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Very Thanks..!!
Oohhh man it's back.

Runner: PixelKaye

Game 1: Blaster Master (Any% w/ Death Warp, possibly Deathless)
-Bringing it back from last year. My best game. Very precise, fun glitches, amazing music, messed up bosses.

Game 2: Ninja Gaiden (Any%)
-It's Ninja Gaiden. If Duck or anyone else doesn't want to take it, I'll run it.

Game 3: Mega Man X4 (Zero Any%)
-Some RNG heavy segments, WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOR, fast paced (learning after Kreichjr challenged me to learn it, might as well throw it here)

Game 4: Rygar (Any%)
-Under-represented game, fun and frantic run. Bringing back from last year as well, after I was surprised at how many people wanted to see it.

Game 5: Shovel Knight
-Surprised to not see this in the list yet. Fun to speedrun, fun to watch.

Game 6: Antichamber (any% lagless or w/ lag)
-Super short speedrun, not even 5 minutes long. Worth it for the lulz.
Runner: Zanaso

Game 1: God Hand (Easy NG+)

Crazy difficult (even on this category) done in less than 1h10m. Runs on Easy because level Die strategies get tediously defensive a lot and NG+ because otherwise it's an hour and forty of HSKC which isn't fun to do or watch. Extremely solid gameplay, ridiculous sense of humor, a good time for all.

Game 2: Metal Slug ~3D~ (Easy)

A Japan-only 3D take on Metal Slug that most people won't expect to see as it shares the same title (is actually just titled "Metal Slug). Runs on Easy because when compared to the 2D variations the HP values for enemies match and when run on higher difficulties the only change is an arbitrary boost in enemy HP (quite a lot, actually) that just adds extra grind. Run is about 50m long.

I live close enough to the area so I'll definitely be able to make it there.
Insanity Prelude
Runner: Tide

Game 1: Wild ARMS 3
- Ride on horses and shoot some dudes. At the end of the game, everyone knows kung fu. Main Chars can be named after the commentary crew. Also has an animu opening and everyone loves those.

Game 2: Wild ARMS ACF
- Awesome music. Late game battles are a scramble to not die while still taking out bosses in 2 hit or so. Its a Wild ARMS 1 remake that is basically full of non-useful bugs so we have to do things glitchless.

Game 3: Wild ARMS 4
- RPG with platforming elements and huge damage numbers flying around left and right. If you didn't know what the words 'Jump' and 'Charge' meant, you will during the run.  Also has animu opening.

Game 4: Front Mission 3
- Ride around in giant machines and shoot some dudes. Gives me a good excuse to revisit this.

Game 5: Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse (Normal)
- Disney genesis platformer. Pretty short overall starring Mickey. Normal may actually be harder than Hard due to not being able to chain jump in some spots but the verdict is not in on that one.
Runner:  einbert

Game:  Super Metroid
Category:  any%.  My current PB is 50:37 but I am doing runs daily and hope to cut the 50 soon.  This has been my main project for the last six months, and although I intend to focus on several different categories in 2015 (as opposed to just dedicating myself to any%), I do intend to improve in this category even more between now and Deucecon.

I'm also planning on working on low% ice and RBO this year, but I haven't attempted a run of either category yet so I don't have any established time or estimate or anything.  I can post again to this thread with some updates before submission is closed.  But I would definitely be willing to run either of these categories at Deucecon.  Any category that is picked for me to play at Deucecon will definitely receive special attention from me throughout the next ten months.

If I don't get picked to play I would still definitely want to attend and hopefully commentate for some Super Metroid runs.  Deucecon 2015 HYPE!!!!
Runner: Square_Wave

Game 1: Demon's Souls (Any%)
~ Kill bitches with magic.

Game 2: Felix the Cat (Any%)
~ Kill bitches with magic bags. Tell duckfist to race me.

Game 3: Super Mario Bros 2 (Any% or Warpless)
~ I just want to play this game fast.

Game 4: Bomberman 64 (Any%)
~ Kill bitches with bombs.

Game 5: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (Any%)
~ I'll only play this if it's a race.

Game 6: Nightmare on Elm Street (Any% Co-op)
~ Co-op craziness.

I would never expect to run all of these games. Options are great. Also, I promise to never use a "safe strat" in the presence of Deuceler again. DeuceCon HYPE!
Runner: KReichJr

Game 1: Super Metroid
Category: Any%
I used to run this game a lot, best time of 47:17. Will probably knocking some rust off in the coming months. Gotta go fast, and the animals can burn.

Game 2: Mega Man X2
Category: Any%
Fun game, you saw it last year yo.

Game 3: Final Fantasy VI
Category: Sketch%
Rare category atm, I have the 3rd best time at 4:19:26... so what if only 3 people run the category right now. >.> I've only completed one run, but once things are less crazy, you should see more runs of this outta me. COMIN' FOR YA BICH!

Would like to attend regardless if I play or not, cause good times!
Runner: Thaan

Game 1: Oniken (Any%) (Best time 16:59)

Fast-paced ninja gaiden game whit boss who die under 5 second if done right
(I can also add the extra mission which change the game to a contra like game)

Game 2: Bloodrayne Betrayal (NG+ any%) (Best Time 1:13:27)

Don't have a deathless time yet but working on it and found a lot of safe strat for marathon
Also a fast-paced platformer whit a lot of acrobatic and sassy attitude all around

Game 3: Gigantic Army (Easy% or Normal%) (Best Time easy%: 13:57  Normal%: ??:?? routing right now)

Small robot who fight huge robot while gliding around the map
Easy is way faster but have 1 less stage

Game 4: Mercenary Kings (Any%) (Best Time ??:??)

Routing the game right now got a pretty good idea of the rout just need to test it now

Edit history:
NiL8r: 2015-01-23 07:31:09 pm
Runner: aNiL8r

Gonna be upfront here, don't have these practiced yet, but irl drama in my life is finally dying down so I actually have time to learn them

Game 1: Donkey Kong Country 3-SNES: est 1 Hour
The black sheep of the DKC trilogy, but still a great game and a great run, with plenty of unique tech and levels to distinguish itself.

Game 2: Sonic 3D Blast- Genesis or Steam version: est 35 Minutes (Steam version is the same as Saturn version from what I know, but that only affects graphics and sound)
Another black sheep game, this Sonic game plays nothing like the other Genesis games, but is still really fast paced with very little down time.

Game 3: A Story About My Uncle- PC/Steam: est No Idea
The game I'm putting the most focus into.  Really fun 3D platformer that revolves around a grappling beam mechanic.  Because the grappling beam is so versatile, there are a ton of ways to use unintended paths and gain lots of speed. 
Here is, I believe anyway, the IL record for the 1st level for reference
I'd like to join again, it was a blast!  I also don't know what I'll be running several months from now, I'll make a list once the event gets closer.  I'm down for some coop stuff, and will probably submit a platformer or two.
Head Nerd In Charge
Runner: Frankieframeskip

Game 1: Strider 2

Game 2: Borderlands Pre-Sequel
Runner: Neerrm

Game 1: Plinkfest 2000 Trashy Edition

Game 2: Non-sketchy Slot Reel Fu

Game 3: ?????
Runners:  einbert and ramhu
Twitch: and

Game:  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2:  The Arcade Game (NES)

I live with Ramhu so I will be making sure we get in some good regular work on this game.  We are planning on starting runs later this week (hopefully once I get a working frontloader NES for streaming).
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SlurpeeNinja: 2015-01-27 08:19:48 pm
Runner: SlurpeeNinja

Game 1: Mega Man 9: Proto Man Mode any% (Wii)

Game 2: Mega Man Unlimited 100% (PC)

Game 3: Trauma Center: Second Opinion Normal, Any% (Wii)

Game 4: Mega Man 9 any% (Wii)

Game 5: Mega Man 10, Proto Man Mode any% (Wii)

I hope I can come to DeuceCon!!! If i can keep all my jobs till October, there's a possibility!!
Runner: highspirits

Dunno if I can go or not yet, gonna throw some stuff out there and I'll let you know in the coming months if Its possible

Game 1: Lunar 1 PSX

Magus is a Beast, so am I

Game 2: Lunar 2 PSX

WR holder of a game no one plays

Game 3:  Some sort of Dragon Quest on some system

Gonna know them all by then, pick and choose what you desire?
Runner: Andy

Game 1: A Link to the Past
I could literally do anything in this game.
No Major Glitches, 100%, All Dungeons (what I did for AGDQ), 1 handed NMG, Low% OHKO, honestly doesn't matter to me. Obviously first 3 are more serious speedruns and last 2 are more fun things, so I'll leave it up to you.

Game 2: Super Magnetic Neo Any% (Dreamcast) - ETA 1:00
Good and hard platformer including a magnet dude with a nice ass, what more could you want?

Game 3: Super Mario RPG Any%
Haven't done any runs of this, but I'm finishing up learning it and hope to start doing runs pre-SGDQ. No ETA as of now but hopefully I'll have more info for this sooner rather than later
Runner: raziel_mutant84

Game 1: Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2
there is only one route for this game so far skips are in the works. you can't skip cut scenes so estimated time is 5 hours.

Game 2: Secret of Evermore
i am currently learning any% glitch runs and any% glitch-less runs. Any pointers while I learn would be appreciated.
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Svenne: 2015-02-06 05:14:14 pm
Runner: Svenne


Game 1: Super Mario Bros. 2 All Levels

My crew are interested in coming but it's a long shot! Atleast just gonna put forward my interest but yeah, don't count on it! Smiley
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
The submissions thus far have all been reviewed by myself and a few others. I'll be closing them when SGDQ submissions are up, and will let everyone know if they should plan on making the trip! Like previously stated I can't have every single runner attend due to space, but will most likely have more attendees than last year and I'm doing my best to get that sorted. I'll post updates as they come along, thanks for submitting everyone!
Ciento Dos Huevos
Gonna pull Armed Police: Buttrider from my submissions.  CPA exam studies are kicking my ass, I don't have the time to put into the game.  All my other listings are fine.
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Have picked the schedule apart with the help of a few other runners/confidants and will be mocking together something soon. We've gone over the schedule multiple times to cement what we feel are the best and most entertaining runs. I'll be making a list of games that made it through into the schedule hopefully over the next week, and I'll do my best to provide answers as to why certain runners/games are being cut.

I included some of my friends in this in order to look at the games and runners more objectively, and feel like this will provide the best schedule moving forward. I appreciate everyone who submitted!
Edit history:
Deuceler: 2015-03-06 11:45:20 am
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Alright everyone - here is the list of attendees for this year's DeuceCon. This WAS NOT an easy process, please read the entire post.
Awesome, real excited for this.  I should be able to get off work for all 4 days, but if not then I'll be able to be there Fri-Sun for sure.
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Alright everyone, I just got word from my work that my schedule may be changing this summer. If this happens the event will move back one week. Unfortunately I won't know until June, but I will keep everyone updated as to the current situation. Hang tight on buying them tickets boys!
Ciento Dos Huevos
Is it planned for October again?
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
Yeah, still planned for October (15th-18th) but if my work schedule gets changed it may need to be moved back one week