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mikwuyma: 2009-12-26 04:33:22 pm
My feelings on The Demon Rush
Okay, we really need to get this organized fast, because January will pop up before we know it.

Related Topic: MAGFest 8

The Logistics

MAGFest is the best place for this event because we'll have a lot of SDA members there.

Brendan (the guy who runs MAGFest) bought us a connection with 7mbit down and 1.5 mbit up, which should be plenty for our stream.

If you're having trouble imagining what this event will be like, think of it like a Speed Gamers event.


Our charity is CARE. They support a good cause (educating women, and disaster aid) and they have been responsive to my calls so far.

The games we are playing

Update October 22nd: Our games list is nearly final, if you want to see the few games we might want to add, look at the bottom of this section.

If you want to look at the latest version of the schedule, check this google spreadsheet below.

If you would rather have an excel spreadsheet, check the bottom of this post for an attached spreadsheet.

The focus now is old-school 8-bit and 16-bit games, meaning NES, Genesis, and SNES. Sorry Turbografx-16, not even Johnny Turbo can save you. Wink I made a couple of of execptions, but they're mostly popular and don't look out of place because they're 2d.

We have a lot of games already, so these are the only games left we should really try to run.  I can't think of anything else we should really run at this point. Yes, this means the game list is finalized.

Castlevania 3
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
maybe Kirby's Adventure and/or Kirby's Super Star


We need people willing to do commentary during MAGFest. As a commentator, you should know a little bit about the games being run, the history (both on the game, and the speedrunning), tricks/glitches, routes, and any little factoids you know. Obviously, you can't comment solely about each game forever, so you should probably make an effort to be entertaining too. (Internet memes don't count as entertainment)

Seriously, if I see you resorting to internet memes, I will behead you.

mikwuyma (obviously ;))
Emptyeye (said he's willing to do it for some NES games)
xXikuto (I think if someone babysits him he'll be okay :P)
Frezy_Man (no one can resist that Swedish accent)

Special Events during the Marathon

Every marathon is more exciting when you have some special events to go along with the marathon. The speed gamers do lots of things to keep viewers motivated such as giving away prizes.

Events we are definitely doing

-Pianotoads - Kareshi is going to play piano alongside Emptyeye's and DJ Mike Haggar's Battletoads race.
-Speedrun races
-Runner interviews

Events we could (and probably should) do

-Prizes for big donators such as classic consoles and games (other related stuff too)
-Get swag to give away.
-Guest Commentators (AVGN, The Speed Gamers if they come)
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mikwuyma: 2009-12-01 11:47:31 pm
Haters gonna hate
Current players and games list

Honestly, just look at the schedule.
sda loyalist
I thought the entire point of this was that anyone could contribute whether they'd get to MAGfest or not.
Talk to the Hand
Quote from mikwuyma:
Battletoads (Emptyeye will be here!)

Haha, wonderful. Guess I'll start practicing again. I'll have to see if I can pull off the boot Scuzz glitch at all (I can get the headbutt pretty consistently; it's the second hit I have trouble with). Smiley

RE: TMNT: If no one else wants to do it, I suppose I could take a crack at it, as I have beaten the game...once. When I played it a lot, I could consistently get inside the Technodrome, though. Of course, that's the really hard part.
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mikwuyma: 2009-08-16 01:19:41 am
My feelings on The Demon Rush
ZenicReverie: Console, MAGFest has nearly every game imaginable. If there are games we don't have, I'm sure MAGFest will provide them.

Lag.Com: I'm considering revising the policy for people who would definitely run a game, like Tiki, but we should defnitely use MAGFest as our "home base". Also, maybe we can have SDA members outside of the venue comment on runs.

Emptyeye: Great! We'll have to work out who is running which game later when we actually know who is coming to MAGFest (if Frezy and andrewg don't come, it will be a great loss to us all :(), but it's great that you're willing to run games for the event.

I also updated the list. I can't believe I missed punch-out.
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MatrixTN: 2009-08-17 09:35:45 am
You got a deletion wish?
TMNT as in TMNT 2?  I could do that one.  If Frezy's coming, he and I could probably do a 2P run of it.  If not Frezy, you wanna jump on this Mike?

Edit: What about Robocop 1 (NES)?  While I don't have an NES or the game irl, I've done it in 12 minutes (and propped a naked level 3 challenge).

Double Edit: I could probably do Double Dragon III but it would more of a casual playthrough though.
Quote from mikwuyma:
Lag.Com: I'm considering revising the policy for people who would definitely run a game, like Tiki, but we should defnitely use MAGFest as our "home base". Also, maybe we can have SDA members outside of the venue comment on runs.

Revise it!
I'm sure there's more people than Tiki who could contribute but cannot come to MAGFest. I'd feel assed if someone now told me "no, you're not going to do anything". Mainly because there's no reason. Give him user\pw for a channel, let him stream from home (after making sure quality is bearable) and that's it.
Actually, I would prefer to have the MAGFest event be live only, and have a seperate event for streaming from all over the world. The reason is that if we stream some games from outside at MAGFest, why stop at some? Surely there will be runs on games where the current recordholder is not at MAGFest. Why have that be run there instead os having it streamed by the better player? Besides the technical issues I also feel that a purely in person event at MAGFest would be more enjoyable for the live audience it will probably gather as well.
Only thing I can contribute would be ps2 games. I could potentially pick an NES game and practice it. Lately I have been playing a lot of Punch-Out! Though I'd feel a bit hesitant about it.
If you run out of games and still have time at the end, you could maybe do a single segment run of a long game where you have to start from the beginning again if you fail, like, say ff6.

Cheesy GO Essentia!
i would loveeeeeee to be a commentator.........

i dont think anyone will ever let me but...i'd loveeeeeeeeeee it  Wink

oh and p.s i had sex so i shall start working on a new shinobi run very soon
Everything's better with Magitek
Quote from noname:
If you run out of games and still have time at the end, you could maybe do a single segment run of a long game where you have to start from the beginning again if you fail, like, say ff6.

Cheesy GO Essentia!

It would be poor planning if they end up having that much extra time at the end. Wink  Although I'd love to do a live speedrun of FF6, it doesn't seem like it will be happening during this marathon, unfortunately.

I really want to be at Magfest for this marathon, but things are a little complicated since I recently found out I'm pregnant again (yes, this is an announcement :)).  It'll mainly depend on whether or not I want to travel when I'm 6 months pregnant (granted, that'll be during the easiest part of the pregnancy).  I'll let you all know when I decide for sure.
Quote from xXIkuto:
I finally got laid!

Quote from Essentia:
I'm pregnant again!

You got a deletion wish?
Quote from Essentia:
I'm pregnant again

Congratulations.  Any thoughts to what the name of this one's gonna be?
My feelings on The Demon Rush
First post updated with information about playing games and commentating. Also updated the game list a bit in case if we want to expand the marathon to 16-bit games (we probably do).

Emptyeye suggested turning the marathon into more of a old-school 8/16-bit marathon, which would make our selection of games more flexible than using NES games to branch out into series. He also said he was willing to run TMNT and Battletoads, the latter being accompanied by Kareshi on piano!

MatrixTN: Emptyeye also suggested TMNT 2, but I think it's too long and repetitive (jump slash x100). If enough people want it, then I can add it to the list. Not sure about Double Dragon 3, how long would it take? Robocop is no go, it's too obscure.

Eviljogga: While I'm siding more with LLCooldave (everything all in one place and live makes it more exciting), making exceptions for runners such as Tiki, who know how to stream and will fare well in this marathon, would be a good idea.

QuestionMark: That's why I'm trying to figure out who plays what now. Four and a half months should be plenty of time to practice for almost any game.

noname: Like Essentia said, if we plan it correctly, we shouldn't have hours and hours of spare time. Tongue

Essentia: Congrats on your new baby! Maybe you want to give this one a normal name. Wink It would be great if you could come to MAGFest. I've vaguely considered setting aside some time for a Final Fantasy game (most likely SNES because they're shorter), considering how popular they are. Maybe you can just play some Dr. Mario instead.

Carcinogen: That is so wrong. D:
welcome to the machine
Is punch-out the game with Mike Tyson and the NES challenge that's been unbeaten for two years in a row?  And it's the challenge that Ryon will put $100 up as a reward for, right?  Or was that just a joke that got de-joke-ified by the 'net?  All the same, I don't think you'll be lacking for people to play the game.

Also, I will definitely be playing Super Metroid.

Finally: congrats, Essentia! Smiley
Quote from mikwuyma:
That is so wrong. D:

Your face is so wrong.

Everything's better with Magitek
Hey thanks everyone! (except for maybe Carcinogen ;))  I need to find out whether it's a boy or girl first, and then I'll start thinking about names.  Mike, my kids are going to have a normal enough last name - isn't that good enough? Wink

Would it be possible to add the Donkey Kong Country games to the list?  I think they're pretty well known and would be interesting to watch.  tjp7154 said he could do DKC1, and if I end up coming I could do DKC2 (I've beaten the current any% run by 8 minutes).

And Mike, if you'll seriously set aside some time for a FF run, then I'll definitely be there. Smiley
I'll mess around today with a bunch of the suggested titles and see what I think I can do. I just feel a bit hesitant about the 8/16 bit games because I don't have nearly as much experience with them since I didn't grow up with them.

I'm sure I can find something though to contribute.

Also what Punch Out challenge are you referring to?
You got a deletion wish?
Quote from QuestionMark:
Also what Punch Out challenge are you referring to?

Beat Tyson/Mr. Dream in the FIRST round.  And it is doable on console (albeit not without a lot of luck and I've yet to pull it myself).  IDK about the $100 bounty for it, first I've heard of it.

Mike: DD3's TAS is 10 minutes so I'd say 11 or 12 depending on skill.
Professional Second Banana
I won't be able to make it, but count me in for watching online and donating (wouldn't be much of a charity marathon without people doing those 2 things, right?)

P.S. - Congrats, Essentia!  Now your daughter will have someone to play games with when she gets older (other than you, of course Wink ).
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Carcinogen: 2009-08-17 04:46:07 pm
Quote from Essentia:
Hey thanks everyone! (except for maybe Carcinogen ;))

Sad Sad :(!

That was just my way of saying congratulations to both you and Alucard.

I'll see if there's a shorter game I can run for this one. Otherwise, put me down for RE1, for sure.
welcome to the machine
Is Resident Evil the right type of game for this marathon?  I'm not getting the impression that it is.
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Breakdown: 2009-08-17 08:47:15 pm
Haters gonna hate
While I still can't give the 100% guarantee that I'll make it this year, I'm going to try really hard to make it happen, and if I'm there I'm more than willing to participate.

Games on the list I could definitely do:

Faxanadu (have to blow the dust off my copy, but should be able to get into running shape in 4 months)
Ironsword:  W&W 2

Games on the list I could probably do if we decide to play them and no one else wants to:

Double Dragon (only the first one, not a big fan of 2 and 3)
Wizards and Warriors (I'd have to start from scratch on a route, and this game really intends for you to use the infinite continues it gives you so I'd need a bunch of practice)
Batman (I love this game, but have no experience running it as of now)
Zelda 2 (If we really want it for the marathon I'll do it, but I don't exactly have a burning desire to play this intensively again)
Crystalis (would need lots of practice and memorization)
Startropics (see above)

Games not on the list I could do:

Earthworm Jim (then I could put all this effort to good use. [/shameless plug])

I probably shouldn't do all of those as quality would likely suffer from lack of focus, but take a couple of the longer games off of it and I could probably handle it.

And congrats Essentia. Smiley

EDIT:  I also wouldn't mind taking a turn in the commentator's chair.
I survived MIKE-Fest 1
Puh I realy suck at ness games
The only one woud be Startropics ca 1:30h

I also suck at englisj speacking  :-[

so maby I can do a German Comentary or somthing like that

and of course another congrats Essentia from me.