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LotBlind: 2017-06-09 11:17:23 am
BTW: OBS DOES have a feature that allows you to circumvent the limitation of capturing two windows of the same name: just rename one of the .exe's (you may have to copy some other files or the whole program) and change the properties of that window capture in OSB so it looks for executable name not window name. Works just fine. In fact the latest version seemed to find the two windows without changing any settings (I think).

In any case since OSKD died on me I switched to ApVkp where the only issue is no F keys (those are used a lot esp. in older PC games etc.). I have two windows open, one for keyboard and one for mouse, recording in OBS in the way I just described.
Sorry for double post but I've run into a problem here: I can't seem to get ApVkp to see my inputs while the focus is on any actual programs, e.g. DosBox. Does anyone have a clue how I could counteract this?