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Highlight: Zelda 2 Glitch town and the total game breakage that follows.
The Dork Knight himself.
My personal highlight was unfortunately off-stream: after a full day of playing Toki in the Arkansas room, at least 8 of us watched the Toki TAS run and were all in tears from laughing so hard (well, at least I was, not sure about anyone else). I really hope someone has footage of that.
The Looney Bin
The Toki Virus cannot be contained. Also, that TAS was just insane.

Zelda 2

Link to the Past

Ocarina of Time
1:34:00 action pose
4:30, one frame rupee trick
3:23:00 Blindfold ToS skip

Super Mario 64
7:50, 12.6 slide
34:30 red coins


Recorded many of the "That's never happened before" moments:

Donkey Kong 64
Fake key twice

Amnesia: Dark Descent
10 minutes after run, failed orb piece glitch

Left 4 Dead
1:02:00, lost two streams

Grand Theft Auto 3
1:00:00, surprise bitch police car

Rockman and Forte
2:20, insta death

New super mario bros. DS
37:50; mario kills toad

Donkey Kong Country

Sonic Generations
41:00, no lives failure
46:10 Don't know what happened

Sonic the Hedgehog 2006
Omega during final scene while hovering

The Ren and Stimp Show: Stimpy's Invention

Pokemon Yellow (Glitched)
8:45, downstairs glitched

1:15:30, stood still and disappeared

Metroid: Zero Mission

Castlevania 3

Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link

Link to the Past
20:35, blue switch glitch
1:24:00, ran out of magic
1:30:50, the never happened part of ran out of magic

Ocarina of Time
57:20, blooper, bomb buffering
1:24:10, blooper, chicken attack
1:47:20, failed fish MAJOR BLOOPER
2:55:00 blooper, dampe heart piece, 15 tries
5:07:00 blooper, missed jump
Diehard having more viewers than LoL - http://i.imgur.com/bGegQ.jpg
Left4Dead - That double tank boost.
Cardboard City
Anytime Spike said "casuals"

PJ solidifying himself as the AwfulGDQ master
GTA3 highlgith: 45:00 Oasiz nearly failing the mission, but saving the day with a well placed sniper shot.
ᕦ(° Д°)ᕤ
anytime you want to take this over UA well free to
Not a walrus
Not for quite some time, but thank you.
Infinite Combo
so is anything saved from Bonus stream? archives ?
Crawlathon WR, get down on my level.
Quote from IrregularJinny:
so is anything saved from Bonus stream? archives ?

It should all be on Twitch's broadcast archive, but I don't think we record anything locally for bonus stream.
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puwexil: 2013-01-27 01:37:15 pm
puwexil: 2013-01-27 01:37:02 pm
Professional Second Banana
Quote from Cool Matty:
It should all be on Twitch's broadcast archive, but I don't think we record anything locally for bonus stream.

Correct on both counts - http://www.twitch.tv/speeddemosarchivesda/videos?kind=past_broadcasts for the bonus stream videos.
Not a walrus
I have the XSplit recordings still, I'll upload them to the Archive page at some point, but I won't be slicing them up at all.
This could be either a Highlight or Blooper: The race between Cosmo and Withheld for Die Hard Any% Bad Ending.  Pretty epic, imo.
Not a walrus
"I can't make the whole run a highlight!"
Infinite Combo
link full runs in descriptions ?
Fucking Weeaboo
Quote from IrregularJinny:
link full runs in descriptions ?

It's a joke from last year's AGDQ. Watch the Mega Man 2 run, specifically during the first Wily fight. Tongue
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HTL2001: 2013-02-01 11:08:21 am
Quote from Geisterkarle:
- Starcraft 2 ~2:44:00 Nuke on Vault to 1 health and Ghost shoots it!

I was just watching this on the twitch recording, and I think it was actually the rip field that killed it off (it damages the protoss units if they have no shields, but doesn't stop the shield from starting to regenerate).  You can see the rip field damaging the vault after one of the nukes takes down the shields.
Haters gonna hate
Quote from UraniumAnchor:
"I can't make the whole run a highlight!"

What about making a whole run a blooper? Because if so, I think we have BtDD covered.
Quote from Mecha Richter:
Quote from UraniumAnchor:
"I can't make the whole run a highlight!"

What about making a whole run a blooper? Because if so, I think we have BtDD covered.

No no, there's at least a few highlights: every time I kill you.
Not a walrus
If I put any 'whole run' in either reel it'll be the 2p1c Die Hard Low% Bad Ending run.
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mike89: 2013-02-14 11:14:18 pm
mike89: 2013-02-11 03:18:27 am
SEGA Junkie
Starting to collate some cool stuff. Going to try and go through in order - if I haven't mentioned anything from a particular game it's more likely that I just don't remember (or understand what's impressive) rather than there being legitimately nothing good for either reel, so help me with suggestions!

I'm kind of scared how big this could get. :p

Shadow Complex
One of many foam warps (27:16-27:48)
Another one, now with 100% more OoB! (41:39-42:10)

Nightmare in Dreamland
Dedede fights blooper (44:31-45:00)

Yoshi's Island
Too much swag in 2-1 blooper (27:43-28:10)
Just enough swag in 2-8! (51:44-52:21)
Trolled by 4-4 boss blooper (1:32:13-1:32:47)
One final bonus! blooper (2:54:17-2:54:57)
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UraniumAnchor: 2013-02-08 09:26:50 pm
Not a walrus
Trials: Evolution - "I can save it" 1:16-52-1:17:19
Not a walrus
All of the videos are available now, so please post more suggestions (with video timestamps, *NOT* stream timer timestamps).

I'll probably give 3-4 weeks for people to make suggestions before I start compiling the final video.
Can't think of anything good to put here
Super Meatboy
1:50:40 explaining and using a glitch to the shock of the developer

2:19:27 words cannot describe how good this blooper is.

Banjo Kazooie
1:52:00 great engine room
2:19:23 WishyWashyBanjo (it had to Happen)