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Final Fantasy Adventure (Any %) (Single Segment) [Warpless]

Verifier Responses

Quote from BOWIEtheHERO:
I accept This run for verification. As Crows competition for best time, I recognise the execution of The movement between dangerous enemies, smart level up builds to maximise damage and speed through each element of the game and knowledge of the games statistical intricacy, a decided and optimised route through the game and excellent adaptation to the extreme RNG elements such as enemy spawn locations, item drops and enemy movement during puzzle rooms.

Quote from CyberBotX:
A/V good, no cheating detected. I'd say this run went well from an overall standpoint. There was some bad luck from the RNG, and some mistakes, so I would love to see a much smoother run. That being said, this run was good enough for me to accept it.

Quote from StingerPA:
A/V is good, no cheating detected.

Timing comes out to 2:07:37.6, but as this was recorded on Super Gameboy hardware for the SNES, I used Radix's conversion rate of 1.024115 to translate this into a time of 2:10:42.

Pretty solid gameplay, although there were some cringe moments.  There were spots that should've been handled much better, but overall it was a very good run that got some bad RNG at times (e.g. wendel).  Like another verifier said, it'd be nice to see a better run, but for now, it's strong enough quality to be accepted.

Quote from Lhexa:
A/V fine, no cheating that I can detect.  The run comments don't mention a time, and I'm not sure exactly when control begins/ends, so I can't comment on that.  Also, this is said to be the "no out of bounds" category, but I'd like some clarification on what all the other categories are.  There don't seem to be any beneficial glitches used, so I'm not sure why this isn't billed as a glitchless run.

General notes: The player sometimes forgets that a spell is selected, and then goes to reselect the same one.  Also, there's a fair amount of inventory sorting, which is a waste of time.  Finally, many enemies are killed in the first half of the game, but fewer and fewer as time goes on... wouldn't it make sense to kill more toward the end, gaining more XP in shorter time?  Many things are still one-shotted even in the final areas.

0:00 -- Is there a reason behind the names?

1:29 -- Both arena fights finished near the exit, nice.

6:40 -- It looked like you could have made it past the enemies first try.

7:00 -- Impressive gold management to get the Battle Axe, but might it have been better to skip the first sets of enemies to grind only on the second/third sets?  After all, you end up skipping a couple screens of them toward the end.

7:10 -- Menu error, ouch.

9:20 -- Waited for the monster to pass, then got hit anyway.

13:40 -- Decent luck on the Hydra fight.

14:50 -- A little time wasted on an irretrievable chest.

17:10 -- Hmm, seems like with a bit better luck you could have skipped using Heal to cross the spikes a second time... but you'd have to get to them at full health, then avoid all damage until the second crossing, which would be tough.

21:00 -- Nice Vampire fight, looks like a consistent strategy.

23:50 -- Wow, bad luck on the monster spawns.

29:40 -- You have to refresh the same screen a few times to get the levelup recharge.  Why couldn't you have just used the spiders in the next rooms?

30:25 -- Ouch, should have just burned the spiders to begin with.

30:40 -- Missed the Megapede using a full-Will Fire shot, also painful.

32:15 -- Jerk dwarf!

34:30 -- A level-up heal three enemies after staying at an inn... that was a missed opportunity.

43:10 -- Oh man, about ten seconds of being blocked from the doorway.

45:00 -- The Medusa fight was cautious, but not overly so.

46:50 -- Left the screen before a monster died, I think that robs you of XP.

48:40 -- Huh, fire is weak to Fire.  Also, very bad luck against a black mage in the next room -- even with refreshing the room once, you still lost a chunk of time to one blocking the door.

52:40 -- Lester: "Hey, now that we're done fighting the powerful illithid mage... take this spellbook of Mute."

54:35 -- Why didn't you use the Battle Axe to get past the thorns, skipping the eyes?

55:20 -- Good Metal Crab fight, missing one shot.

56:20 -- A few small mistakes in a row here, including a pointless save.

1:01:00 -- Good Cyclops fight, missing maybe one shot due to caution.

1:01:50 -- That can't have felt good, searching for a nonexistent nectar.  Seemed like a decent Golem fight, anyway.

1:05:05 -- Some painful fishing for a level-up boost.  I guess extra Cure spells earlier on chewed through your MP reserve.

1:06:00 -- Good Chimera fight, but couldn't you have made it through without healing?

1:06:40 -- Took a screen transition by mistake.

1:08:00 -- Lots of screen resets... good luck could have saved fifteen seconds, here.

1:09:30 -- Painful, painful.  But I guess it's a hard damage boost to set up.

1:13:00 -- Seems like you could come up with a better Dark Lord fight.  This one was absurdly cautious.

1:18:20 -- You jerk!  You didn't talk to Bogard!  Also, maybe stop at the weapon shop in Ish?  You do an awful lot of healing in the next couple of dungeons, and you end with plenty of gold.

1:19:50 -- Some indecision while levelling.

1:23:50 -- Might have been faster to kill the eye.

1:26:30 -- A very unlucky room.

1:27:00 -- With better XP management, you could have skipped the healing spring.

1:29:00 -- The lightning spell makes quick work of Kary.  But there might still be a faster strategy, as you spend an awful lot of time not attacking.

1:32:00 -- An unfortunate Moogling.

1:33:20 -- You get on the Chocobo to go half a screen south... I'm not sure any time is saved.

1:36:00 -- Good Kraken fight.  Maybe it can be done faster with better tentacle luck.

1:37:40 -- Some unnecessary delay before freezing the knight.

1:41:00 -- It would've been faster to push the southeast snowman first.

1:42:00 -- The Iflit fight was done well, but it looks like you could devise a slightly faster strategy in return for taking some damage.

1:42:40 -- Chocobo used just to go half a screen west.

1:44:50 -- How many times can that elixir be acquired?

1:45:10 -- A moment of confusion when the player docks in the wasteland.

1:46:20 -- Great Lich fight.

1:49:20 -- Good Mantis fight.  I wonder how many bosses have this same pattern.

1:53:30 -- Decent, maybe a little overly cautious Garuda fight.

1:57:00 -- A shot missed in the Dragon fight, but Nuke wrecks so much face that it's still very quick.

1:59:20 -- Two shots missed in Red Dragon fight, still decent.

2:02:00 -- Great Dragon Zombie fight.

2:03:30 -- Excalibur, eh?  Doesn't sound very useful.

2:05:00 -- Julius phase one looks sloppy, but according to the notes was actually very good.  On Julius two, one missed shot and some overly cautious play.  Julius three was good except for spazzing out with the morning star at one point.  The player ended with 32 MP, so the two X-ethers purchased around 1:40 weren't strictly necessary, but they gave some extra margin for error in missing shots.

Opinion: a weak accept.  On the one hand, there are many small mistakes throughout the run, and it seems like better planning could result in better use of the level-up healing, saving more time.  On the other hand, none of the mistakes are major, and the overall route (excepting the opportunities lost when levelling up) looks solid.  I'm probably biased by my desire to see this game up on SDA, but I do think the run, despite some sloppiness, is good enough to pass.

Decision: Accept

Congratulations to 'Crow!'!
Thread title:  
What's that gemma?

For anyone curious, the WR has been bouncing between myself and BowieTheHero, who uses a completely different build than me.  Our twitch streams are:

Some answers for Lhexa:

The other category is a no-holds-barred run where you warp from the marsh to the snowfields, then walk from the ice cavern's interior to the volcano's interior, then walk from the volcano's interior to where Mother hands you the Excalibur, all with either the Girl (or if you're a TAS, Julius himself) following you around.  I'm not explicitly avoiding beneficial glitches (I even use a few in this run, depending on how liberally you count). There just aren't many apart from the OoB ones.

I try to sort my inventory so that items which will be used often are faster to select in the future, while on the way to picking up other items.  Sometimes I botch this, though.  This run was a bit worse than most in terms of the pause menu in general.

I pick the name C for Crow and L for Loxaf.  Loxaf is the name I've used for female characters in RPGs since I was young.

Here's a description of the initial sets of enemies:
Mushboom: 1 gold, 1 experience, 1 hit to kill.
Goblin: 3 gold, 1 experience, 2 hits to kill, sometimes 1 hit after first level.
Rabite: 2 gold, 1 experience, 1 hit to kill.  Often jumps off the screen and is untouchable; cannot tell where it will land.
Imp: 2 gold, 2 experience, 2 hits to kill.  Deals 3x as much damage as everything else.
... (other stuff)
Marsh Cave Fish: 10 experience

The lesson to be learned above is that the Imp+Rabite enemy set sucks super hard.  They're worth less gold per attack, are harder to hit, and are very likely to end your run.  I estimate only 5% of my runs survive the trek through Imp territory.  Even if I did focus on killing more Imps, and even if I didn't die when trying to do so, in the long term the EXP gained gets completely eclipsed by what I gain in the Marsh Cave; only the gold really matters.

Similarly, Spiders suck.  Not as bad as Imps, but they're worth only 18 experience to the 35 that Fleas give or the 30 the dog/pig men give, with extremely dangerous projectiles.  I need the enemies I kill to meet a certain amount of EXP gained / MP spent killing them so that I can replenish my MP by simply leveling up, and Spiders don't reach that threshold.

I will note that since this run I have improved my Silver Cave strategy by swapping to the Chain after the mine cart ride; this takes some menuing time before and after the cave but it means I can engage spiders without worrying about getting hit by silk.  My plan is therefore to get through the cave without leveling at all.

54:35 - Using the Axe here would have cleared my Will bar and likely caused Metal Crab to take an extra cycle.

Chimera is rough.  Most runs that die after getting past the Marsh Cave do so at this fight.  At the point where I cast Cure, had I instead continued to cast Fire, Chimera could have chosen to dive and I would be dead before I was permitted to pause and select the Cure spell.  Getting greedy and shooting a fireball from the back side of the map hoping to gain enough time before Chimera's collision with me to cast cure if necessary has gotten me killed more than once.

After this run, I realized that if the werewolves don't cooperate immediately for the damage boost through the treasure chest, I can kill a chest, walk past it, and save and reload.

The trouble with Dark Lord is that his motion is largely random and his shield is invincible and he often turns to face you.  I have an alternative strategy where I try to send a lightning bolt in cases where he's likely to turn, but I need to guess not just where he will turn but also how fast he will move, both of which are random.  The strategy in this run isn't too slow provided the Dark Lord gets himself stuck on the first try; this was a second try, unfortunately.

I used to pick up the Flame Armor at Ish.  I stopped when I realized that I usually had to heal after the same number of hits in the Ice Cavern regardless.  I suppose it might pay off during the Volcano and Ancient Cave, though.

It takes about 10 morning star hits for me to kill an Eye, unfortunately.  They're invulnerable to all magic.

When I do a short distance Chocobo ride, it's generally to avoid an enemy I expect will be trouble rather than to gain movement speed.  I also un-moogle myself via Chocobo once.

You can get the Elixir on that island every time the enemies spawn.  This means you have to move far enough away from it that the game forgets you already cleared all the enemies there.  Alternatively, you can save and reload to respawn those enemies; if I actually needed a third Elixir, I'd probably get it that way.

At the time of this run, I had only recently switched to doing Lich after getting the Rusty Sword rather than before. I went onto the Crystal Desert dock out of habit.

I'm not equipping something that the game abbreviates to "XCalibr". Tongue

Julius 1 is a total troll who can arbitrarily negate your attacks by either being on the wrong animation frame when you hit him (as he spazzes out, which direction his shield is facing changes erratically), by shooting you as you try to attack thus causing your attack to go the wrong direction, or by just instantaneously teleporting out of the way.  Killing him with only 7 attacks (i.e. only 1 failed shot) is a feat I'll probably never repeat.

The trouble with Julius 2 is that he can dive diagonally or downward when he's on the left or right sides.  Once he commits to either diving down or moving sideways you can hit him, but attacking before hand will get you hit should he choose to go diagonal.  I did miss a couple shots, either by choosing not to attack because I fumbled before hand or by just outright missing, though.
Congrats, Crow! Glad it got accepted!
Thanks for the explanations, Crow.  Out of curiosity, what beneficial glitches did you use?  The only thing that comes to mind is getting hurt to walk through a chest, but I don't think damage boosts are generally considered glitches.
Not sure if it constitutes as a glitch but cure cancels. When stepping onto a warp, stairs or door that activate the fade out, if you cure as you step upon them, you get the effects of cure without wasting time standing there... Probably not a glitch, but whatever glitches are used, are that minute.
What's that gemma?
When poisoned, taking actions (swinging your weapon, casting magic) will protect you from poison's damage.  When moogled, hopping on and off a chocobo will negate that status.

There's also a glitch where you can make early game armor (usually your helmet) act more like mid-game armor, but it costs around 2 minutes of extra gold farming and shopping around Topple to buy the Iron Helmet.  My opinion is that it pays off in the physical route, but Bowie doesn't actually bother with it.
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Can someone do me the favor of writing an intro to this game for its game page?
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Unless someone more qualified than me wants to write an intro for this game, I can do it
What's that gemma?
Here's my contribution.  Feel free to use it, modify it, or choose something else.

Released in 1991, Final Fantasy Adventure is the first game of the "Mana" series, which includes games such as Secret of Mana.  The player controls a runaway gladiator who tries to protect a woman caught up in the Glaive Empire's quest to claim the ultimate powers of the Mana Tree.  This game features Zelda-esque overhead exploration, RPG-style statistics growth, and a brutal difficulty level.
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Yeah I figured someone would beat me to the punch. Nice job Crow, looks good