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Hey Guys,

my name's Dominik and I'm 25 years old. I started watching speedruns when I stumbled above the VoD's of AGDQ 2012 and have been hooked since then. I always wanted to start speedrunning aswell but never could decide what game to start which. Since I enjoyed Pokémon pretty much my entire life, I just tried to get a decent time in Pokémon Ruby on an Emulator. It was horrible and I never even bothered to stream or record it. Then in May this year I was at the DoKoMi in Germany and saw a speedrun of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. After he finished his run I asked him which one of the series would be the best to start running as a total noob. He said that due to his low amount of Glitches Mankind Divided is pretty easy to learn and run. Then Finally after over 2 Months of looking for that game (cause like no Gamestop or whatever in my Region had it) I saw that the full Deus Ex Collection was included in the Steam Summer sale.
Since I had a stressful time I couldn't get started at all until now. So any tips on how to get started running this game?

Greetings from Germany

also from germany as poster above, i right now want to start speedrunning. I love to see them and ya know: Man have to try things out. I want to look into Haunting Ground first, and here is my first question: Is there no run registered on SDA for it? I have seen some on speedrun.com (not watched them yet) though.
Right now i will play it through again, making notices what comes into mind making it better. I do not just want to copy a run, i just want to check for myself how far my improvement ideas can bring me - and afterwards check with the RTAs Smiley

Open for ideas, tips and answers

Hello again everybody Smiley
hey guys i recently stumbled on someone doing a harvest moon back to nature 98% speedrun and it has intrigued me to want to try and speedrun this game myself. I don't currently own any consoles so my question would be if it's allowed to play the original Playstation version or the newer PSP boy or girl version with an emulator or will i need to acquire a console in order to run this game?
I'm French, sorry for mistakes
Bonjour! My name's Nemau! (I'm French, I will probably make some mistakes)

There is already a member named "Nemau" and I've just discover ...it's me. Only three posts, in 2010, I didn't remember and I couldn't verified it before being (re)registered. Anyway, sorry for this double account.

Question: is the site still really active? I'm interested about Zelda: Link's Awakening and the three records are dated 2010 and 2011, despite a lot of better runs (due to a lot of discoveries) since 2011.

Anyway, happy to be (back) here! Smiley
Everyone remember to check the rules: https://kb.speeddemosarchive.com/Rules and also the other resources in the Knowledge Base and around the forums - those should answer most non-specific questions.

GreyWolf: You should see if there is a thread under "planning" for the game or create one. Ask again there.

Jonar: Check the games listing (accessible through the front page) or just google Speed Demos Archive Haunting Ground. You should also look for or start a thread in the right part of the forums. Very good that you're actually looking into the game's workings: it's difficult to get a run accepted on SDA if you don't really wanna take the time to polish it.

seifer: Refer to the rules. We only accept DosBox out of all emulators at current.

Nemau: I'll see if I can merge your old and new users but I'm not sure if the system allows for that. It happens. The site is active but unlike speedrun.com, people have to go through some trouble to get their runs published and we couldn't process every new record run for every games anyway. The runs don't have to be WRs if the game is highly competitive as I'd expect most Zelda games to be.

Welcome all! I hope you find what you were looking for here. Remember to create a thread for your game under "planning" so others interested in that game will find you. There isn't always anyone looking at the more obscure games at the same time ofc.
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I'm French, sorry for mistakes
I'll see if I can merge your old and new users but I'm not sure if the system allows for that.

If it doesn't worked, and If you agree, can you just rename my old account (by something like "Nemau2") and rename the current one by "Nemau"? Sorry for the inconvenience. ^^"

I've just seen you're from Finland, if I say to you I have a big flag of Finland in my bedroom (1, 2), am I forgiven ? Grin I have it since I'm a teenager, at this time I've discovered awesome finnish metal bands. ^^ [/mylife]
Hahaha! That's soooo random. What do your friends think?

By the mercy of the benevolent SDA staff, you have been granted your old name back! In return, you have to submit some awesome speedrun...
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Nemau: 2017-08-03 07:33:38 am
I'm French, sorry for mistakes
What do your friends think?
Most of them like a lot of suomi metal bands too. ^^

By the mercy of the benevolent SDA staff, you have been granted your old name back!
Thanks a lot!

In return, you have to submit some awesome speedrun...
I want to make a good run for Link's Awakening Any% NoWW/OoB/S&Q NoDeath. ^^ I know the black and white version of this game is less runned, but I really prefer it. I know too that for this game "NoDeath" isn't a category usually runned (so people allow themselves to die in the items shop) but I really prefer when Link make his "fast adventure" in one go, it's prettier I think. But, I will reexplain this when my run will be done. ^^
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Eirahcaz: 2017-08-21 12:31:08 am
I am error.
Okay then.

My name is Eirahcaz, I'm a speedrunner of retro games (mostly N64 ones.) My main game is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I used to be under the username Bernacaz 2 years ago but since then, I changed my user name and I took a break of speedrunning (personal issues.)

I've known speedrunning for about 5 years now, the earliest memory I have of discovering speedrunning was Pokeypummel17 video entitled ''How real man gets the fire arrows'' which then leaded me to Pheenoh old 100% speedrun of Ocarina of Time in 6:21.

Else than that, I like weird challenges in games and metal. That's pretty much it to be honest, see you on the site! Smiley
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A lot of you probably already know me. But for those who don't, I'm a 31-year-old artist and future game dev. I have a background in web design but found out that I really don't like it, so I gave it up to focus on my passions.

I'm a freelancer, which means I'm always for hire to make emotes, layouts, or any other kind of art a person may want or need. But my main focus (aside from speedrunning) is going to be to develop games. My goal is to create true spiritual successors to deserving retro games that never got sequels, the sequels did not do the games justice, or there deserves to be another. I want to stay as true and pure to the original as possible. That means chiptunes, 8bit-16bit graphics, etc. Some titles I'd like to work on include, Ninja Gaiden 4, Battle of Olympus 2, Rygar 2, Blaster Master 3, Actraiser 3, Dragon Spirit 2, etc.

As far as gaming goes, I'm relatively new to speedrunning, just took it up last year around March 2016 when I "discovered" it through a friend. The first channels I was introduced to were Darkwing_duck_sda, Arcus87, and Darbian's SMB1 WR video. After that, I was hooked.

I spent way too much time watching Arcus, as Ninja Gaiden was one of those games I loved as a kid, but could never beat. Mesmerized by Arcus' skill at the game I decided to try out speedrunning. I chose to run Castlevania, but seeing Ninja Gaiden every single day, I wanted to try a couple of the tricks Arcus was doing in Act 1, just to see if I could. Before I knew it, I was speedrunning Act 1. A year later I got my 1st public PB of 13:48...which I am not very happy with, but glad to have finally gotten the PB.

One day I made up an arbitrary goal for Ninja Gaiden, subOhon (11:46.xx) should be fun to go for I thought. I don't really care about records, so even if it was no longer the 2nd place, that's still my goal from here until the end. Recently I took a break from NG and started running Ninja Crusaders. Being such a short game, my aim is WR (4:45.xx), which I believe is within reach.

So anyhow, that's me in a nutshell.

Just the other day I was thinking "it would be great if there was a forum for speedrunners and Twitch streamers to share ideas, strats, designs, etc. Then Endy told me about SDA having a forum, so here I am, hoping to call this home for a while. It will be a pleasure to meet you all.
Welcome, new people! Please use the "planning" forums to look for or start threads for individual games. Check the other FAQs, knowledge base etc. if your aim is to eventually submit a run for our collection (know that such a run usually takes a good while to get planned and executed).
Hello everyone, I'm Erik.
Nice to meet you and hope we'll have good time together.

You can visit me here:
My website: http://appnaz.com/android/skychamp-co.spiritbomb.skychamp
My facebook: https://www.facebook.com/allison.hadid.12
Hello all. I started watching GDQ runs a few weeks ago and have been loving the runs.  I'm just starting runs myself of FFIV mostly due to watching puwexil. I love how it's making a game I've played 50 times seem brand new.  It's great playing it totally differently than I usually do with lots of xp grinding. My first goal is a sub 4hr run.