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Sashi: 2018-01-10 12:17:16 am
Hello . I... don't have much to introduce myself. I am a casual gamer, playing mostly starcraft, starcraft 2, and league of legends (though there isn't technically a speedrun for league huh), but I've watched some of the games and got me interested in some speedrunning games księgowa Jelenia Góra.

Happy new year everyone!
So my name is Jeff aka SouthCrow i'm 21 years old and i come from the small Country Luxembourg.
I already know Speedruns/SDA like since SGDQ 2013 because i found randomly the Stream and at the first look i didn't know what Speedrunning is.
I already saw like every AGDQ and SGDQ but i was never live there, cause you know from Luxembourg to America is a big way.
My First and only Run was SMW 11 Exit but in 2018 i want to start a big One like The Legend OF Zelda: The Minish Cap and Final Fantasy VI Advance.
I want to say Thank you very Mutch SDA to be there and making things happen.
Hi, My name's GreenEight, real name Devin Jablonicky and I adore watching speedruns, hoping to do well in some myself or at least have some casual fun trying. I've just got a new PC which I'll be able to stream and record from so I'm pretty excited about that. SDA seems to take submitting and verifying very seriously and I love that fact. Feel free to send me a message, would love to meet some new people here. I'm 28 years old, a PS1 collector, and played that and PC games the most growing up. I've also played a lot of NES, Genesis, PS2. I loved point and clicks and multiple ending adventure titles as a kid. Woot, happy runs to all!
Hello and welcome everyone! Check out the FAQs etc. and if you're planning a run, make sure to post in or create the relevant thread.
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Piolew: 2018-01-15 12:48:41 am
Hello (Izaak here). I have had an interest in speed running for a long time just never pursued it. I recently just tried timing a run on a game that I haven't seen many people run and I was quite happy with the time. I have a lot to learn sure, and I need to save up so I am able to record and upload it. I want to learn and have a fun experience and meet people along the journey. People with the same interest, księgowa Jelenia Góra and maybe make an impact if enough practice later. Anyways.. Thanks for the oppurtunity. And all the current runners that encouraged me to try this. Let's have fun and good luck.
Hey guys and girls,
my name is Kalmes and I like to run my favorite game of all time "Divinity 2 DKS".
Ive been on this site since mid 2017.
HI, i am a new runner inspired by the last few gdq marathons. Not the best but going to be giving it by best.
Hi Im Faty I've been interested in speed running for years but never got into it. This past AGDQ 2018 made me want to finally try c:
Im also an indie game dev hopefully someday ill make some fun games you all can speed run

Looking to attempt to speed run Red Steel for the Wii as my first speed run~ lol
Hey I'm Fidee from China. Newbie here. Hope to have a good time with you!