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Mario Golf: Advance Tour () (gba) [100 %] [Single Segment] [Neil]
Mario Golf: Advance Tour () (gba) [Low %] [Single Segment] [Singles] [Ella]
Mario Golf: Advance Tour () (gba) [Any %] [Single Segment] [All Tourneys]
Mario Golf: Advance Tour () (gba) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Doubles]

Decision: Accept Reject

Reason: "100%", "Singles, Ella" and "All Tourneys" accepted. "Doubles" rejected because of poor A/V quality. Discussion following the posting of the decision highlighted that these runs were done on an emulator setup that is not acceptable for SDA submissions (Retroarch on a WiiU).
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Mario Golf: Advance Tour () (gba) [Low %] [Single Segment] [Ella]
Mario Golf: Advance Tour () (gba) [100 %] [Single Segment] [Neil]
Mario Golf: Advance Tour () (gba) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Doubles]
Mario Golf: Advance Tour () (gba) [Any %] [Single Segment] [Tournament Mode]

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Well, I'm downloading the first low% run now. May God have mercy on my soul!
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
Oh god, I feel like I have done too much already LOL
A/V: Okay, so looks like all the videos should be cropped.

Categories: I'm largely relying on the fact the runs passed the peer check on on the matter of category goals being dutifully met.

Low%: The rules are these

You may not use a character with any upgrades throughout the run. This includes:

-Custom Clubs

-Distance-boosting drinks

-Experience (give all experience you earn to your partner)

The word "includes" there is a little unfortunate but let's assume that's a complete listing as well Tongue

I NEED to know what happens at 25:58. Shocked

Is the "Hapuningu-paneru" usage on purpose both times? The one that makes the flag island move around?

The last segment is a -31.1 compared to your previous best? What made it that much faster?

The 100%:

A/V: This one has... a pixel. There's a random pixel on top of the game window for the whole of the run that never changes. It's near the top center of the game window. That's unfortunate but I'm guessing not reject-worthy.

Oh wait... the overlays on the right actually cross over into the game window itself. Well, that IS reject-worthy on the other hand. The head of verification has the final say in that but this is pretty clearly prohibited by our rules. And also it would look crappy if we crop it down to the game window, so this is pretty clear-cut. So unless you had a raw without the overlay at hand, the verification of this run will end here for now.


A/V: Another problem with this one... when the video is still, it looks crispy, but whenever it starts panning the camera or is no longer still, it gets noticeably fuzzy. The video has a similar bitrate so I think something went wrong with encoding at some point. Do you have a more clean recording?

All Tournaments:

A/V : Same thing as the 100% - overlays overlap with the game window Sad

So do you have any other kind of raws to send to us?
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
So while it may not be exact, I tried to get as close as I can to perfect within the human eye. To be honest, that did not occur me if that was going to be an issue at all. I've had that overlay made for recordings and streams, and there isnt other video I could show you that doesnt have the overlay.

In terms of recording, I was recommended 1500 kbps for GBA games, so thats what I used for OBS. That is also what I used for the verified singles run of 46:30. So I dont really know why the recording would look bad per se. And it definetely wasnt anything to do with my console/hardware either.

Unless Im just unaware, there sadly isnt other raw files I can give you. Which honestly sucks. The 100% run I think is the best run I have had in this game. Everything was so flawless in that run in terms of what can happen with RNG and what not. If it overlaps, it would be by mere pixels. I really tried getting that to look as close as possible.
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
In terms of what happened at 25:58 in the Low%, I honestly think that was just a failed shot. I do remember recording this run at like 8 in the morning. And I honestly had no idea it was WR pace until probably the last 5 holes in Mushroom. My guess was my tiredness kicked in and I just pressed a button way too early. Probably the biggest Gaffe in the run.

In terms of Mushroom 12, and making the Island move, that is 100% on purpose. If we didnt do that, then my power would not be able to get the ball over to the green in 2 shots.

I think my last segment just due to the fact that in my last PB before this was a 52:40, and that had an 11:30 Mushroom. And to be honest, that mushroom was no where near as good. I just barely managed to scrape by with a Par 5 skip (hole 18). And finish with a -4 (which is the lowest score you can get while getting 1st place).

So just based on that, I skipped Hole 16 with a -11, putting me down to -3. And also I pared hole one in this WR, which means between hole 2 and hole 15, I went -11. Essentially getting a birdie every single hole. Which with low% and on Mushroom, that is waaaay harder than it sounds. Hence why the -31.1 seconds came into play
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
While I highly doubt this will happen, I hope its possible to consider the mere pixels on the overlay as just a small oversight. Especially for 100% as its one of the best runs that I have done in a while.

Obviously I know its probably not going to happen, but I figured I would at least ask
Just FYI for now - we're currently discussing the overlay issue, and the final verdict on these matters doesn't depend on just one person's take... let's see.
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
Dw im well aware I have no authority in any decisions made by the moderation team
Sorry, to be clear, I was referring to myself there, not you.

Okay, so looks like most of us are okay with this exception to the "clean game video" rule. You're not breaking the rule in spirit anyhow, just a little careless in how you placed all the overlays. The one dead pixel is weird. I know there are ways to fix that but I don't know if any of us knows how to do it. Maybe nate...

So as such, I'll continue watching the two runs, the 100% and the All tournaments one and those will be done whenever.
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
Awesome! I really appreciate it! I thank you and the mod team for coming to that decision! Please if you have any more questions that need to be answered, I will happily answer them when I get the chance!
I wanted to ask you this: How different do the different categories FEEL to play? Is there something about one of them that really makes it stand out as being subjectively a very different experience?

Sorry if you explained this once already but what's the double reset about after each tourney?

All tourneys:


Why this longer delay before taking the shot with the female character? And same elsewhere.


I see that you take a full-length swing with the female golfer before quitting out of this hole. Why was that? Same elsewhere.

This run starts to have a much higher number of mistakes when it moves into the doubles tourneys. How would you describe that part of the run yourself? Did your competitor have bad final two tourneys? Seems you had some gold splits there.
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
Ill answer these questions one by one and Ill space out my responses for each

In terms of how I feel each category, I try to compare them how I would for a baseline singles run. For 100% and All Tourneys its completely different feel. Obviously with using different custom clubs than usual, being able to do a lot more with your drives which allows you to have a more diverse approach to the strats that you use, so I see those runs as its own thing. Doubles is a wacky one and it also stands out due to it being the most RNG heavy run in the entire catalog of MGAT categories. So while it stands out as its own, its much different than 100% and All Tourneys. Low% is probably the closest feel I have towards Singles than all the others. Dont get me wrong, the strategies for each hole are way different especially late game due to the limited Power. However the feeling is different enough to the point where you it can still stand out. While it wont stand out as much as the other categories, its still a enough in my eyes to make it worth while

The first reset skips the trophy presentation cutscene. The 2nd reset skips the section of the game telling what you have unlocked after beating certain courses/practices. Also the JP release has faster reset times than the US.

Before I answer these questions, I want to make it clear. When the female character (Ella) is playing, that is not me playing the game. The shots being taken are all done by the game itself. It is essentially an AI golfer. This is the main reason why Doubles and All Tourneys are RNG heavy. Its due to the computer sometimes being really stupid at times

The long delay happens a lot when the CPU is taking their shot. As of right now, there is no way to manipulate the lag in anyway. My guess is the game is trying to process what is best place to aim in the scenario that was given to it. This happens a lot when a CPU is put behind certain obstacles and or long/curved putts. It is very strange, however no one has looked into the way the CPU processes these movements. At this point, there isnt anything we can do.

I took a long putter shot into the rough on purpose to go straight to Ella hitting her shot to then give up the hole. In MGAT, you have to take at least one stroke before you can give up a hole. The best thing to happen would be to birdie 1,2 and 3, which would set up an Ella Tee shot on Hole 4 which then I can give up quicker. However this did not happen so I had to take a shot. I wanted to hit the ball in the rough to hopefully cut down on Ellas power on the shot.

I would actually have to agree on this point. The first 3 courses especially I knew were bad or just wasnt anything special about it. Nothing really stood out. Its definetely a decent time in terms of the run itself. But the key points would Links Doubles and Mushroom Doubles at the end. If you look during Mushroom Doubles, I switched my Livesplit to show the WR time which was a 1:47:02. If you take a look at the Dunes Doubles split, the time difference was minimal. In my run, I was +45.3 seconds after Dunes Doubles. In the WR run, at that point I was +39.9. When you compare it like that, it shows how good Links and Mushroom Doubles went. Regardless where you look, I was 40 seconds back from anything really. I remember watching the previous WR back and while it wasnt completely perfect, the Doubles Links and Mushroom that they got would easily qualify as a very good playthrough of the final 2 courses. I know that if I want to beat this WR (which I plan on doing when I feel like it), its going to be cleaning of the end of singles, and the first 3 courses of doubles thats going to make the difference.

Hope that answers your questions! If you have anymore, please let me know!
That's some good responses right there! Hmm... I gotta give those double paragraph breaks some thought XD Maybe what you've written here could be the kernel of if you find the time for more written comments before publication.

Feel of each category: My "hidden" motive for asking this was to get a gauge on how much extra effort it takes to learn each new category and how much transfers over. I can see now that there's less overlap than I maybe thought given you're gonna have different amounts of power etc. for the same courses at least through a large portion of the run. And the RNG factor in Doubles/All Tourneys I can tell would definitely require some thinking on your feet that goes beyond anything that happens in the categories where you're the sole player.

Singles/low%: There is definitely precedent for a low% category only being this different from the any% on SDA, so nothing to worry about there.

Ella's AI: Looks like TASVideos has a few "user files" which seem to be largely unfinished or unoptimized (?) TASes. Do you people communicate with those on that site that have taken a look at the game in case they figured out anything about the AI?

It's not unusual for AI pathfinding (I think the problem of finding a shot that takes the ball somewhere good is comparable to pathfinding) to become significantly more complicated if a totally linear path/trajectory isn't available so I'm not surprised to hear this game takes longer under those circumstances that you listed. A putt would probably require arduous step by step simulation that takes into account the minutiae of the terrain around the hole.

Speaking of AI... that would certainly explain a lot of what was going on in the All Tourneys hehe. I thought maybe it was just because you had to adjust to the differences in the two golfer's stats... or I was waiting to hear something about some freaky bug that stops you from taking the shots immediately. Roll Eyes Okay, so that puts that run in a much better light then. I'll watch the 100% next and then come back to give my votes on the three runs that passed the A/V check.

So basically you're saying which courses you will forfeit and which ones you won't depends on the RNG of the run? I was perhaps falsely assuming you always forfeited the same ones.
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
To go further into Ella's AI, we do have one way of manipulating the AI, and it goes with the Give ups during the Doubles and All Tourneys. I may or may not have explained it before, but Ill preface it again here

In 2020, Former Runner Origamiscienceguy found out that your AI partner actually plays better when you have a really bad score. This is the main reason why holes are given up so early in each course when playing doubles. While strats vary from time to time depending on how far ahead or behind you are to your PB, the first 3 courses are usually the same throughout. For Marion, you skip Holes 4 and 5. For Palms you skip 3 and 4 (however if your partners gets on top of the really high hill somehow, it is better for you to play out 4, and instead skip 6), and then for Dunes, you skip holes 1 and 2. For Links and Mushroom, it more or less depends on how risky or not risky you want to be. Most players that have played any of the doubles related categories usually skip 1 or 2 holes arranging from holes 3-5. But again, its up to the player.

Thats all that we have right now on how AI works, however if people want to get into looking into it deeper, then you probably could somewhere. I at least ask that if someone did find something, it would be reported in the MGAT discord server as it is definetely something that I would consider testing in the future
I'm watching the 100% now... I better ask you these questions as I go along given it'll help me understand the rest of the run better.

11:07 into the video, you miss a putt and consequently give up on that hole after taking several shots. I think you never explained why you do that (I think I saw that in some other runs too)? Evidently you need a sub-par score each time for some 100% unlock?

16:40: if we take this missed putt as a case study... you seem to have put way too much power into it. Is there a specific reason for that relating to the game's physics, where if the ball was an inch further this way or that, that would've been the right amount?

18:05: Or this one - Do you have a lot of chaotic variables in how this kind of putt will end up going when it starts inside the bunker? It's understandable the longer the run the more mistakes to expect, I'm just trying to understand the game better.

The wind: In a 200-yard swing, how many more yards would 3m of tailwind add?
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
Ill answer the 4 inquiries the same way I did before

First one, the missed putt. In 100%, one of the requirements is to get a birdie badge on every single hole. So if you dont get at least a birdie, you wont get the badge. Medium putts in the rain are actually quite tough to judge. That putt I just overhit, it wasnt anything too special. So what I did was go to the menu, and go to the bottom option which is to save your progress in the tournament. So I saved and quit, and loaded the hole back up and did it properly. I would guess its about about 30-40 second time loss. Definetely time save there

So Rough Putts are weird. As runners, we can properly judge on how much power we need on a putt if we get a rough putt. However the issue is the varible on the bottom left corner of the screen. That varible is complete RNG and it can add or decrease a bit of power (im not too sure if its a percentage, but regardless, its enough to make shots seem different). In any shot from the rough, you can get a varible between -20 and +20. If you noticed, I got a +10 on that shot. Meaning my shot was actually going to be harder than what I hit on the power bar. Usually for any shots in the fairway and what not, it usually doesnt come into play. However for this it did. To be honest, I may have also over hit the shot a little bit regardless of the varible so Im unsure how close I would have been had I got a 0 varible. However, most runners would rather do a long putt than a chip since if you were to do a chip, you would actually do some adjusting so its still a little slower. Luckily for me, this was a par 5 so even though I missed, I still got the birdie badge since the rough putt was for Eagle.

So for that shot, its the same thing. However something to note is that bunker has less friction to deal with than rough. The toughness about this shot is that while its easy to get out of the bunker, you also need the ball to have enough power to get through the Rough as well. And also you would have to get a good varible which I believe the bunker is slightly better than the rough but Im not too sure. Regardless its still a tough shot. Just didnt end up paying well in the end

I personally do not know the exact measurements, its a rare case where its imparitive we take tailwind into consideration. We are more worried about the crosswind and headwind. Since thats affects our power negatively. Being able to manage that is way more important than taking advantage in tailwind. In some cases, too much tailwind can actually be terrible
"However the issue is the varible on the bottom left corner of the screen."

I'm assuming you meant on the bottom right. Oh yeah, I see now! I was wondering what the difference was between putting or swinging from different surfaces.

Funny the bunker has less friction than the rough Shocked

44:08 - Seems to be some stuttering in the video here. Evidently that's not the game as it also affects the overlays.

1:17:32 - Here your ball knocks into the opponent's ball it looked like. Does that mean anything? I think I'm thinking along the lines of is it possible to knock another ball into the hole like that? Does the game know how to handle that? This is sheer curiosity BTW.

1:18:00 - When allotting points into skill upgrades, I noticed you don't always go once down the list in what would seem to be the logical way, instead returning back up top after putting some points into control and spin. Here you start at 18 combined points (I guess it's the same as the level you're on) and you have 5 points to allocate. So I'm expecting to see a combined total of 23 at the end but it's only 22 Huh? I see that by the time you reach the upgrades screen again, it does show a tally of 23. Could you explain what's going on in this screen otherwise?
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
First things first, yes I do mean Bottom right, my apologies

That is strictly just OBS being OBS. I cant do much about it.

Nope, the ball is just sitting more or less as an indicator of where the opponent is. Your ball can not interact with another persons ball.

So whenever you are hovering over an option, the number next to it will actual be one point higher than what you are actually at. So for example, before I even allocated any points, I was actually at 12 points in Power, and 5 points in Impact & Control (I&C). However whenever hovering over Power, it shows 13. Its the game saying "hey if you put your 13th point into Power, this is what it would look. You can even notice the numbers going up when I hover over an upgrade that I havent done. So Spin, and height it will go from 0 to 1, but that doesnt mean that I put any points nto the upgrade itself. So when I put my first point into Power, I upgraded it to 13, so once I did that, the next number was 14. Its hard to describe over typing but I hope I made it clear. Now also remember that level 1, you dont have any points allocated to anything. So if you combined all the allocated points, its going to equal one less than the level. So for level 18, im going to have 17 points allocated. Knowing what you know now, I do have 17 points allocated at level 18. 12 in POW, and 5 in I&C. When you get to Level 23, I put 4 in POW, and 1 in I&C making it 16 POW and 6 I&C total. So thats 22 points at level 23. When you say that the tally was at 23 when I entered the next level ups screen, that was probably because you noticed me hovering over a stat which makes the total one higher than it already was (most likely you saw 17 POW and 6 I&C).

Just remember that that whenever I level up, the points that I have allocated should all total up to my level minus 1. So for example if I am Level 60, then I should have 59 points allocated

Hope thats not too confusing, I really tried
Balls interacting: Okay, musta just looked like there was a bump-in there.

Leveling up: Okay, so the game shows a value one higher than the actual current value when a specific option is selected. Also I think I might have just missed the fact you DO allocate one point into I&C there... cause it looks like you put a point into it then changed you mind, but it's really just the way that menu was programmed. No, it's not confusing at all now.
2:12:00 - the chip-in challenge is very confusing but apparently you're just forfeiting a lot of the shots cause you only needed to pot a few?
2:25:52 - This shot is strange. So it might be too powerful first of all given the ball takes ages to stop rolling. Then suddenly the golfer takes the same shot AGAIN without any explanation. What's that about?
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
The main thing for the chip in challenge is that its kinda more RPG based. Basically top runners like to purposely skip certain spots depending on either the location of where you are hitting from, or mainly, how bad the wind is. We can make chip ins pretty easily with some low wind, so we either look for headwind, tailwind, or a very low wind speed. Also we dont like hitting from spot 2,8 and 9. Those are the toughest shots regardless of wind.

While it may not look like it, if you compare both shots, they are both technically different. The first shot was more on the left side, while the shot after you moved further right. So yes the show is essentially the same. Definitely a longer shot though.
"The main thing for the chip in challenge is that its kinda more RPG based." I guess you meant "RNG-based".

2:25:52 - So, basically I watched it again, and it looks like the first time I was watching the video glitched out in the most "lifelike" way I've ever seen. I.e. those two shots looked way different for me that time around. The glitching itself is commonplace, it's caused by the media player I'm using whenever I've just unpaused the video, not a problem with the file itself. Usually it's easy to recognize when it's happening to the degree that I started ignoring it!

2:36:00 - This one-club challenge looks for real!

2:43:00 - You have to shoot the same area several times here in a row, and I'm wondering why you keep aiming towards the left edge instead of near the center of it. Maybe there's some real simple explanation.

2:55:54 - Here it looks like you are able to interrupt the shot before it's even landed somehow Shocked Then you do the same again lotsa times... Apparently this challenge ignores the spin the ball gets.
Mario Golf Advance Tour Enthusiast
Me and my dumb wording lol. Yes I did mean RNG-based

The One Club is one of the hardest challenges in the run. Usually I used 5 Iron on this, but I remember watching another runner named "nao" who used the 6 Iron, and you have a lot more control over your spin changed the game for me. 5 Iron is great but it doesnt always stop you on a dime like a 6 Iron does. That was my best One Club that I have ever pulled off in a run and in practice, really happy with that.

The reason for that is because the darker area is actually fast fairway which makes your ball roll a lot more. If you nail the shot correctly to where I aim, you tend to just stay in the fairway, hence making the shot go quicker because you dont roll. Small optimization

Funny enough, I found that by accident during a run. Using an 8 Iron SBS (super backspin), it essentially hits the hill, rolls due to the momentum, and it instantly stops. Less roll, means more time save!