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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition (Any %) (Single Segment) (ntscus) (ps3) (European Extreme) [Foxhound Rank]

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A/V great, no cheating

Great movement. The runner wastes no time. Even though it's European Extreme he gets around guards with great efficiency, and keeps moving while eliminating as many of them as possible, using the sketchy hitbox of the roll move's knockdown effect to shave off time. The Ocelot Unit fight was amazing. Looks like the runner has this down to a science. He also has more than a few routing tricks that are completely new to me. Looks like possibly one missed shot against Ocelot after he took some damage, but it loses two seconds at most. I'm not sure that damage is avoidable as he needs to stand out in the open to have Ocelot present himself as a target as often as the quick kill needs.

The fights against The Pain and The Fear were fantastic, getting the quickest kills on both. I think I've seen the fight with The End go faster, getting him down before he moved to the next map, but I'm sure that's an extremely difficult trick. I'm not sure if it's faster to kill The End in his wheelchair at the docks as it requires some detours, but I'm interested in seeing what the time difference would be between those. The fight against The Ladder was really tough, but I think he used the optimal strategy. The belly rumbles were a great strategy addition. Fight against The Fury and Volgin, and the Shagohod chase and fight were all great. Infinite Stun Grenades really trivialize the motorcycle segments, and it didn't look like not getting the Cold War camo slowed the runner down against the flying platform enemies very much, though that part is definitely one of the ones that could be improved the most. EVA escort was really well done, and the fight with The Boss was perfect. Fun to see some Kerotan action at the end.

Great work, and with a time improved on the PS2 version run. Accepted.

Quote from xSnakeEater132x:
Audio/video ok. No cheating.

About the run itself :
Great end time. Very little risk-taking, even for a single segment (prison escape, Krasnogorje Mountaintop, not much more). Some mistakes worth noting : fastest bridge strat missed at Dolinovodno (Virtuous Mission), slight mistake for the headshot at Rassvet (Virtuous Mission), 4-rolls strat missed (on purpose ?) at Dolinovodno (at night), one shot missed during Ocelot battle (bad RNG), headshot missed (took 2 bullets) at Granini Gorki Lab Exterior (at night). 
2 grenades used in the second phase of The Pain battle (a smoke grenade then a regular one) whereas a regular grenade only would have been enough : waste of time during the fight itself and afterwards (smoke grenades ammo box retrieved at Ponizovje Warehouse Exterior, which could have been avoided if that smoke grenade during the second phase ofThe Pain battle hadn't been used).
Shagohod battle was perfect when it comes to the execution, but it took 9 RPG7 missiles to beat this boss where 8 missiles only would have been possible if a little bit more of the Shagohod life's bar had been taken out before the real fight (I estimate that one more missile at Groznyj Grad Runway would have been enough).
Trap strat used against The Fear, which could be risky, but there wasn't much of a choice as this is a New Game run (which also implies that the Cold War camo wasn't used during the bike chase, making it harder, particularly at Lazorevo South).
The Fury battle went very well, especially considering how random and dangerous this boss is. Perfect fight for a single segment run.
Very good run overall, especially for a New Game.

Quote from ymh:
Great run as expected. Nothing much to say about it, of course some mistakes, but still an incredible effort for a single-segment run.

No cheating.

A/V is fine.

Sorry for the late response.

AV good, no cheating detected.
An obvious great run. Accept.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 川元 'Hikari' 英則!
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Congratulations Hikari !

btw the game page link leads to the wrong game page, not the HD version game page (if that's anything to worry about =P).
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Oh, huh.

I wonder if we should combine them. I'll talk to the staff.
There also has been a (small) discussion about whether you should combine them or not in a previous submission thread: