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Welcome new people! Looking forwards to those finished runs if you are of a mind to submit here.
Hi everyone. My name is Tyler and I'm a 30 year old life long gamer, musician and game dev. I've never spedrun anything myself, but I'm a huge fan and looking forward to learning a game!
New here, got interested in speedrunning via GDQ events. I'm not super interested in actually running myself (though I am very interested in routing work.)
I'm largely interested in RPGs though I find most genres interesting from a speedrunning context.
Introducing myself so I can post in the RPGLB forums. I'm a speedrunner and variety streamer who's main goal is to connect with my audience while giving a stress free entertainment experience.
Mega Man 2 TA
I began playing Mega Man 1 competitively in May 2010. I gained the inspiration after watching Seth Glass play on USTREAM during that time. I played the game from 2010-2011, and managed to get a 2nd place time of 20:33 (WR: 20:22 by Seth Glass). I no longer have the recording, as the VHS tape is damaged *tears up*. I came back to give Mega Man 1 another shot in April 2017, and improved my PB down to 20:20! (Using the same route). I've also began to play Mega Man 2, and managed to get some good runs. Hoping to fulfill this hobby to the max!

Nice to meet you!
-Bryon Beaubien
Hi all,

I've been diving down the rabbit hole of retro gaming hardware for a while and recently became interested in speedrunning. I've been doing runs of Mario 64 on my PVM for about a month now and having a total blast.

I'm passionate about playing games on their original hardware on professional grade CRT's and having everything output the best video quality it can.. at the regret of my wallet.

Happy to be on board..
I'm BlueY05H1, a 14 1/2 year old from the US. I have some experience with speedrunning, and I'm going to be running 2D Mario/Yoshi based NS games (When they come out). I look forward to becoming a member of the SDA community
Welcome new people! Hope you find the right threads in the planning section for any runs you wanted to do, but also feel free to start a new one if you couldn't.

Lirta: We need different kinds of people, or it's the most efficient anyway.
Been speeding for quite some time now and just joined this site :3 o/
Hey I am Scott. Have just joined this forum. I am a gamer and love player various multiplayer as well as single player action shooter game.
Pepsi for TV Game
Sup. I am JustinPepsiMan. I went to SGDQ 2017 as just Pepsiman, but decided to change it to my full username. I have been a fan of speedruns since like 2012-2013 although I am not a speedrunner myself.(Although I can beat Freddi Fish 1 in like 4 minutes) I am from Minnesota. I am a avid fan of wrestling and video games. A lot of sandbox adventure games are my favorites.(280ish hours of Terraria)
Hey, I am Philipp or Agama if you prefer the gamertag. I am not a speedrunner myself, but have been watching GDQ-Events for quite some time now. I am currently looking forward to volunteering at SGDQ2018 and maybe the following events.
Hello my name is Jody and I'm from scranton, pennsylvania and have been speedrunning for around 15 years. I'm a private military contractor in training, professional gamer, computer programming in training.
Hi everybody!
I'm Tokav, i'm 24 years old and i'm a fuckin French, so if my English is really poor i'm sorry x)
I'm here too talk about run and start running dead space 2!
I'm SirBattlehawk, i don't run often, stream even more rarely, but Celeste got me back into the swing of things.
Hey gang, Alucard here.  10 years ago I did a speedrun of DMC4 that somehow still stands on the game page (probably no one cares enough to beat it) and Shinobi for the PS2 (which was beaten).  Well, I'm back now, and attempting to make it as a streamer.  I'm gonna post a thread with my stream in the live-streaming section, that way I only #sellout once.
~ Hello ~
Hello Everyone! I'm HugoJ8a or Hugo. I'm getting into Speedruns, streaming quite often, Trying to learn Paper Mario speedruns and some other Nintendo titles.
Good day! I go by Ragnarök or TheRagnaRoek (Rag for short), my actual name is Dennis.

I have discovered speedruns around AGDQ2015 and have been in love ever since, though I have not yet engaged into much speedrunning myself yet - something I plan to change once I have more or less working internet again, so I may stream it! My first speedrunning experience is Mark of the Ninja, but there's a lot of games that I would like to run at some point in the near future.

I myself am 19 years old, soon-to-be psychology student in Germany, but am Icelandic by nationality. There are way too many things I'm interested in and a generally friendly, polite and outgoing person - though I need a bit of time before I warm up with new people, unless they're just as bonkers as me.
Hello, I am Sadlybadlyy I run GTA Games and Simpsons Hit & Run at the moment although looking into different platformers as well.
My name is Michael and I have enjoyed ideo games for awhile and I planned on going to the SGDQ, but failed to register in time. I was wondering if anyone out there could help me out. I am a veteran of US Army and would appreciate any and all help. Thank you in advance.
Hello SDA!

My real name is Ivan and I'm from Croatia, I'm 32 years old. I don't usually speedrun games, years ago I tried speedruning a few of my favourite games (DKC2, MMX, Punch Out series, to name a few) but with no great results. However, I like watching some speedruns, so a few months ago, I was looking for some speedruns of some old Game Gear games (my first system) and decided I'll try to run some of those games myself. Registered here so I can exchange impressions and hopefully learn a few new things.
I really enjoy old Nintendo and Sega games, but I also play some new games, mostly on the Switch lately. I also really love fighting games.
Hi everyone! The best way to use these forums is to find or create the thread for the particular game you're looking into so others will know your intentions, in case someone else runs the same game. Most games have their own Discords nowadays (real-time chatting is not featured on SDA) so make sure to look for those as well. Finally check the Knowledge base to see if your game has a Guide there (yet).
My names Ryan, I go by the handle Oulahoop. I decided to start speedrunning Mothlight on a whim. So we'll see how this goes...
the perfect is the enemy of the good
I am Sid but my real name is Michael. I have been speedrunning for a year now since last month and have been enjoying it a lot. I currently am speedrunning SNES shmups like U.N. Squadron and some platformers on pc. I registered to SDA because, I heard a lot of people talk about it and found it useful, plus to submit some games I have ran.
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Hi I'm Michael and I speedrun video games, mainly Super Mario 3D World. I'm going to start streaming very soon, so expect some more streams of runs of that game, 3DW speedrun streams are dead.  See you guys around Księgowa Kraków!