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saxman52: 2005-06-15 08:20:32 pm
I beat this game on Die Hard with a Vengeance mode the night I got it. I'm sure a speedrun wouldn't be difficult to whip up. And the game is something of a novelty. What are everybody's thoughts.

Thank you Smiley
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Did I shoot 3 times or once from different angles
I don't know if enough people played that game. I heard it sucked and I only played a small demo that back then my computer couldn't handle very well. All I remember is that the didn't sound anything like Bruce Willis.
You're right. The game was mediocre at best. And the voice acting was, to me, like a little brat holding his finger an inch from my eye taunting "I'm not touching you." I love the original Die Hard movie and this game doesn't do it much justice.

I'm interested in doing a speed run of it because I feel it would add to the variety of runs already on this site. Also, if people are curious about the game but don't want to buy it, they can just watch it.

The game isn't that great, but there aren't many others like it. And it's something I'm confident I can pull off.
Did I shoot 3 times or once from different angles
If you want go for it. I got memory to spare so I'll download it. I did kinda want to see how the upper floors looked like. I only played that base meant level thingy.
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saxman52: 2005-05-11 04:45:18 am
An update on the run: I quit. The game is that bad. It's so horrible: the AI, the weapon accuracy, the cheapness, etc. I would want to submit a run of this game being beaten on the "Die Hard with a Vengeance (Hard)" difficulty, and I can't do it. The game is so erradic, and it controls like a brain freeze! A run on "Die Hard (Easy)" difficulty would be doable, but I'd, I don't know, like I was copping out. It wouldn't matter, though, since hardly anyone else would care about a run for this game.

I said I quit, but in reality I'm just wanting to get everyone's input on which difficulty I should complete the run on or if anyone even cares that much.

Thanks  Smiley
Did I shoot 3 times or once from different angles
If you don't feel right on hard then just do it on easy. This run actaully got me kind of excited. lol. But it's been only you and me on this thread so... I don't think any one cares much.
Well, if I was the only one excited about a run, and no one else cared much, I'd still want someone to do it, so I'll go ahead. Maybe others will see it and get interested.

Thanks Smiley
I'd be interested in seeing a run for this game, I played it myself couple years ago. I had trouble with Hans, could never get past him. I always shot too early or too late. Any difficulty , doesn't matter to me either. I'd just like to see a run of this one.
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saxman52: 2005-05-12 07:09:09 am
I've started practicing on Die Hard (Easy) mode. I'm pretty much blazing through it. I'm halfway through after about an hour and half. Most of this time is owed to the fact that it's been a year since I've played it, and I only played it once because I beat it the first night I got it.

Once I get my route, manage my stamina better, and get better acquainted with the scripted events, aiming, etc., my time will be a lot shorter.

As far as entertainment value goes, I'll try and think up something creative. The game is pretty much run and gun through the variety of settings, no matter which difficulty.

Another note: How would everyone feel if I didn't skip the cutscenes? I've toyed with the idea of leaving the scenes in and giving the run a more cinematic feel since it is based off the movie. I think this will up the entertainment value. The download would be bigger, but the game experience would be more complete. And I know most people wouldn't even pay money for the game, so the next best thing would be a run with everything left in and could be downloaded for free.

Finally, are there any glitches that anyone knows about that might help? How do I find glitches? I got one tonight that caused all of the walls to disappear, leaving only the NPCs and the background. It was by accident, though.
One other thing. Segmented or Single-segment? If I do segmented, there will be about thirty segments. A SS run would be probably be around two hours I'm guessing.
Did I shoot 3 times or once from different angles
Are the cinemas anygood? cause if not just skip them. Unless there in that "so bad they're good" area.
The cutscenes are closer to the "so bad they're good" side. They're only "so bad they're good" if you're a die-hard fan of the movie - no pun intended. If you're not a big fan, then the cutscenes won't be anything marvellous, but will probably be cheesy, pointless, and/or mediocre.

Signing off,

Captain Longwind : Tongue
Forget the cutscenes. They're horrible.

I beat the game on easy. Factoring in lack of knowledge of the maps, scripted events, and glitches that hindered my progress, the game took about 3 hours to beat.

After a few playthroughs I might be able to cut this time in half.
Did I shoot 3 times or once from different angles
Go for it. It'd be fun to watch.
Good news. I just finished running through the game on normal mode. I began at 12:53 and finished at 3:06, with a total time of 2 hours and 13 mins. This is a pretty good time. Certainly not up to my standards, though. However, considering the harder difficulty, the fact that I died and reloaded a lot, messed up my routes, some bad stamina management, etc. it's a pretty decent time.

For the final run I plan on playing on normal (Die Harder) difficulty and cleaning up my mistakes. I'm hoping for a time of about 1 hour 45 mins.

Thanx to everyone keeping tabs on this run Smiley
I read through this thread and noticed the guest "geary" had trouble defeating Hans. He must've been frustrated with the game considering Hans is the last obsticle of the adventure.

To defeat Hans, you have to shoot him when Holly knocks him back. This will happen after Hans shoots at you anywhere from two to five times. To dodge Hans' bullets, I recommend positioning yourself so that the shelves are between you and Hans. This way his bullets won't hit you. To shoot Hans easier use the Steyer. It has a scope and stronger kick, making it more accurate and effective. If you're good, Holly will only have to knock him back once. Two or three fast Steyer taps will cause the fight to progress. The battle will "progress" three times before the final standoff. You'll know the fight is about over when Hans positions himself in front of the window.

Hope my dissertation helped  Grin
I downloaded Fraps to record my speedrun. I configured everything. When I hit the record hotkey (F10 for me) the game crashed.

I think this might be because I set the FPS to 60. Any suggestions or help, please? I'd appreciate it.
Try 1/2 size with 25 or 30 FPS.
Geahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! It still won't work! I'm prolly gonna resort to hooking my computer up to my TV and get the run on VHS. Unless there's another alternative other than Camtasia or HyperCam, which aren't working for me.  Sad
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saxman52: 2005-05-21 06:02:54 pm
I have a question about an ideal FPS mouse/mousepad setup. What's everyone's input on the best setup. Right now I'm running with a Microsoft Intellimouse with no mousepad. I stopped using my Radioshack pad with the gel wrist support because it kept getting in the way. I'm using the mouse on my wooden desk surface.

If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them  Smiley

An update on the run (for those who care  :P):

It's coming along nicely and a sub 2 hour run seems possible. I've found an interesting glitch in "The Bomber" chapter that prevents enemies from spawning when they're supposed to, but the glitch is random and I have yet to figure out what triggers it. Also I've found a tiny sequence break that saves me a couple of seconds. In "The Architect" chapter, I figured out how to get into and down the elevator shaft earlier than I'm supposed to. It's pretty nifty considering I get to the bottom of the shaft faster than good ol' architect  Grin

Till next time  Smiley
Oh! I almost forgot. I need help on how to speed climb ladders. Not climbing up them, but down them. I've seen in the Half-Life runs where the player will fall along a ladder, then before they reach the bottom, they twirl and grab the ladder in time to prevent from taking damage. This would help the run out a lot because ladders take a long time to climb down in the game. Any tips would be great  Smiley

Im Addicted to Games
it's basicly just air controll, theres no big trick or anything... it's just being able to controll your self while your floating mid air
Does air control mean knowing how to use A,W,S, and E as well as the mouse? I've trying it with just the mouse.
Update  Cheesy

I've finished running through the game on normal difficulty and my time was 1 hour 22 minutes.

This time includes all of my game overs (which amounts to around an embarassing 15  :-/)

Till next time.
A question for Radix:

I realize this game is not well known and where it is known it has a bad rap. Would my run even be considered for posting or should I not bother with it?