and slow boss fights, completely misrepresenting the game compared to today's standards). I honestly think that you're the only one who thinks that your pb is bad. So yeah, I asked you if you weren't a bit hard on yourself and why you didn't just replace the old run.
Notice how both of these occasions were preceded by you being the one bringing up sda (first not wanting to submit and now that you suddenly wanted to submit again). I wouldn't have had any problems apologizing for any bad behavior on my part, but it would sound false as I personally think the above is relatively harmless. I do however feel bad that actions from my side have offended you, even if it was unintentional on my part.

You mentioned that I bothered you on other occasions as well. I looked through my sda post history, but couldn't find any contact we've had there. Except for the "unfollow session", I've been in your stream maybe one time (or was it two?). I have no special recollection of that stream, so I assume everything just went normally without incidents. If there are other cases where you feel I have bothered you, I would need help refreshing my memory.

Going forward, one thing is for sure. You've made it perfectly clear that you don't want any questions on what you're going to do with your videos. In case it isn't obvious, I can guarantee you that at least I won't ask you again (lol).

So, I came to your stream. If I remember correctly, before shutting down the stream there was some talk about how you were done with Milon for the time being and planned to move on to Faxandu. It's correct that I also asked about what you were hinting at in your sda post. You started explaining something about how you were subject to some great injustice in a recent Little Nemo verification thread (that I had nothing to do with, for the record). I had trouble following your reasoning, but I got the feeling that things were blown out of proportion and that there was a touch of "conspiracy theory" over the whole thing. I didn't say that to you though.
After you shut down the stream, I unfollowed you before logging off. I had two reasons for this:
- I wasn't particularly interested in Faxanadu.
- The main reason was that your personality turned me off. Put it plainly, I think you acted "weirdly" in your stream and I got the feeling it could be repeated.
It's irrelevant if you are indeed a "weirdo" or not. If a strange person is too crazy for me, I'll just quietly move on without telling them unless they directly come in my way. It's different if it's a good friend of mine though (which a stream viewer showing up for the second or third time hardly can be considered as). I followed you because I wanted notices about when you went live. I unfollowed you because I didn't want those notices any more. It's unfortunate if
you put more into those actions than that, but I really can't consider every possible personality on the internet every time I follow/unfollow someone.

Before you reply (if you decide to), consider the following:
- There are no questions addressed to you above.
- I'm not accusing you of anything (nor have I done so previously either). From my point of view, there is nothing you need to defend or explain.
- I admit that I have put down my own personal impression of your behavior. I don't say it gives a correct picture of what kind of person you really are. However, it was necessary to explain some of my actions that you've been accusing. I would never have dreamed of posting my views about you publicly without you having called me out first.

If you want this discussion to finish, you can follow those rules as well. If you want to continue discussing (until the admins lock us down), you just have to break them.
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HavocProdigy: 2014-04-28 01:16:30 pm
TL; DR , not interested.  No game discussion, no interest.

Disclaimer: In no way does this post serve as written intent to submit another run of Milon's Secret Castle today.  I need to point that out in case some super fanboy lunatic somehow reads this super long post of mine as such.  In fact, I should probably just put this disclaimer at the end of every post on here now, just so that there's no confusion.
Please keep the discussion here about the game and not any personal gripes. If you guys must have this discussion, take it to PMs.
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HavocProdigy: 2014-04-28 03:59:25 pm
Agreed entirely ^.  For the sake of trying to restore any game discussion whatsoever, I thought I'd share a few more findings that I've recently discovered.

I've been doing some experimenting on the note box bonus stage.  While this doesn't really pertain to the speedrun itself, I find it a bit interesting.  Here's what I've discovered:

-By using savestates in emulator practice, I was able to determine that the pattern of notes that appear is decided from the second that you touch the notebox.  I'm fairly certain that this is consistent with the boss fireball patterns being determined the moment you enter a boss chamber.

-I don't believe that there is a series of random patterns in which the notes appear.  I'm convinced that it is one long pattern and that, as previously stated, the start of the pattern is determined depending on what frame you touch the note box.

-My biggest discovery was that I was able to determine what makes sharps appear (sharps are worth 2 notes).  It appears that every 5 notes that you physically touch, a sharp will appear.  This includes touching a flat (worth -1 notes).  By intentionally collecting flats at certain times, I was able to make a sharp appear.  This allowed me to eventually get a score of 59 on console.  To put that into perspective, I've seen a few tool-assisted attempts on Nico Video that get in the low to mid 50's on this game.  I have an encoded video of me getting 59 notes on console.  However, I'm a horrible procrastinator.  I'll get around to putting it up as a Twitch highlight shortly.

-I did some attempts for about an hour on emulator, using savestates when I spotted a good pattern of notes.  Although it wasn't legit, I was able to get a score of 61.  My reasoning for attempting this was rather silly: I wanted to see what message you receive if you get a 60+.  Here's the breakdown.

0 Notes: No message
01-29 Notes: Good!
30-39 Notes: Very Good!
40-49 Notes: Excellent!
50+ Notes: Wonderful

Once you reach 50 notes, you receive a dollar for every two notes collected.  If you collect under 50 notes, you receive a dollar for every four notes collected.  It appears that this bonus doesn't change by hitting 60, nor does the message change.  This is very good news for my sanity, as I now do not have an interest in achieving a legit 60, as there is no further incentive to do so.

Again, not the most interesting discoveries and it doesn't even really pertain to the speedrun, but I thought I'd share regardless.
Learning to Stream
Havoc: My hat is off to you. So I actually got OBS to.. KINDA co-operate [thanks for the suggestion!] and tried running this on an emu. I've learned 3 things quickly enough;

1. I NEED a controller! [Ordered a USB adapter from RetroUSB]
2. No matter how long I've watched you play... how EASY you make it all seem [Wait, wtf? Why did the first damn enemy spawn an umbrella?!]... this is a hard as hell game. x.x;;
3. It was an interesting first REAL stream experience that I hope to learn from and improve upon.

When I get a controller adapter and can play quasi-properly while we reno and gut the house [when it's done, it's console time with the dazzle], it's going to be fun to actually be a part of the community.

That and something in the back of my mind keeps telling me to play some Nemo thing or whatever. It's going to blow up. I think my mind is tricking me... Wink
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HavocProdigy: 2014-05-02 09:45:37 pm
Your post made me smile.  Thanks for that. Smiley

As for the umbrella drops, you need to start each playthrough/attempt/whatever with a reset or powering off the console.  Your "kill counter" will remain at whatever it was at when you die unless you reset.  Here's some brief rules for how umbrella physics works in this game:

- The 10th enemy killed from a clean start (reset or power on/off) will drop the 1st umbrella.
-Once double-shot is achieved, an additional 14 kills are needed to get a 2nd umbrella for triple-shot.
-Leaving or entering a room does not reset your counter.  Only a console reset or power on/off will do so.
-You will lose the effect of your umbrellas the moment you enter a new room with enemies.  This does not apply to boss chambers.
-You gain permanent double shot by killing either the boss in Room 3-2 (the fireplace room) OR the Left Tower.  Whichever one you choose to kill first will give you permanent double-shot.
-You gain permanent triple shot by killing Kama (the skeleton boss) at the end of the 3rd floor.

Although I usually advise people not to learn to speedrun this game due to how frustratingly random it is, I will absolutely keep an eye out for your stream.  I think it goes without saying that I'm also more than happy to answer any additional questions you have.  Great to hear from you!
Worthy of a double post: +0.0.

I just missed PB'ing in this game by hundredths of a second.

Earlier, I died to Kama -29.  After that, died to Maharito -10.  This game is funny.

What an...interesting experience it has been to run this game on and off over the course of the last 11 months.  When I first started routing and running this in June of 2013, I was naive enough to believe that any time under 20 minutes would be satisfactory.  It took just a few weeks to realize that a 12 minute run was achievable, even by obtaining the fire vest.  However, PJ quickly and rightfully pissed on my hopes and dreams by showing me that the vest is not required. 

When I submitted my 10:43 run in August of 2013, I was aware of 2 sub-10 minute runs in which video was not available.  On November 18th of last year, I achieved a 9:31 run, which bested the fastest time reported out of Japan (9:46 SDA timing, video now available on Nico).  It took nearly 6 months to get the run down to a miserable-looking 9:25, and 13 more days to get the run down to the current time of 9:03.

For anyone still interested at this point, I am satisfied enough to call this the run: .

While the sum of my gold splits in this game amounts to 8:11, I have lost any further desire to continue running this RNG nightmare.  I have realized that I will never have a run of this game in which I am completely satisfied with.  Optimizing this run is similar to trying to optimize an RPG and is not particularly realistic.  I believe that the ceiling for what I will call "humanly realistic" is somewhere in the 8:40 range.  However, this is no longer an enjoyable experience and I'm not willing to put thousands of more attempts into this.

Blood, sweat, and tears (literally, I've had some injuries) have been shed to achieve this run over the course of an estimated 11,000 resets (not a typo).  Because I cringe at the idea of my 10:43 run likely forever demonstrating what is achievable in this game, I am willing to submit my 9:03 and be done with running this game for good, under the assumption that some crazy TAS'er never discovers how to set the boss patterns in real-time.  I have exhausted any and all motivation to continue running this game and without some major skip or RNG manipulation being discovered, I sincerely don't see this run being beaten.

On a final note, I have two more Milon-related achievements to conquer on console.  Neither pertain to speed-running:

1.) My best score for the Bonus Stage on console is 59 notes which I recorded and highlighted.  Several days ago, while practicing on emulator, I accidently achieved 60 notes (also highlighted).  I'll never be completely satisfied with my high score being represented on emulator and so it's back to work on console to get that elusive 60.

2.) I'm going to create a video highlight of a playthrough/speedrun through the game which collects every item in which the game tracks: 7 crystals, 9 honeycombs, 7 music boxes, 12 equip items, the cane and the crown.  While I will be treating it like a speedrun of sorts, the main purpose is just to show where everything in the game is and to demonstrate how quickly the game can be beaten while collecting everything.  Last year, I completed this run in a time of 23:04 but was unhappy with it.  A time of 22:30ish is expected.

I'm finally done.  Thanks to everyone on SDA that offered advice, strategies, or even just support.  The same goes for those from Twitch.  "Ain't it fun".
Holy shit dude, that's a sick time!
Oh my god.  That was an incredible run!  Congrats on getting a run you're happy with, Havoc.  This run was draining on me just during my first routing attempts; I can't imagine how you feel after your 10k+ attempts of actual grinding.  ^_^  Can't wait to verify it!
I've been talking about doing a Milon's Secret Castle 100% guide as far back as December of last year and I finally have one that I'm extremely proud of.  While I have a hard time referring to this as a 100% speedrun, I suppose that it is.  I like to think of it as more of a guide on how to casually beat the game, but admittedly, I treated it as a speedrun during my many attempts.

This run collects everything in the game: 12 inventory items, 9 honeycombs, 7 crystals, 7 music boxes, the cane, and the crown.  Because money is infinite and bee shields are consumable, they are not included towards "100%".  I finished the "run" with exactly 0 dollars left over.  I'll pretend that this was intended.  I couldn't have asked for a much cleaner run of this, beyond some difficulties in Room 2-2 and the Left Tower.  I estimate that my skill-level ceiling for what I'm capable of achieving would be around 21:40.  I did this in 21:57 and I have zero interest in pushing it any further.

For the 3 people on this planet who may actually be interested in this...enjoy!
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HavocProdigy: 2015-06-12 01:15:58 am
HavocProdigy: 2015-06-12 01:15:39 am

Also known as "How I wasted the first half of June, 2015".

Also, the 100% run will be completed and put to rest in the very near future.  The time has dropped over two minutes since my post last year.  I'm currently recording attempts.
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HavocProdigy: 2016-06-15 05:30:54 pm
Quote from HavocProdigy:
Having not routed it yet, I would expect the run to be somewhere between 20-25 minutes but I can't say for sure at this point.

Quote from HavocProdigy:
I've been talking about doing a Milon's Secret Castle 100% guide as far back as December of last year and I finally have one that I'm extremely proud of.  While I have a hard time referring to this as a 100% speedrun, I suppose that it is.  I like to think of it as more of a guide on how to casually beat the game, but admittedly, I treated it as a speedrun during my many attempts.

This run collects everything in the game: 12 inventory items, 9 honeycombs, 7 crystals, 7 music boxes, the cane, and the crown.  Because money is infinite and bee shields are consumable, they are not included towards "100%".  I finished the "run" with exactly 0 dollars left over.  I'll pretend that this was intended.  I couldn't have asked for a much cleaner run of this, beyond some difficulties in Room 2-2 and the Left Tower. I estimate that my skill-level ceiling for what I'm capable of achieving would be around 21:40.  I did this in 21:57 and I have zero interest in pushing it any further.

Necro Bump.  Hello, SDA.  Milon is dead.  I don't generally share my PBs/bring attention to my video-gaming or anything outside of Twitch, as I'm not really into fanfair, but if anyone finds this game interesting then enjoy Milon 100% in under 20 minutes.  You won't see it from me again.  Best wishes.
Wow!  Good work!  :O
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I more or less moved on from speedrunning sometime last year but occasionally, I delve back into the mud and mess around on emulator.  Sometimes improbable nonsense like this happens as a result, I suppose.  Looks like I'll be pursuing console attempts next month when I have more free-time.

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Quote from HavocProdigy:
1056 days later...

I more or less moved on from speedrunning sometime last year but occasionally, I delve back into the mud and mess around on emulator.  Sometimes improbable nonsense like this happens as a result, I suppose.  Looks like I'll be pursuing console attempts next month when I have more free-time.

O.O! Damn man! It's been forever and a day since I've seen you pop up on Twitch or elsewhere and now you roll out this? Now THAT is how you make an impact! Very awesome run! I can't wait to potentially see more console attempts on stream. You make the game enjoyable to watch and your commentary helps even the most casual person have a greater understanding and depth of the game.