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Hi! My name is Jaymee. I play Street Fighter 5 competitively and now I wanna try my hand at speedrunning! I really wanna try speedrunning Silent Hill 3 since it's my favorite video game of all time. I've attempted trying to one up my personal best time (which was about 3 hours and some change), but of course this was during a time when the internet was pretty much only for rich people. Anyways, nice to meet you all and I hope I can find some other fellow Silent Hill (or SF5) players!
Hey folks what's up I've only been exposed to the speed gaming community since SGDQ 2014, I'd like to get involved myself but personally have no idea where to begin from and would appreciate any and all help I could get to start speed running
Hi.  I have known about the community for several years, but never really had much interest in it until I stumbled across some of the older GDQ videos on youtube a few months ago.  I have been lurking ever since.  Watching AGDQ live for the first time made me decide to finally create an account.  I currently only have the hardware to run PC games (in a SDA acceptable capacity at least), as I no longer own any functional consoles or handhelds.

I think what had kept me away for so long was the idea that everything must be sacrificed for time, and for a vast majority of games, completing them as fast as possible is rarely the goal, so that kept me away for such a long time, but with my interest spiked by the youtube GDQ videos I learned that there is more to speed running than just how quickly you complete the game.  Though I enjoy watching good Any% runs, I am not really interested in learning or running them myself.  However, I am interested in other categories, such as:  glitchless, no warps, 100% etc especially if the game is actually designed to be completed as quickly as possible.
Hey everyone, long time watcher of the GDQ events, though mostly through the archives. Hoping to start getting to see the events live, get involved with donating and become a member of the speedrunning community here. It's something I've always been interested in, but only really got around to get involved in now.
Hey, I'm wickeddram and I actually have some free time right now and I'm going to use it to try speedrunning some of the stranger games I played as a kid.  Most of these are on the gameboy advance and will probably be a mistake.
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ZeRoc: 2017-01-17 02:36:42 am
Hello guys, I'm ZeRoc (Zee-rock), real name Zach. I've been meaning to get into speed running for some time. After seeing this most recent AGDQ, I've finally decided to get serious about it. The game I'm most interested in speed running at the moment is Star Fox Zero for the Wii U. Given its mostly on-the-rails nature, it's tricky to do exceptionally faster than normal, but optimizations are going to be everything. (Currently got arcade mode to 38:54, but I'm gonna be working to get that down as much as possible.) I don't have the gear to start recording it quite yet, but hey, baby steps.
im manny D: nyah~
Hello, my name is Zack and I am basically new to speed running (although I've kept up with this site since it's inception). I submitted my first speed run last night and am hoping to hear back soon!
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His reward is the canoe.
Hi! My name is William. Despite being keen on watching it for several years, I'd been very shy about getting involved and trying speedrunning in earnest, so, earlier this year, I resolved to pull my socks up, create a Twitch channel, and give it a crack.
Welcome nubs! Now prove your worth (by learning some game really well and submitting). Wink
Hi guys. My name is Chris and I started speed running three weeks ago. Right now I'm currently speed running Mega Man X and will also be running NFS The Run in the near future.
Hey pals, I'm a new man in there, and I never been in speedrunning really until I tried Monstrum. I managed to do extremely fast speedruns in there, and I find a way to share my achievements!
Fell Knight
Hello all, I'm Josh. Finally Made the Jump. Been watching for years and I think it's time to get that speedrunning work in. Hoping to learn to run Final Fantasy game by game as my long goal. For now the one that started it all. Always seemed like a great community from the outside and I'm excited to be here.
Hey, y'all! Wassup?  Cheesy

I'm Micah "Googlebonker" Nicholson, and I've been playing video games since I was maybe 5.  I've been aware of speed runs for many years, but getting to see them in action during AGDQ events is interesting.  It takes a lot of dedication to do long-form speed running, of which I don't have atm. lol  I did a speed running project, and I remember it being frustrating at times!  I did some 100% stage-by-stage speed runs for New Super Mario Bros. U (YouTube NSMBU playlist), but I know the format I presented it in isn't applicable to this site's standards.  Maybe someone that runs the game can find some small thing I did in one of my videos to shave off a little time for your speed runs. Cheesy

For the record, Cooligan Fields, Screwtop Tower, and Bouncy Cloud Boomerangs SUUUUCK!

Have fun!
hola a todos, me llamo julio, soy originario de tabasco mexico, hace tiempo ingrese a la pagina para ver los speed runs que habian y me gustaba verlos, pero nunca me anime a jugar o realizar speedruns, ya que o no contaba con la consola o no tenia donde jugarlos, ahora, como cuento con una pc, pude hacer por curiosidad el speedrun de parasit eve the 3rd birthday y poseo actualmente el record mundial, el juego fue testeado por mi tanto en emulador como en consola original y no encontre diferencia alguna, mi pregunta es, el emulador de psp es legal?
Hey all,

My name is Rory and I am the owner of the GTA Online Heist Elite Challenge Leaderboard over on the GTAForums. We Speedrun the heist finales as an added challenge and developed a niche community of players who all share their strategies and ideas. We always welcome new players across all platforms and figured it was about time I reached out to all of you dedicated speedrunners. Here is an example of what we do below. A friend and I breaking the Fleeca World Record:

drakorg23: If we got you right, no, emulated games (except for DosBox) aren't accepted on SDA, but they are on speedrun.com.

others: welcome! Check out the FAQs etc. and if you're left with questions, post them under "SDA discussion" or wherever they seem to fit. Specific game-related ones go under "planning".
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Koffee: 2017-03-30 08:51:49 am
oh gee whiz is lagged out adamed lag
Hi!  I'm Joe, and I've been on and off of SDA since 2015.  I'm into almost every fighting game under the sun, but speedrunning has always been something that I've loved to do.  Games that I've wanted to run include Bastion (PC), LoZ: the Minish Cap (GBA), Lovely Planet (PC), and perhaps NeiR: Automata (PS4) or the For Honor campaign (PS4).  I also started a thread over on the PC Games planning forum for a game I found a while back called Skelemania, which I'm absolutely certain I could get a sub-4 minute time (any%) if I practiced enough.  My PB is currently 5:08.  I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you're into something quick, but still fairly challenging.

Eventually, I'm also going to attempt to learn Rayman Origins 100%, but that's going to be more of a long-term project than anything.
Hi there!! I'm new here an d hope to have fun !! thumbsup I'm really happy to spend time here, I'm really happy that i have found you now, that i have some serious health problems, because i know that at least I'm going to spend time with funny people instead of searching all day long for drug coupons . thank you for the amazing forum!
Hi I'm Justin. Though I've been playing games since I was around three, I never seriously looked into speedrunning (or at least tracking times). I found out about this place because of SGDQ2016 and have crept for a bit before actually making am account. I play a little bit of everything, hoping to start speedrunning soon with Zelda: Minish Cap, but we'll see.
Hi, I'm Wafer.  I moved away from some less rewarding hobbies (MTG, etc.) and kind of wanted to step back into my first love of video games.  Kind of stumbled on speed running and I wish I would have been aware much earlier.  Been watching a lot of YouTube speed runs and been watching a few streams on Twitch.  All this eventually led me here!
Hey all, my name's Jasmin and i've played videogames since I was around 2-3 years old (so i've been told and shown in pictures but can't remember) and have gotten interested in trying out speedrunning after watching Narcissa work on Breath of The Wild  since it came out. Currently practising Axiom Verge on PS4 and thinking if I should speedrun Destiny since I have almost 2000 active hours in it and know it inside out. Nice to meet you all!
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SpaceMiner: 2017-06-15 12:16:26 pm
I love beating games fast.
Hello everybody, I'm SpaceMiner and recently I decided to make a return to Speedrunning, but I never used SDA and from my understanding SDA is fantastic place to learn all about your favorite speed games. I personally like to Speedrun Super Mario 64 and Mega Man 2, you can check my Personal Best Times in profile information., but other than that, I'm a competitive ssb4 player who mains Toon Link (profile pic). I essentially love Speedruns, because to me it's a challenge of how fast can I beat a game or how close can I get to a World Record. I love the community as well, even if there are some bad people, I love the community a ton. and I hope you guy love having me as a user.
hi guys, my name is Mike I am new here nice to meet you all Grin
Hey all, VsTheFuture here.  Finally got around to making an SDA forum account as I'm getting ready to submit my first ever run, and maybe start streaming my leadup.  I run Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets (3DS).  Which is a dumb but great game.  I've been considering picking up some others like Psychonauts or TTYD.  This place seems welcoming!