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Hey. Nice to be here. Love watching speed runs but don’t run myself. Attending agdq for the first time this year. Really excited about it. I live local and I’m 25 years old
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dedis: 2017-12-06 12:50:50 am
Hey guys, my name is Dusty.  I've looked around on here for a few years now watching videos and marveling at the skill of those who made them.  I've never really tried speed running personally as I am an OCD gamer (get everything, max levels, beat everything, etc....), księgowa Jelenia Góra but the process does intrigue me.  I finally decided to join up in the thoughts of eventually trying some myself or placing some bounties for ones I'd like to see.
I think I will try in few days to speedrun Gothic 1 Cheesy
it can always be done faster
I am Rutger from quake1 speedrunning. speedrunning quake and only quake since 1998. last demo: 2009.
100% running is nothing compared to the amount of preparation you can put into speedrunning the game...
Hi there,
I'm Naxed and I'm a big fan of speedrunning since at least 2012. In fact I'm so interessted, that right now speedrunning is the theme of my MA-Thesis and this is also the reason why I made this account. I'd like to get into the community and running on my own to get a besster understandig of speedruns. I look forward to talk about speedruns with all of you.
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hecatomb: 2017-12-08 10:12:07 pm
this is the 1st time I've ever done speed running before, and so far no one has a better time then me in Dragons Dogma, finishing the whole game and dlc on new game. Pretty much everyone does ng+ only runs on dragons dogma, and no one else finishes the whole game with the dlc. Right now my time is 2hours and 30mins.
hecatomb: Is the DLC separate from the main game or does it kind of mesh into it? If it's a separate story, running it would be considered a separate category on SDA (so we don't have both Main game + DLC and just DLC runs). If you'd like some consultation, just PM me so we don't use this thread for this.
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Isofi: 2017-12-13 12:32:53 am
Hey everyone, I'm Michael. I've been speedrunning for a couple months off and on and figured I would finally check out SDA properly. I run platformers mostly, having started with cave story, but I'm currently focusing on Earthworm Jim 1 for Genesis. I've had nothing but good times speedrunning so far,  księgowa Jelenia Góra and hope for it to continue here!
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Hirku: 2017-12-13 12:44:30 am
Hi everyone, I'm Daniel. A friend of mine who speedruns SM64 introduced me to this site.
I plan on running Mischief Makers and King's Field (also known as KF2 in  księgowa Jelenia Góra JP).
Welcome everyone! Make sure to post under the appropriate planning section (look for existing threads of  course) to make sure anyone interested in your game will know you're running it.
I'm Brandon I'm a speedrunner in training, but need some help with the tricks. I speed run

-legend of Zelda (nes)
-link to the past
-ocorina of time
-Mario (1,2,3,land,64)
I'm Arbel (Matt) rhythm game otaku and beginner speedrunner.

Currently learning FF4 Any %
Play Pop'n Music and DDR

Nice to meet everyone!
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final_xion: 2017-12-15 08:17:41 pm
hi im james im terrible at video games but im trying to get better

im hoping to learn more about speedrunning and get involved in the community more. im pretty new to it in terms of actually trying to run games myself, but ive been watching speedruns religiously since around 2012. im still trying to work out what games i actually would enjoy running and hoping these forums would help me with that ~

my favourite games are:
- kingdom hearts 2 & 358/2 days
- pokemon soul silver & emerald & mystery dungeon red/blue rescue team
- crash bandicoot 3 warped & crash twinsanity
- legend of zelda majora's mask
- sonic advance

...and also stardew valley what's been eating up most of my time recently while ive been off work instead of giving me a chance to be able to practice beating some of the above listed games as quickly as possible lmao
Hi I'm Al and I'm new here. I don't speedrun but It's always facinated (and kind of scared) me.

Made an account to ask about AGDQ. Hopefully that's allowed in here?
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Jasoya: 2017-12-19 10:53:08 am
Jasoya: 2017-12-19 10:52:56 am
Hello everyone! A pleasure to meet all of you. This will be my first time speed running and it is with a game that has not had a speed run done before on this site, Drakan: The Ancients' Gates, but it does qualify for speed running according the SDA rules.
Hi everyone, I'm Amy, from Japan I'm really interested in music and games
Salutations! I only joined SDA today...Up until a few days ago, I had only been one of the incognito viewers on guest status. Mostly what I have done up until now was practice my own Castlevania NES run on emulator and console, and of course keeping an eye on my soon-to-be fellow CV runners. I have done my best in the last couple years to learn all I can about being a runner myself, and am only now getting the rest of the equipment to do runs competitively. My favorite games are on the NES and SNES, I believe all of the gaming glory existed during the era that is otherwise known as the Nintendo-Genesis War. As a Game Development major in college, my hobbies blur the line with my current career track, and all the dives into certain glitches/skips/etc also helps boost my coding knowledge. A few days ago on the 25th, I had a personally phenomenal run on CV but was not recording. I have some polish left to do on the run before submission, mostly involving not softlocking on the last screen before the faceoff with Death. I have never felt adrenaline from a video game like that since the first time I beat Sonic 2!!! I am hooked. My hopes are to get respectable times for CV, CV3 Trevor-only, Solstice, and Startropics. Maybe a few Mario games and eventually a JRPG....dunno what JRPG though yet. The eras of consoles I intend to run (between fulltime work and fulltime school) are NES-GCN (1986-2004).
Hello, name is Attoffy. I have watched speedruns since 2009, on both here and on SRL. I intend to speedrun at some point but my computer can't handle the streaming or video recording. I watch a bit of everything for speedruns but love 100% catagories.
Good luck everyone with your running efforts! Looking forwards to those dope submissions.
Hello my name is Dickhiskhan I'm a Banjo-Kazooie 100% speedrunner currently with a Personal Best time of 2:05:51 I love speedrunning and have been part of the community for over 5 years now great to finally make an account on SDA.
Hi yah all! Watched those Awesome Games Done Quick events and wanted to hop on the speedrunning bandwagon. Here to say hello, before posting a quality test. See yah!
I'm mingriguhui, I'm a rookie speedrunner. I love BG2
Hi I'm Daniel
Games I love:  megaman, zelda, mario, final fantasy, pokemon, smash bros, metroid, and donkey kong
I really like to see a ff2japan speedruns
I also do some amateur speedruns
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Sashi: 2018-01-10 12:17:16 am
Hello . I... don't have much to introduce myself. I am a casual gamer, playing mostly starcraft, starcraft 2, and league of legends (though there isn't technically a speedrun for league huh), but I've watched some of the games and got me interested in some speedrunning games księgowa Jelenia Góra.

Happy new year everyone!
So my name is Jeff aka SouthCrow i'm 21 years old and i come from the small Country Luxembourg.
I already know Speedruns/SDA like since SGDQ 2013 because i found randomly the Stream and at the first look i didn't know what Speedrunning is.
I already saw like every AGDQ and SGDQ but i was never live there, cause you know from Luxembourg to America is a big way.
My First and only Run was SMW 11 Exit but in 2018 i want to start a big One like The Legend OF Zelda: The Minish Cap and Final Fantasy VI Advance.
I want to say Thank you very Mutch SDA to be there and making things happen.