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I'm getting annoying with this. I know and I'm sorry. Just two final questions, for those who are even slightly interested: SS or segmented? Also, does normal difficulty bother anyone or is there someone out there just dying to see a hard mode run?

Sorry for the sarcasm  Tongue
Did I shoot 3 times or once from different angles
Normal is alright. And you can segmented if you want.
I ask the whole segmented question because to me, SS is impressive, and I want to impress people with my first speed run. But segmented would be less stressful.
Did I shoot 3 times or once from different angles
Thats why I said segmented. There aren't that many people who are following this run and I don't think you should go out of the way to make something impressive when it wont be appreciated.
Good point. Segmented would provide for a better quality run, too. Not video quality but "gameplay" quality, I guess you could call it.
I have my computer hooked up through my VCR to my TV, making it possible for me to record the run on VHS. Is there a way I could use VirtualDub instead, so as to not sacrifice the quality of the video?
Never mind Tongue I've started recording on VHS.
Change of plan. I have a full version of Fraps now and everything works fine, but how do I get the .avi files to Radix when all is said and done?

Also, with Nakatomi Plaza, an SS run is impossible with Fraps, because on the loading screens the program stops recording.

Another note: the axe is proving to be a very useful weapon against the horrible AI and a wonderful time saver. I'm gonna have to change my tactics on levels that feature the axe. I don't think you can carry it from level to level.
Did I shoot 3 times or once from different angles
Isn't there somekind of FAQ on the site?
I looked and it just mentions that Fraps and Camtasia can capture the runs. As for getting them on the site, I think I'll have to use and FTP address. If Radix or someone in the know can clarify if this is true, and if so, how I get an FTP site, I would much appreciate it.

Thanks Smiley
Did I shoot 3 times or once from different angles
You should probably send Radix a Private Message. I really don't know about this stuff though.
Good idea  Smiley Thanks.
I'm addicted to games
how about waiting until you FINISH a run before you worry about submitting it?
Did I shoot 3 times or once from different angles
LOL. Sounds like an insult.
Ouch. I deserve it  Sad
Radix, some questions about editing my .avi files from Fraps. Should I even edit them?

If I should, do I use Nate's FAQ to learn how?

How should I time it so you'll have something to compare your timing with?

Should I time the cutscenes that I skip since the skipping is player controlled?

I definitely need to compress these things. Nate's FAQ has something about how to compress the .avi files, right?

Thanks  Smiley
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VorpalEdge: 2005-06-08 03:43:46 am
welcome to the machine
Nate's faq is good, but how much of it applies to fraps depends on what settings you used.

If you recorded at 60 fps, you won't have much editing to do at all - just cropping out failed attempts, compressing with different byte rates, and resizing it perhaphs..  If you recorded at 29.97, you may need to up the framerate somehow for hq.

I can't really say more. <edit: cropped out this last part, because I hadn't actually read *all* of nate's faq. -_->
What's "hq"? And how would I compress and resize? Would I use the progs Nate mentions?
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VorpalEdge: 2005-06-08 04:04:17 am
welcome to the machine
You would compress/resize/etc using virtualdub.

In virtualdub, when you go to select your video compression codec (video -> compression, use divx), hit configure while divx is highlighted.  You'll be able to change your bitrate, which is how much space the program can use to store data per... frame, I think?

'hq' is high-quality (60 fps, 4000 kbps bitrate)
mq is medium, somewhere between 450-550 kbps, and is only 29.97 fps
lq is low, 100-something kbps, 29.97 fps

Resizing would be a simple filter application.  As for upping the fps to 60 if you recorded at 29.97... I don't know.  I don't *think* you could use avisynth, as what fraps records isn't interlaced iirc.

Just read all of nate's faq. >_>
Thanks Smiley All this compression/resizing stuff will be done in a few days. Finally. And I'll have the run off to be OK'd.

*(gasp) OMG, he's gonna do something other than talk about his run  Shocked
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Radix: 2005-06-08 04:41:15 am
I'm addicted to games
If you recorded at 29.97, you may need to up the framerate somehow for hq.

Uh... you can't increase a framerate unless you just want to have a bunch of duplicate frames.

Most PC games can probably only be recorded at 30fps, so that's fine to use for all 3 versions.

Should I time the cutscenes that I skip since the skipping is player controlled?

Cutscenes always count. I will never take the time to note all cutscenes to remove them from the time, it's too much work. You don't have to time it yourself, only give me a rough estimate of where you gain and lose control, which will be confirmed/desputed by a verifier.

Nate's FAQ has something about how to compress the .avi files, right?

Definitely... but here's a crash course:

get virtualdub at The stable, not experimental, version.

Open a file and chose video->compression and pick divx. Go to options and set a bitrate (normal = 420-550, high = 1000+, low <= 200). Set it to "multipass 1st pass". Go to audio->no audio. File->save as avi and let it process.

Then go back into divx options nad change it to "multipass Nth pass". Go to audio->full processing mode. Audio->compression and pick lame mp3 on the left, and "22050 kHz, 64kbps CBR stereo" on the right. If you dont have lame mp3 you'll need to get it from nate's faq. If your sound was recorded at 44khz you'll have to either convert it to 22khz with audio->conversion or pick a 44khz mp3 option. Then file->save as again, to the same file (yes, you just overwrite it)

A bit longer than I intended ... but I don't think nate's faq mentions how to do a 2-pass encode yet so i wanted to mention that. Also note that I recommend doing 4 passes. 1st pass = you dont save anything important. 2nd pass you set the bitrate to 1000+ and make an HQ. 3rd pass = you lower the bitrate to 420-550 and make a normal. 4th pass = you lower the bitrate to <= 200 and make a low.
Okie-dokey. Thanks Smiley

Also, should I use any of the filters like "sharpen," "soften," etc.?
Having trouble Sad When I set everything up in your first crash course paragraph and hit File -> Save as AVI and save, I get a VirtualDub video compression error. It says it's unkown and that the data may be corrupted. Is this corrupted data my original .avi file recorded with Fraps? Am I gonna have to do my run all over again?  Lips Sealed
Never mind. I just had a bum version of the Divx codec. All's well Smiley
When I make my 2nd, 3rd and 4th passs, do I set the audio to "Source Audio" as opposed to "No Audio" and "WAV Audio"? I watched all the qualities and the audio is way off sync, and it sounds horrible. What am I doing wrong?