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Vugmer: 2007-09-21 09:30:11 am
Cigar Man
I'm starting a thread to try to generate some interest in speedrunning Ikari Warriors (NES).  I'm offering a $50 bounty to the first person who accomplishes a no-death run of this game (go to the following link for details; scroll about halfway down the page:;action=display;num=1172435272;start=60).

Also, I recorded myself playing through (not speedrunning) the first stage without dying, just to show that a no-death run of this game probably isn't impossible.  I had to practice the first stage for a couple of weeks before I was able to play through it without dying.  There are four stages in the game, so if a player could master each stage in two weeks, he could be ready to speedrun the game in two months.

I used an NES and a DVD recorder to record this video.  Here's the link:  
Thread title:  
I've no-deathed Ikari Warriors 2, and I own the IK1 cart but never played it. Maybe I'll check it out.

But, in terms of speedrunning, the guys move so slowly it'd be frustrating even to watch.
Cigar Man
There is a power-up in the first stage that makes your warrior move faster. 
wise fwom yo gwave
and the Tank/helicopter moves relatively fast.

The castlevania dude moves much slower than the ikari warriors dude.
Cigar Man
What's weird is that once you obtain the speed power-up, I think the warrior on foot actually moves faster than the tank. 
wise fwom yo gwave
Yea, but its 20 times easier to survive in the tank, wouldn't you agree? I think that would be a reasonable trade off for such a ridiculous game.
Cigar Man

I didn't mean to imply that speedrunners should try to play this game without using the tank.
Cigar Man
I was just looking at an Ikari Warriors FAQ (  The author of the FAQ claims this: "You can even finish the game without dying if you follow this guide."

Encouraging, eh?
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Vugmer: 2007-09-22 07:50:14 am
Cigar Man
I finally beat stage two in Ikari Warriors (and did so without dying).  In the video, I start with all of the power-ups, including super-speed and the knife.  

View part one here:

View part two here:

This video isn't a speedrun, but it can be used as a reference for anyone who wants to try to speedrun the game (I know that stanski has been working on this game a bit).  I show the locations of some of the hidden power-ups in the video.

I will probably never attempt to speedrun this game.  My goal is to just beat the game without using the A-B-B-A continue code.  I'll record it and submit it to SuperPlay! or a site like that.

If I had one NES-related wish, I'd wish for each creator of this awful port to be locked in his own windowless, lightless room that has only a chair, a TV, an NES, and an Ikari Warriors cartridge.  He can't come out of the room until he beats the game.  No emulators.  No savestates. No Game Genie.  No FAQ.  No cheats.  No stage-select code.  No A-B-B-A continue code.

edit: In part two of the video, watch from 5:07 to 5:15 to see some real nonsense.  Five of my bullets pass through an enemy soldier without harming him.
Cigar Man
Hahaha!  I'm so amped up right now.  I finally beat Ikari Warriors without using the A-B-B-A cheat code.  I realize that only about five people in the world care about this game, but that doesn't bother me.  I got the run (not a speedrun) on tape.  The run is about 58 minutes.  I think I died about three of four times, but I'll have to watch the run again to find out the exact number of times I died.  My score at the end was around 427,000.  The current record on Twin Galaxies is 78,700.

Can I put this run on 
100% runs=great to watch
Badass to the max.  I confer upon you the title of Heracles du Blackmilk.  8)
Cigar Man
Thanks, getter.

I just timed my run at 57:08 (give or take a couple of seconds).  I died five times.  My final score was exactly 467,900.
wise fwom yo gwave
Nice job vgmr! Now to go for no deaths.
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Vugmer: 2008-06-14 02:30:22 pm
Cigar Man
Quote from stanski:
Nice job vgmr! Now to go for no deaths.

Lol at no deaths.  I always die intentionally at the end of stage three because I suicide-rush those six soldiers who are standing around the corpse's desk, as shown near the end of this video:   If I hang back and try to pick off those six soldiers one by one, I usually die several times.

Are you still thinking about speedrunning this game?  I would say that I changed the stipulations of my bounty from "no deaths" to "deaths are OK," but I know you are gung-ho about having no deaths.
Hi! I'm andrewg!
Congrats vgmr!

Even I'm not too interested in this game really.  Tongue

I mean, it's an alright game. Considering the challange it is to beat this game I may one day try to actually beat it.
wise fwom yo gwave
I can barely beat the first level without dying, so i will never try to speedrun this i don't think. Plus dying hurts your time so much in certain places that it really sucks :-(.
everybody wanna tell you the meaning of music
The best part about all this is how nobody has responded to you in the thread at TG.
Cigar Man
Quote from andrewg:
I may one day try to actually beat it.

Change "one day" to "one year."

Quote from Enhasa:
The best part about all this is how nobody has responded to you in the thread at TG.

Yeah, the Classic Consoles section of the TG forum seems relatively dead.  Plus, I'm sure that all of the TG fanboys hate me. might be the only person who has ever beaten this game without continues.
everybody wanna tell you the meaning of music
The FAQ author has beaten it with no deaths even.
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Vugmer: 2008-06-15 08:53:37 pm
Cigar Man
Quote from Enhasa:
The FAQ author has beaten it with no deaths even.

I'm not sure that the FAQ author actually says he has beaten the game without dying.  He just says that doing so is possible.  Anyway, here's a good quote from the FAQ:

"Q:  Is it really possible to finish the game without dying?
A:  Yes, but you'd probably have a better chance at winning the lottery than
    accomplishing this goal."

Edit: Nice sig, Enhasa.
Cigar Man
If anyone is interested, my play-through of Ikari Warriors can be watched and/or downloaded here:

I also wrote some comments about the game there.
The super slow moving guy made me laugh. I also liked how enemy bullets move at 5X the speed that you move at :P. I watched the entire first level, which was a huge mistake, seriously 13 minutes for the first level and there's not even a boss or anything that doesn't suck, purple glowing tanks too? This game is really one of the worst i've ever seen. How you can take playing this game for longer then 5 seconds is a mystery to me, but good job on the run vgmrsepitome, I doubt i'll ever watch another second of it, or any other video of Ikari Warriors though :P.
Hi! I'm andrewg!
I'm confused. Why aren't you sending this to SDA?
My feelings on The Demon Rush
I haven't watched the run yet (I will this weekend), but vgmr stated that he wasn't playing for speed. Also, he might not want to submit a run with deaths, but I'm not sure about that since this game retardedly difficult.