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I managed to get the time down to 26:25 right now (off-stream, but locally recorded). The execution was in the lower end of what I consider acceptable, without any major mistakes, butstill maybe with a few more mistakes than what I had hoped for. The RNG was pretty harsh though and I lost 4 seconds in area 3 to my old run. Normally, I should gain a little time there.

I've been getting a steady flow of good attempts lately, so I'll continue playing. Somewhere around 26:20 would be fantastic with the routes I'm currently using. But if I'm hitting a down-period, where the flow appears to be gone, I might settle with this run. It's not a disaster by any means, even though it's pretty much the worst time possible in an attempt that doesn't end in a reset.
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And I'm finally done with this game. I got a 26:16 earlier today. The time is a few seconds lower than what I had hoped for, so I'm pretty happy with the end result. There are of course a few places where time could still be saved, but nothing major (with the route I'm currently using and the current knowledge I have). (first and only attempt of the day!)

I'll do a final update of the speedrun guide in the knowledge base and prepare the submission and then it's off chasing times in other games!

Edit (081120): Below is a copy-paste of the updates from my twitch channel that I posted while attempting the latest run:
Edit (2018-11-28): I've finally looked into the teleportation jumping at the end of area 3 and 4, which will allow me to save another free 1.5 secs. I also looked at the last boss hit bug (sometimes grenade hits don't register). The results are not as conclusive, but I still believe I should be more or less guaranteed a 10-throw win now, which will save another 1.5 secs over the current pb. The guide linked to above has been updated with the findings. This was all very overdue, but it's at least good that it's now in place.

Edit (2018-12-08): New pb with a time of 26:31 (should be in the twitch highlights). It was a really good attempt, but included an incredibly unfortunate death right before entering the helicopter in area 4. Around 5 seconds lost. I'm going to keep trying for a better time, but I doubt I'll end up with something matching the pace of this attempt.

Edit (2019-03-14): Since the 26:31 run, I have adopted a few faster strats, often at the expense of added risk. Yesterday, I managed to complete a run in 26:25 (off-stream, but locally recorded) without any major mistakes. The RNG was terrible though. I've been getting quite a lot of attempts going into area 3 (and even a few into area 4) lately. I'm going to continue playing and hope that if I keep getting good attempts, another completed run shouldn't be that far off. Hopefully, I can get down around 26:20.

Edit (2019-03-21): A bit of effort to look at the RNG paid off. The mechanics behind the airstrikes and the location of the stairs at the end of area 3 are now understood. Both depend on a global timer that is reset between attempts and starts on the start screen. This means that these events are predictable, although it will be difficult to take full advantage of this knowledge in a real-time attempt. I've also found a faster method for the area 3 boss, which saves a little under a second for no additional risk.

Edit (2019-03-24): Finally a good completed attempt! The time was 26:16. There are still a few time losses, but nothing major and I feel that I'm very, very much done with this game now. I'll be back eventually to speedun a different game though.
I swear you said something about retiring...
Nice work! Again, I'm glad to see you are still at it.