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That seems fine by me, Since im not sure how many runners we have here in FL. A more of Community Meetup and Speedrun while we there seems fine by me.
So, Distant Worlds (FF Concert) will be in St. Petersburg on Saturday, February 6th - the event will be about 50 minutes from me - we could plan on the event to overlap this so we can go and have a good time! Thoughts?
Provided the venue isn't shit, I think that would be a great idea.
(Ask Rane about shit venues, there was this one the day before I left for SGDQ...)
Distant Worlds venue is The Mahaffey (I have been there a couple times, good place) in St. Pete.
Meetup venue will be my house (I have also been there a couple times, also a good place Smiley  ) in Wesley Chapel.
I want off the ride....
Quote from Dragondarch:
Provided the venue isn't shit, I think that would be a great idea.
(Ask Rane about shit venues, there was this one the day before I left for SGDQ...)

I'm sure it wont be 10000 degrees farenheit with only 1 fan that is not working.... with about 1" of personal space to use.

Anyway; I think that works pretty nice. I wouldn't mind going to another Distant Worlds anyway.
I'm actually quite interested in this, but kind of don't want to go to the concert... So... any news lately?
Sounds good to me! I'll be going to Distant worlds with some friends. But I can definitely meet up for a event prior to that.
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WanderingMind: 2015-09-19 11:10:07 pm
Stay chill, be cool.
Oh hey I'm moving back to Florida, and I would be really interested in this kind of event.  Just wanted to throw it out there.  I'm from Palm Beach Gardens, so that's like a 3 hour drive from where I am.

My main game is Valkyria Chronicles II for the PSP, although I do run Valkyria Chronicles for the PC on the side.  I may be learning some other games between now and late February / early March.

I'd be more than happy to tag along for Distant Worlds too.
I used to live in Boynton Beach and in Boca Raton, so I am very familiar with Palm Beach Gardens - you would be about 3 hours 30 minutes from me, give or take.
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catastrophic4: 2015-09-23 11:55:28 pm
As an update, things are still on track, provided I find a new job soon (unfortunately, I lost the job I had for the last 6 years). As long as whatever job I find doesn't move me from the Central Florida area, everything should be on track. We will be looking for a series of days from Jan 31 to Feb 13, possibly to include Feb 6 (concert hype - obviously, you wouldn't have to attend the concert if you didn't want to). (Provided that all works out by the end of October), I will create a Google Form for sign ups and as long as enough people give their commitment, we will push forward. I will include dates on that form so that we can work out when the best time would be. I believe I have received enough interest from this thread and from other folks in the community to move forward, but I just want to be sure through a more formal form before I set dates and start prepping.

It should be fun! All the WRs or RIOT!
Good news! I got a job, and it's in town, so we are a go!
Speed Gaming Is Fun
Yoo, I'd be down to attend and help ya out with whatever! I live in Florida and am always down for a marathon

Hey I've got a couple of questions.
1. If i were to submit a pc run that requires a powerful pc, will there be one on site?
2. Umm. I'm 16, is there an age issue?
Quote from BystanderTim:
Hey I've got a couple of questions.
1. If i were to submit a pc run that requires a powerful pc, will there be one on site?
2. Umm. I'm 16, is there an age issue?

1. You would probably want to bring your own PC for intense games like that. Mine does the job for capturing from a capture card, I don't know how it would like intense games though.
2. Um, 16 is probably less than ideal. I would have to give this some thought, but my first inclination is that's probably a bit young... I will think about it.
Thanks! Hopefully my age dosen't turn you away from my speedrun capability, I did have a run at this recent SGDQ, and was really excited when I saw an event so close
I have no doubt about your ability to play - my concern is that there likely will be
floating around, and don't want to contribute to you getting into any trouble, if that makes sense.
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catastrophic4: 2015-11-03 07:02:16 pm
catastrophic4: 2015-11-03 07:01:40 pm
Oops - I doubled up on posts. Disregard this.
So far, 7 sign ups with an additional 1-2 private confirmations (and some interested people) are making things look like we might be able to pull this off!
The more people who sign up, the more likely we can make this event a success!!
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The Sid: 2015-11-19 06:00:49 am
raising the stakes on being bad!
Im in for sure since i live in Orlando
but as for games i can offer this if i want to play my game ( "Jump Ultimate Stars" for those that are wondering) i i would need some help to capture it w/o emu and a rom i would, need a DS w/ capcard (& maybe a flash card to load an English translated version letting people know what the RPG elements do in my deck for (English version which doesnt not matter and runs at the same speed text wise they both run at the same speed on the same console)) would run at the same speed)
I can also use my Jap cart with any conosle that has a DS cap card, but it would be harder for both me and the viewers. me to recall the abilities of each character and puts the viewers in the dark unless i can explain EVERYTHING
Heck i can bring my Laptop to play english version on it and make it a bid war VS JP cart. I guess i wasn't thinking while typing we can decide which is easier and better to showoff english rom or JP cart for the audience NOT A BID WAR...
Quote from The Sid:
make it a bid war

There's nothing to bid on - this event is being held for the sole purpose to have fun and showcase runners' talents.
We still need some more sign ups for this, otherwise its just going to be the same handful of people playing all the games!

Please folks, sign up at and help make this event a success!
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Deln: 2015-11-23 04:37:52 pm
2 things, which airport is closest?
also can anyone pass by to pick up people flying in? :x
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Highspirits: 2015-11-23 04:46:58 pm
Closest airport is Tampa probably

But if Orlando is cheaper, I could go get you there
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catastrophic4: 2015-11-23 05:02:40 pm
Yep, if you fly into Tampa (TPA) I'll be driving everyone to and from there (along with wherever else) - if you want to fly into Orlando (MCO) you would have to see if HighSpirits or The_Sid would pick you up and whatnot. Either way, I'm sure we will get you here in one piece. And have Maple Crown Royal waiting in the freezer for you Smiley