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UraniumAnchor: 2013-05-26 02:37:44 pm
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Quote from InsipidMuckyWater:
But, just for the heck of it, nothing carries over between levels in Condemned or Switchball (two runs of mine), but these were considered segmented.  Is this a new rule, or were those runs treated as segmented runs because they contained every level?  I was even able to append my Switchball levels, which sure doesn't seem IL-table-ish. 

No, it's not a new rule, it's just not always obvious to the staff when it should be applied, since we're not familiar with every game that could potentially have an IL table. In your examples, it sounds like they should have been. It's not always clear to the runners or the verifiers either.

Whether or not the videos are appended together isn't really a factor, though obviously we prefer that IL tables aren't appended into one video since it makes levels easier to replace later.
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Okay.  Sounds fine to me.  Was just curious. 
SDA has not anymore the permission from me, to do public this videos or any other videos. I had also ask nate more than one time to delete my old IL run. I will not come Back to ask this question Again.

I stand on my point, I reject this run of the Bonus mission.
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Sorry to hear that Mortyre.  But it is your run, so you can do what you want.  I personally would encourage you to not take this so seriously and just wait it out, but I can't control you, of course.

For the record, I am kind of on your side about this unnecessary enforcement of the rule for the sake of consistency... especially since the level in question is a bonus level and also because you could just pull down your old run (which you're allowed to do as the runner) and thereby also achieve consistency in a totally counterproductive, and obviously undesired, method.  Also, I feel like the 'consistency' component of this particular rule was not really all that clear before you went through the work of submitting this run, and so I think it's unfair and unnecessary to insist on it right now when it clearly offends the runner in an understandable (to an extent) way.  Just my two cents. 
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You know, this is a hobby. None of us get any money for this that I know of. Why get bitter about something that has no effect on you or your life directly?
The reason why a game with self-contained levels and a level select screen never should count as segmented but rather IL is fairness towards all other people making speed runs.
In IL tables, any runner can make improvements to any number of levels at a time whereas an IL table disguised as a segmented would make runners think they'd have to improve all levels at once.

Just as UA said, sometimes it will not be clear to neither us nor the verifiers that a run should be categorized like this. In this case however, both verifier 1 and MortyreR45 (in his run comments) did point out that this was indeed self-contained levels and no different from an IL table. Since he was also the author of the previous IL table we could only expect that this would be easy to understand. It's understandable to sometimes disagree with a conclusion that other people come to, but going completely berserk isn't really bound to get anyone to listen.

Now when speaking of consistency this game already has an IL table and that one contains all 16 levels, it would look very strange to put up another table for a different version right below it with only 15 levels.
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Fairly sure it doesn't matter anymore, but according to the runner that bonus level isn't in the official PS2, PSP, or Wii release for PAL, or maybe he meant it wasn't unlockable. I can't find anything that mentions removal of the bonus mission from the PAL version, although I did find mention of the rating system: only available on PC.

Quote from MortyreR45:
Mission 16 is a Bonus mission. In the PC version you must unlock this mission before you can play it. That mean you need high kill rating stars, also on the beta version for PS2. The stars rating system was censored in the PSP, PS2 and Wii version. The timer was also censored. The PC version has this stars and timer rating system and was Official Released. This is also written in the BrandyGames series guide, also on IGN and gamespot and many more sites.
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UraniumAnchor: 2013-05-27 10:23:14 pm
Not a walrus
The level being removed would surprise me, but even if that were the case the proper reaction would have been to say so instead of screaming at everybody who was trying to help him.

Also, all his post history scribbling has been undone.
Waiting hurts my soul...
Not defending anyone, just pointing out a possible fact that may have gotten lost in heated tension. Like I said, I couldn't find any support out there in Google land, but I'm also sure the sources referenced reviewed the NTSC versions.
Getting his posts restored is great because each and every one of them was a work of art.

And is this the dumbest reason for throwing a bitchfit in SDA history? No, wait, there was that one guy who flipped his shit because the Metroid Prime run was posted.

Quote from MortyreR45:

Nominating this for post of the year btw.