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SPEEDruns not SAFEruns



After last year I couldn't help but come back for another round! This thread will be what determines who gets on the schedule and who attends this year, so make a solid case for your games! I know dates are a while out but organization is key to having a successful event and I want to blow last year out of the water. If you are planning on running a game and haven't started yet please submit it anyway and discuss your goals and a timetable for the run.

Dates and location

October 15-18th, 2015 in Austin, Texas. Please keep in mind this is an in person event and you will need to provide your own airfare and spending money for food.

What is it?

DeuceCon is a community meetup that involves runners getting together to support community growth and share our love of speed gaming. There is no donations or charity involved, only getting together for the sake of video games. It's a foreign concept nowadays but I can assure you it's a hell of a time.

Extra Info:

- This is not a GDQ and never will be. There is limited space and we only care about speedrunning and having a good time with friends.

- I will have to select runs myself but don't take it personally if you are not picked. This event is at my home and while I would love to have everyone attend it's not possible. I assure you there will be more opportunities.

- If you were at last years event you are not guaranteed a spot. Community growth is not promoted through cliques!

If anyone has any questions feel free to PM me on the boards, DM me on twitter, or send me a message on Twitch! I'm looking forward to another fun event!
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Hax I used all of my strengthz
Lets go Part 2

Runner: Crak_atak
Game 1: Mega Man X3 (Low% Glitched)
-the return to fuckassery and bosses that make you hard, or was it hard bosses? Found some new boss manipulations since last Deucecon and looking to destroy the category even further
Game 2: Contra 3 (Normal or Hard Co-op)
-Co-op with Deucebag, I get dibs on first C weapon drops and let the screen scroll up to get you killed
Game 3: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (Co-op)
-To do with Ghoul02, generally we have specified roles for 2 or more players. A melee heavy character with a support for example. Action RPG goodiness with combo/magic timing and tech. Coordination with multiplayer is surprisingly easier than it looks if all players know the basics.
Game 4: Super Bomberman (Any%)
-Race with Danshow, very RTA unfriendly for item drops. Memorizing possible item drops per level and utilizing invuln frames for max damage are crucial. A really good race game for its unpredictability in real time.
Game 5: Shaq Fu (Sega Genesis Fuckass%)
-responsible for getting twitch frontpage with it's incredible complexity, a proven speedgame that stands the test of time. Easy difficulty, fast speed with all story reenactments from everyone that attends Deucecon, no one is safe.

Edited submissions since first choices.
Haha, I'm kinda sad I missed the first of these. It's right in my backyard; I live in Dallas

Game 1: Catherine Babel 1p2c
-Stupid hard, stupid fun, short and cool.
Game 2: Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
-Great modern speedgame and a great watch for any% and hundo
Game 3: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (Any% J)
- Fairly safe, can also be done with Crak Atak, since we've been planning to destroy it for a while.

That's probably it at the moment. I might add more later if needed, but that should be plenty.
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FeralPigMan: 2015-01-13 11:58:42 pm
Runner: FeralPigMan

Game 1: Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals (glitchless any%)
-Great game, great music, really big bosses. Seriously, this game is awesome.

Game 2: Bastion (NG/NG+ any%)
-Great game, great music, really frustrating speedrun. It's pretty technical with a lot of stuff to mess up, but since it's basically all execution, all mistakes are on you. You can be fairly safe without losing more than a couple of seconds per level.

Game 3: Donkey 2 (any%)
-It's yet to be seen if I have the testicular fortitude to finish learning this game, but I'm going to do my damnedest so I can bash my head against the wall even more than I already do.

Game 4: FF4 (no64)
-Please don't pick this game. It's garbage.
Runner: bichphuongballz

Game 1: Final Fantasy 4 (64 or no64)
-I'm good at any%.  Also, consoles mean no save states. I'm working on no64 and it's just a matter of time before I have a better PB. Neerrm did crush at last year's, so maybe a race?

Game 2: Final Fantasy 6 (sketch)
-FF6 is always popular, and sketch isn't super mainstream yet (although that could change after RPGLB?).  Plenty of nostalgia, a game breaking glitch, good music, and i'm up to date with it.

Game 3: Final Fantasy 9
-I will be learning this, and October gives me a ton of time. Elmagus will be getting back into this so maybe we can coop if he attends? Would be very hupe if that works out.

"Game 4" : Land Blitzball
-only the best game ever created. You would be silly not to show this off.
Runner: Thecrispy22

Game 1: Yoshi hundo

bad game bad run

Game 2: Michael Jordan Chaos in the Windy City

The only game that matters
I must simply laugh.
Runner: eLmaGus

Game 1: Donkey Kong Country 2 - ANY% RACE WITH THE HOST
-yes you read that correctly

Game 2: Final Fantasy 4 - no64 RACE WITH THE BICH
-yes you read that correctly aswell

Game 3: Final Fantasy 9
-i can offer to assist Crak/Bich with commentary if they want to play this

Game 4: Final Fantasy Tactics - No Mathematics allowed
-i'd like to run this at a marathon

If anybody wants to Co-Op some other stuff im game (yes Deln im looking at you)
Runner: Khobahi

Game 1 - FF4 Any% no-64 ( i can run 64% as well....)
- Everyone knows (and submits) this game, im sure someone will run it =)

Game 2 - Phantom Brave - Any%
- Fun Tactics RPG with interesting strategy and massive rabbit leveling.

Game 3 - MYSTERY GAME - Any%
- UHHHH this game is going to suck to learn but after RPGLB i plan to learn a new game.....

I need to learn a short game that when i go crazy i can play...
Dapper as fuck.
Runner: philosoraptor42

Game 1 - StarTropics Any%
- A charming story about a teenager who goes on vacation to visit his scientist uncle, only to have irresponsible adults ask him to go find the good doctor after he goes missing instead of doing it themselves.  Also features a lewd parrot.  And banana earplugs.

Game 2 - Phantasy Star 2 Any% English
- Old school Genesis RPG, with some fun glitches that smash it wide open.  I won't be super upset if it doesn't get in, as the glitches can be hard to follow visually, and even harder for me to explain while doing (read: impossible) since I have to keep a count in my head.  The story of our hero ABWX who is asked to check out some bio-systems lab, ignores that completely, strolls through some dams, and ends up visiting Zebes to destroy Mother Brain. 

Game 3 - Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers Any%
- The interspecies love story about some chipmunks who go after some obese cat for kidnapping their mouse girlfriend.  I could also do 100% instead for the RNG lulz, if wanted.

Game 4 - Final Fantasy 5 Any%
- This is a game I'm going to be learning over the course of this year.  I have already done notes on the first 30 minutes or so of it until AGDQ happened.  Got a repro cart and am now ready to roll. 
Runner: Nocashnocash

Game 1 - Final Fantasy 4 Any%
- It would be nice to show off the any% route with the 64 floor glitch.  I think it should be executed properly during a marathon setting.  Also, in for any races between any%, any% no 64, SS or even the PSP version now.

Game 2 - Final Fantasy Adventure
- Working on getting this time down much lower.  Its a gameboy game, played on super gameboy, involves heavy abuse of glitches and an extremely tough boss fight at the end. Short game under an hour, can make the last boss fight much easier with a couple minutes extra of level ups.

Game 3 - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
- Also down to race this.  I am sure it will also be submitted by other runners.

Back up games that I will be learning in the next month just in case:  Final Fantasy 6 Sketch% and Secret of Mana 1P2C.
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stealinbread: 2015-01-21 09:15:29 pm
check your pantry
I'll be watching the stream! Not sure if I will submit yet, we will see.
Talk to the Hand
Quote from bichphuongballz:
Runner: bichphuongballz


"Game 4" : Land Blitzball
-only the best game ever created. You would be silly not to show this off.


Seriously, just turn this into Land BlitzballCon, you'll be glad you did.
Runner: Danshow1

Game 1 - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Any%
- Race with Deln, would be a huge hype. Could even Billy% If need.

Game 2 - Crystal Beans From Dungeon Explorer Any% (CO OP?!)
- Solo or Co-Op Run with Deln

Game 3 - DKC3 ANY% Race with Deln / Elmagus-
- Yep Need some Race hype, I challenege either one of them!

Game 4 - Super Bomberman 1 SNES race with Crak_AtaK!

Game 5 - Illusion of Gaia Any% (Maybe)
- If needed an extra slot, I could run this IF needed.
Hax I used all of my strengthz
FF:CC, Startropics, land bliztball, super bomber(RNG)man and Windy city oh my. quite the submission list already.
Runner: Deln

Game 1 - Crystal Beans From Dungeon Explorer Any%
- Race with Danshow(?)

Game 2 - Final Fantasy 2(PSP)
- Impossible to rta? NOPE, E Z.

Game 3 - DKC3 ANY% Race with Danshow
- hmmmm

Game 4 - Smiley
- will edit when this idea go through.

Game 5 - MMPR(?)
- i am really bad, but at least i can cut the DeadSticks S T I L L
Professional Shaq Fu Speedrunner
The Basketball Games Done Quick block is already looking good!
Ciento Dos Huevos
Quote from Deln:
Runner: Deln

Game 1 - Crystal Beans From Dungeon Explorer Any%
- Race with Danshow(?)

Game 2 - Final Fantasy 2(PSP)
- Impossible to rta? NOPE, E Z.

Game 3 - DKC3 ANY% Race with Danshow
- hmmmm

Game 4 - Smiley
- will edit when this idea go through.

Game 5 - MMPR(?)
- i am really bad, but at least i can cut the DeadSticks S T I L L

All are pug%
No guarantees on being able to make it, but I'll try like hell.

Runner: Dragondarch

Game 1: Metroid (100%)
-This game doesn't get enough love.

Game 2: Metroid Zero Mission (Hard Low%)
-Balls hard category, and apparently I always have my best runs at marathons.

Game 3: Legacy of the Wizard (Any%)
-It's Falcom. Do I need to say anything else?

Game 4: Zombie Hunter (Any%)
-Just started routing this...yesterday. Oldschool sidescrolling action/RPG hybrid. Blame Feasel for showing me this one. Route needs some refinement, but overall is coming along nicely.

Game 5: Deadly Towers (Any% Marathon route)
-You didn't REALLY think I'd submit 5 games without at LEAST one terrible one in the bunch, did you?
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Ciento Dos Huevos
Also can't guarantee my appearance ten months from now, but I can offer the following and would give advance notice if any no show is going to occur:

Game 1: Alien Soldier (Any%, Super Hard Difficulty)

Game 2: Cadash (Ninja %) [Arcade]

Game 3: Sunset Riders (Any character) [Arcade]

Game 4: Dai Makaimura aka Ghouls N' Ghosts (Any%) [Arcade]

Game 5: Contra Hard Corps (Lab/Fight aka Best ending, Ray)

EDIT:  switched out DDP DOJ for this, :D.

Game 6:  Armed Police Buttrider...err Batrider [Arcade] (1cc, Normal or Advanced course)
I'll play games but idk what I want to play ten months ahead of time. I'll let you know at a later point
SPEEDruns not SAFEruns
I was waiting for someone to bring up something along these lines Gari. That's totally fine, as long as people stay in contact with me I'm open for changing games.
Runner: CTConqueror (

Game 1: Mickey Mousecapade (any%)

Who doesn't want to see a grown man yelling at Minnie Mouse because she's being a pain?

Game 2: Super Mario World (any%, any% no star world, 96 exit if I learn it)

I don't think it needs much explanation.  I've played this game for awhile now, and it's fun.


Games 3-5 will be figured out later, gonna try to pick up some new games soon.  I'll keep you updated.
Not sure if I'll be able to with my current finances but will try. 

Runner: Magicfreak500 (

Game 1: Final Fantasy X-2(NG+%)

Who doesn't like seeing 3 women running around in sexy attire.

Game: 2: Fullmetal Alchemist and The Broken Angel(Any%)

though the game isnt well known at this moment but people would enjoy it cause of knowing the anime.

Game 3: Skylanders(Any%,Co-op Any%)

Yes a toy game like skylanders is being offered. Who wouldn't want to see 1 or 2 full grown men speed run this game.

Games 4 and 5 might be offered later if I can think of something.
Edit history:
ThatsFairZack: 2015-01-17 12:14:57 pm
(I promise if accepted i'll go this time if I can get the funds, but i'm also thinking about going to SGDQ so it all depends. I'll possibly drive to save money. I want to meet the Magoo and it's like my only chance but I will still attend this year if he can't make it no matter what if i'm already comitted)

Runner: ThatsFairZack

Game 1: Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals (Ancient Cave Any%)
-Very RNG dependent but can be controlled with specific strats. Very suspenseful. If Magus wants to race, we can possibly work something out.

Game 2: Tetris Attack (VS V.Hard) (Endless Easy Showcase also)
-VS the computer or a race if someone is available. Endless Easy is to just showcase mainly speed and skills

Game 3: Pokemon Puzzle League (S.Hard)
-same game as Tetris Attack but, this is more RNG dependent but definitely more suspenseful. And pokemon is popular

Game 4: Knights of the Round (Co-op with Deln?)
-No glitches but if Co-Op is successful might be entertaining to watch. Solo is still fine with me.
Speed Runner: LCC

Game 1: Final Fantasy VI (Any% with Sketch Glitch)
Game is normal for the first 2 1/2 hours, then you have boring cutscenes for about 40 minutes, then you destroy the game. Ending gauntlet shows off a lot of glitches and varying ways to instant kills bosses.

Game 2: Actraiser 1 Professional Mode (Any%)
Cuts out the sim mode and is stripped down to just the sidescrolling stages and no magic. Tight timing on a lot of things and is fairly fast paced.

Game 3: Super Mario Kart (150cc All Cups)
Possible Co-op option if another runner wants in. When you get 10+ coins on 150cc the speed is insane at max speed.

Game 4: Actraiser 2 (Normal)
I don't think i'm man enough to learn hard.