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d_arnold07: 2017-06-12 11:40:47 pm
Segment 20 Part 1, Part 2 Notes:
- i'll do that spray tagging errand later - I just really wanted that spray can
photography 3 turned out pretty bad - i didnt want to redo the segment
- i'll also do here's to you miss philips later cause I can't afford the clothing from both stores at this stage. I only have ~1k and I need ~2k for both. Or maybe i'll just purchase the clothes from the bullworth town store and get the acquaberry clothes later?
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I guess you missed that youtube has increased their maximum video time to 15 minutes?
the video was 15:30. I think I read somewhere that its a max of 15min. So I stayed on the safe side
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I keep forgetting 'em seconds...
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d_arnold07: 2017-06-12 11:41:16 pm
Segment 21 Part 1, Part 2 Notes:
Damn these 16 minute segments are taunting me.... So much for youtube having 15min limit

- decided to do here's to you miss philips as I reliazed I had access to discreet deliveries - those 2 missions go well together
- ill buy the clothes at acquaberry store whenever I do cook's date since I purchased all of the clothes from bullworth town in this segment
- in geography class you can't leave early when you have a pass mark and pass it
- you can in math class but I like my method better:
    - getting 14 answers right and then spamming the top answer is faster than getting 19 answers correct and then clicking space, arrow up and then clicking enter
- I had a big lapse in concentration at the end (before math) - I kind of forgot what I was doing

Before I did test to see if you can leave early in classes and pass, for MOST of the classes i.e. music, geography but I guess I missed english.... Anyway, out of the 10 classes you can only leave early in math and english. Ill fix the first post sometime, to correct my incorrect statement.
Quote from d_arnold07:
the video was 15:30. I think I read somewhere that its a max of 15min. So I stayed on the safe side

Yes, anything under 15:01 (i.e. 15:00.93 is fine) is valid.
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How's it going?
been busy with other stuff, might get back to it soon...
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Alright, don't worry. (I am just used to the runs for games I take an interest in die out)
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d_arnold07: 2017-06-12 11:58:28 pm
d_arnold07: 2017-06-12 11:53:04 pm
d_arnold07: 2017-06-12 11:51:54 pm
Hello fellow speedrunners! I am back from my, almost, 7 year!? hiatus (time sure does go quickly - sorry for keeping you all in suspense). I decided to continue on with this project as I recently replayed bully SE on the xbox one BC in order to unlock all the achievements on the console. After unlocking all the achivements, I thought I'd check online to see if there is any renowned interest in speedruning the game at all and noticed that there seems to quite a few submitted runs on speedrun.com (there has even been a new "WR" submitted recently from SWEGTA); even a 100% run from a twitch user, phornicaite, with an in-game time of 10hrs and 52mins. I haven't actually watched his run as of yet because the video has some serious buffering issues (for me anyway) as its hosted on twitch.

I however did watch some any% speedruns (these are all single segment btw which is very impressive) on youtube from twitch users Nord and AdamSpeedruns. Both the runs are fantastic and I learnt quite a few new tricks in the game including a newly (well newish) skateboarding physics exploit that speeds up movement, and other time-savers in the game I didn't know about. The skateboarding exploit, found by phornicaite, is very handy in speedrunning the game but is hard to execute effectiently and is prone to oversteering. You can find some information and a video of said glitch. I adapted and used the exploit in my run (I'm not the best at it though), as well some of the tips I learnt from the speedruns. (Thank you twitch speedrunners!) As you can see from the youtube videos these tricks help decimate my any% run by 7 minutes!

After seeing the 100% listed time of ~10hrs I decided to continue mapping out the route to the end and see what time I would come up with. (In fact I started the run from scratch tweaking a few sections here and there.) Once the route was maped I realized that I could fit all missions/errands in-between classes very efficiently without been too late for class or taking up too much curfew time. In most cases I get busted by the prefects in order to warp to class as soon as it starts. With the route as it is planned, all missions are pretty much finished as all classes get completed (including failing 5 classes in order to obtain the dunce hat).

Instead of bumping the thread to post what things I've worked out I thought I'd retest the finished route and maybe start recording if the route was successful and quick in time. After testing the route I found out that its a good hour faster than phornicaite's time so I thought I'd start cracking on recording - start from segment 1 and record to the end! Instead of recording and uploading in small amounts I decided to record the run to total completion and not leave anyone in suspense by stopping at a certain point like I did before. 

I have attached the route used in the run (pdf), save files used in run and a screenshot of the end time of the run.

TLDR: The run has been routed, re-tested and RECORDED. Yes that is right - the run is COMPLETE!

I'm going to upload it to youtube (maybe in six 90 minute parts) but it's going to take a couple of weeks to convert and upload (I only have 12Mbits internet) - I have ~1TB of fraps footage to convert (approx 9hrs content). So stayed tuned.

Then afterwards I might submit to SDA after receing feedback on whether the run can or can not be improved etc.
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d_arnold07: 2017-06-19 04:26:18 am
Sorry double post - I resized the screenshot but I couldn't re-add the attachment to the above post.

edit: you can watch the speedrun here: