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LotBlind: 2017-06-09 11:17:23 am
BTW: OBS DOES have a feature that allows you to circumvent the limitation of capturing two windows of the same name: just rename one of the .exe's (you may have to copy some other files or the whole program) and change the properties of that window capture in OSB so it looks for executable name not window name. Works just fine. In fact the latest version seemed to find the two windows without changing any settings (I think).

In any case since OSKD died on me I switched to ApVkp where the only issue is no F keys (those are used a lot esp. in older PC games etc.). I have two windows open, one for keyboard and one for mouse, recording in OBS in the way I just described.
Sorry for double post but I've run into a problem here: I can't seem to get ApVkp to see my inputs while the focus is on any actual programs, e.g. DosBox. Does anyone have a clue how I could counteract this?
Looks like all this time all I needed to do (and I can't believe no-one was able to suggest this to me on any forums)... was to RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR and any of these visualizers would have worked.

Here's another visualizer with a really easy-to-use interface.

You choose from various presets and edit it (in the program itself) to your liking. I don't think you can add new keys but you can always turn a key you don't need into the key that was missing by editing it.
I like this app, but how do I get it so I can see it I'm game? Can I get it to appear over Overwatch? Also, how do you change the settings? Super confused.
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LotBlind: 2018-05-13 11:53:40 am
It's just another window. It doesn't directly interact with any other windows/games. If you're using OBS, add a window capture to the scene for that window and place it wherever you like. Make sure you don't minimize it or it'll stop receiving inputs.

The settings can be changed by right-clicking on any key displayed. You have to edit each key individually so the best thing is to start with a preset that's the closest to what you want.
I can't seem to get the "workArea" image to work?

I want to have my background be a greenscreened image of my mouse, and I want to overlay buttons on top to correspond to my mouse actions.

However, when I set the 500*500 image of my mouse to the background, it doesn't display whatsoever.

Using a button makes it annoyingly hard to overlap it underneath other buttons, so... is there an easier way to do this?

Thanks for any info! <3
If you're using OBS, there's the option to "send up" or "send down" until you have the right order. There's also an option to filter by color so it filters out the greenscreen from the picture on the top that you might have found already. I don't know whether Chroma key or Color key is better. You actually need the greenscreened image to be in front.

Did that help?
Quote from Aphox:
Hello everyone,

a few weeks ago I decided to write my own Keyboard Visualizing program. The motivation behind this was, that all the streams I watched that used such a program, always alice suggests phenq had a big block of a keyboard and maybe used 20% of the keys for the actual game. It was such a waste of space and looked really bad in my opinion.
I wanted a program where you can easily change everything to your own needs and I hope with this first version of my program I was able to realize that to some degree.

More than five years old program and one of the best that I've seen! Aphox, you've got a God gifted talent for such programs. Keep updating the program. I'm lovin' it!
can you move and edit where the keyboard appears on screen? and if so, how do you do this?
You move it in OBS (or whatever you're using) just like you move any other windows: make sure the preview area isn't locked and move it about.
this is my custom layout for guitar game

please give me suggestions for better future