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Hey Guys,

my name's Dominik and I'm 25 years old. I started watching speedruns when I stumbled above the VoD's of AGDQ 2012 and have been hooked since then. I always wanted to start speedrunning aswell but never could decide what game to start which. Since I enjoyed Pokémon pretty much my entire life, I just tried to get a decent time in Pokémon Ruby on an Emulator. It was horrible and I never even bothered to stream or record it. Then in May this year I was at the DoKoMi in Germany and saw a speedrun of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. After he finished his run I asked him which one of the series would be the best to start running as a total noob. He said that due to his low amount of Glitches Mankind Divided is pretty easy to learn and run. Then Finally after over 2 Months of looking for that game (cause like no Gamestop or whatever in my Region had it) I saw that the full Deus Ex Collection was included in the Steam Summer sale.
Since I had a stressful time I couldn't get started at all until now. So any tips on how to get started running this game?

Greetings from Germany