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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Edition (Any %) (Segmented) (ntscus) (ps3) (European Extreme) [Foxhound Rank]

Verifier Responses

A/V Quality: Great

Cheating: None detected

IGT: 1:14:27

Thoughts on the run
Not much to say other then this is an extremely clean run that is well executed. It takes full advantage of “allowed segmenting” (for intended ranking) to manipulate A/I and positioning of enemies. He gets the quickest kill on all of the bosses possible. Cut-scenes also seem to be skipped at nearly if not the first available moment. This run seems to be as fast as the current route allows.

The only thing of note is that I’m not sure why in the first phase of the shagohod escape section the runner doesn’t RPG him to lay on some extra damage early. (I guess it might not be possible without cold war camo because this is new game/could also be that the dmg isn’t enough to eliminate even 1 cycle on final phase) (if there is a good reason feel free to correct me.)

Final Decision:
High Quality run in more way then one this is just the kind of thing SDA is looking for I give this run an easy


This run is incredible (particularly the new Ocelot Unit strategy). Like another verifier mentioned though, I am curious why he didn't fire at the Shagohod earlier in the chase sequence. With his skill, I don't doubt that he could have done enough damage there to save an extra attack or two in the actual boss fight. My best guess as to why is that it would generate lag or he'd lose time from switching between the stun grenades and RPG. If that's the case, I imagine he still would've come out slightly ahead with proper menu work.

Vote: Accept.

(As a minor note, there's an audio chirp in the first segment around 2:34. Not sure anything can be done, but it's loud enough to be worth mentioning.)

A/V Quality : Fine, except for that noisy sound in the first part at 2:34.

Hikari's precision and skills are always a delight. It's amazing to still see him coming up with new strategies and squeezing the time even more, especially on boss fights.

About that first Shagohod phase : I think he decided it just wasn't worth it. In his previous run(s) (on youtube) he shoots the Shagohod there, but even with his quick-reload skills he doesn't do enough damage to influence the last phase. He always needs 8 hits there either way. It doesn't make a difference in regard to the life bar either, because the last bit always fades instantly instead of slowly depleting like the ones before.
At least I guess that could be the reason.

No cheating.


BTW : The commentary is apparently auto-translated and hilariously bad. I wonder if this will be changed, especially because the commentary on his other runs is fine.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 川元 'Hikari' 英則!
Thread title:  
Any reason why this shouldn't be on the existing MGS3 game page?
Edit history:
ymh: 2013-07-26 03:15:33 am
Quote from Flip:
Any reason why this shouldn't be on the existing MGS3 game page?

Well I don't know if this comparison is appropriate, but there are also individual game pages for Serious Sam 1 and it's HD remake (as you probably know).
Although the differences between the PS2 & PS3 version of MGS3 are not likewise numerous, these are still distinct versions.

Personally I think it should be added on the existing game page, but shouldn't the same apply for Serious Sam then ?
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X: 2013-08-03 01:32:36 am
destroy them with lazers
The decision should be whether all hd remakes should be on the same page as there original game
Quote from X:
The decision should be whether all hd remakes should be on the same page as there original game

Hard to make a general rule when it differs so much by game. Some HD rereleases patch glitches etc. As far as I know this isn't the case for MGS3 - I think the main difference is faster loading.
Faster loading is indeed one of the biggest improvements. But they also fixed at least one major glitch (well, major for the old version), which is the clip in Krasnogorje Mountaintop.
The differences between the Serious Sam version are really much bigger (

Overall I'd now say that individual game pages for obviously different releases makes sense (which is the case here), whereas different game versions (for example NTSC and PAL) should continue to be listed in separate categories on the same game page.
Heavy Metal Powered
In my opinion this boils down to a game-to-game basis. If the remake had so many changes that it practically is a different game, then it gets it's own page (example is Aladdin, the SNES and Genesis versions are different games and have separate pages), while remakes that just improves picture quality and fixes a couple of bugs should be added under the same page as the original game (Think original Mega Man and Mega Man Collection).
But another bigger difference not mentioned so far is the 360° camera available in the HD remake, which was also in the Subsistence release but not in the original one that was used for all the existing runs here.
It makes some shots and routes easier to perform, and while its usefulness is not huge (Hikari makes limited use of it), it's a change of the gameplay nonetheless, even if not that significant to speedrunning.

And following your categorization this would be somewhere in between, because there's more to it than just some bug fixes or better graphics, but it's clearly no different game either.