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Darnok_PL: 2017-02-10 09:21:49 am
Yeah, at last something useful for run - you can enter Enost's cell, press the button and leave that without freeing him, which is about 10-15s faster over freeing him and watching cutscenes.

After you enter the cell that way you can actually get oob, jump and land on part of map behind wooden door. However it is still useless, because the following part of map is not solid and it seems you can't do anything with that.
Yeah, and another one - saves again 10-15s but it is risky - falling down into nothing causes gameover and kills run.
A little timesaver at Torras IV bridge section:

Saves ca. 10s, if done first try.
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I have accidentally found another skip, this time at the Field of Courage II, which has surpised me:

Saves ca. 35s, if done perfect.
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YEAH, this time I have found something quite big:

This allows you to go for Jewel of Mankind without doing any other mission in Era II. However, you will need to collect Flag of Taskan II, so you have to make access to hollow tree - minimum out of your way stuff is freeing Gogoud from Laboratory and taking Caron's Bracelet - you can do them after meeting Drareg. Additionally you have to show the bracelet to Bolduk (you can do it while going for Flag of Taskan I) and meet a brigand who tells you about hollow tree (when going for key). This way game can be finished fine.

This route saves about 4.5 min. This way you will never get your crossbow back, but it is not a problem. You will also preserve Caron's Bracelet, but you never get Brigands Insignia.

Also don't forget that you need ice magics to put it on fire in Fortress III and IV (if you don't free Rajoth before, you need Glacia Trinity from Dungeons I). And you need crossbow for Enost's Almanac (don't meet Caron before).
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Darnok_PL: 2017-07-17 07:10:25 am
Another find which resulted from playing Astrolabe II with running boots that you were not intended to have:

If you possess running boots in Astrolabe and you have played Rajoth cutscene before (at least in previous game), you can apparently skip Rajoth cutscene and make firewall not appear - you start battle immediately.

Saves ca. 10 s, but this skip is risky and inconsistent - if you run too slow, you can cause softlock or game crash!

EDIT: It seems playing Rajoth cutscene before doing skip doesn't guarantee it work, sadly... Not worth doing in run yet.
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Darnok_PL: 2017-07-23 08:35:24 am
Well, thanks to my last finds I've managed to get a massive Any% PB of:

This run was not perfect but good enough to be happy for now. Most of mistakes resulted from movement, I am also not satisfied with Rajoth, Voydh and Barnak.

EDIT: Now I got 1:54:31: